Lion of the Week

Stacy Whitson

Stacy Whitson was born and reared in Nashville, Tennessee. Her biological parents were Charles and Judy Warren. She was one of two daughters in that family. When Stacy was only 10 years of age, her mother, who was a registered nurse, left the family. Her father was in the service and did the best he could with two daughters, but Stacy, through her early life did not have a sense of identity with her parents. Her father later retired to Nashville, and worked for Dick Fulton in Nashville Government for a few years.

Stacy went to Madison High School and had an early marriage in which her daughter, Kelly, was born. After an early divorce Stacy was left with Kelly and a job at a company called “Fireworks” that sold fire place accessories to building contractors. Brad Veevers was a builder who was a customer and friend of the owner of the business, and he would come into the store where Stacy was working. One day Stacy told the store owner that she thought that Brad was “really cute.” The store owner, to her great embaressment, told Brad what she had said. After awhile Brad asked her out and soon the couple married. Kelly was just four months old when they met.

Stacy was welcomed with open arms by Bill and Ann Veevers, Brad’s parents. She had never experienced acceptance in the way that she found it with the Veevers family. They became to her the parents she had never quite had. Best of all they took Kelly under their wings through the important childhood years of her life. Stacy now refers to Ann and Bill as “Mom and Dad” and is very comfortable doing so.

Brad, like his father, Bill, was active in Lions. So of course Stacy had to join the Lions. Brad encouraged Stacy to further her education. So she went to Columbia State Community College and started taking business courses. She was taking the college courses on February 18, 2003 when Brad suddenly died from a heart attack. The loss was catastrophic for both Stacy and Kelly. But again, Bill and Ann stepped forward and provided emotional and financial support when it was desperately needed.

About two years ago, Kevin Whitson, a fellow employee at the Metro Water Department from years past got back in touch with Stacy. Kevin works for the American Disabilities office of Metro Government. Among other things, he makes sure that all government buildings are compliant with regulations. As this is being written, Kelly will be a Junior at Independence High School. She is playing in the band. Kelly is often seen around the Lions Club, where she is now known by most of the club members.

After their marriage, Kevin encouraged Stacy to study for the real estate agents license, which she did. She passed her exams, was licensed, and works as a real estate agent for Silver Point Properties in Nashville. In her first year she had two and a half million dollars in sales.

(photo left:"Dad" Veevers, Stacy and Kevin at FOTF 2006)

Kelly is now 17 and is a rising Junior at Independence High School where she plays in the band.

In her spare time Stacy loves gardening. She gardens on a regular basis both with flowers and vegetables. In the Lions Club she once chaired an “entertainment committee” which planned a Franklin Family event. That committee no longer exists. Stacy is just learning to play golf which may (or may not) become a future hobby.

She describes her past Lions experience as a “gofer” for Brad. Brad was very active in Lions before his death, holding almost every office, including President. Brad, along with Carroll Seals, started Franklin on the Fourth on July 4th 1997. It started as a hot dog and hamburger stand operated by the Lions Club, with just a few citizens coming down to celebrate. Since that time, it has grown each year to the spectacular event which the Lions now have under professional management.

Stacy was right there at the beginning of Franklin on the Fourth. She set up and directed the earliest children’s parades. After Carroll Seals died, Tim Murphy and others stepped in to plan and run the event. Critical to the early years was Jumbo Little who provided all the hot dogs, hamburgers, buns etc… at his cost.

Although Stacy now holds membership in some Realtor Organizations, she does not belong to other clubs besides the Lions.

Because the Lions Club meant so much to Brad, and to “Mom and Dad” Veevers, Stacy was very active in those years. With Brad now gone, Stacy recognizes that her heart is not in it the way it was.

Stacy fully intends to stay in Lions. But she knows she will not be as active. She also knows that Bill Veevers loves the Lions Club, and she will continue to be a member of the club, if for no other reason. She has agreed to assist in putting together a history of Franklin on the Fourth, to be published on this web site when completed.

Besides her husband, Kevin, and her daughter, Kelly, Ann and Bill Veevers, are now the most important people in her life. She, Kevin and Kelly live only five doors down from them, and they are still “Mom and Dad” to her, and the grandparents to Kelly.

From the webmaster, it is nice to have a member who will share a touching personal story such as this one with us in the Lion of the Week pages. We are proud of Stacy and look forward to working with her on Lions projects for years to come.