Magic Items Granting Feats

Got gp rattling in your character's pocket, but feeling short of feats? In the character development tradeoff between feats and money, it's helpful to be able to buy a bunch of feats in magic items, and I've listed representative magic items that grant feats. However, if the items available don't exactly fit your needs, the price for the feats alone has generally been lacking. This list is my attempt at finding items with feats, and where possible deconstructing them to extract the prices for the feats alone, so that a character with the appropriate item creation feat could craft their own custom feat-granting item.

There are also some items that grant abilities equivalent to a feat, without actually granting the feat itself. These granted "feats" are preceded by a tilde (~).

Feats with separable costs are presented first, followed by items granting limited daily uses of a feat, and finally items granting feats but where the costs for those feats alone were not distinguishable.

Alertness 10,000 gp cost
Ioun Stone - Dark Blue Rhomboid: grants Alertness, as the feat (DMG)

Aquatic Shot 3,000 gp cost
Pearl Trident: +3 returning pearlsteel trident; wielder gains Aquatic Shot feat with the trident (or increases the effect if already has Aquatic Shot or Far Shot) 36,815 (Stormwrack)

Combat Reflexes 10,500 gp cost
Serpent Armor: +3 leather, +2 Ref saves; wearer gains Combat Reflexes feat 21,660 (Savage Species)

Craft Magic Arms and Armor 15,000 gp cost
Forge of Thautam: only usable by dwarves, or with Use Magic Device DC 25 check to Emulate a Race; grants user Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat 15,000 (Races of Stone)

~Dash 5,000 gp cost
Quickness armor special ability: +5' enhancement to land speed 5,000 (Magic Item Compendium)

Deflect Arrows (2 options) +2 bonus cost to armor/shield/?? cost
Arrow Deflection: This shield protects the wielder as if he had the Deflect Arrows feat. Shield Special Abilities table (DMG)
Arrowdeath Flail: +2/+1 dire flail; wielder gains Deflect Arrows feat, additional +2 to AC using full defense vs. ranged weapons 33,690 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Empower Turning 5,040 gp cost
Holy Symbol, Greater: Gain Empower Turning feat 5,040 (Defenders of the Faith)

Extra Turning 1,500 gp cost
Sword of the Glorious Pearl +3 aquatic holy pearlsteel bastard sword; gain Extra Turning feat 75,335 (Stormwrack)

Far Shot 8,000 gp cost
Horizon Goggles: Wearer gains Far Shot feat 8,000 (Complete Mage)

Great Fortitude 6,000 gp cost
Belt of Endurance: +2 Con and Great Fortitude feat 10,000 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Improved Bull Rush +2 bonus cost to weapon
Battleaxe of the Bull: +2 battleaxe; grants Improved Bull Rush feat, knock back foes when wielded 2H 32,310 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Improved Combat Reflexes [Epic] 10,000 gp cost
Everwhirling Chain [Epic]: +4 defending everdancing spiked chain of speed; gain Improved Combat Reflexes [Epic] feat 5,220,325 (Epic Level Handbook)

~Improved Critical +1 bonus cost to weapon
Keen weapon special ability: weapon's threat range doubles (slashing or piercing weapon only) (DMG)

Improved Disarm 10,000 gp cost
Disarming Flail: +2 heavy flail; +2 to disarm attempts and gain Improved Disarm feat 18,395 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Improved Sunder +1 bonus cost to weapon
Sundering special weapon ability: Attack as if you have Improved Sunder feat (Magic Item Compendium)

Improved Trip 10,000 gp cost
Staff of Mighty Sweeping: +2 sweeping quarterstaff; wielder gains Improved Trip feat 28,600 (Magic of Faerūn)
[This one is problematic on a couple of levels. Firstly, while in real life a quarterstaff is an excellent tripping weapon, D&D 3.5 no longer recognizes that. (The official 3.5 PH list of tripping weapons is confined to: bolas, spiked chain, flail, dire flail, heavy flail, guisarme, halberd, gnome hooked hammer, kama, scythe, sickle, and whip.) Secondly, when I computed the cost of this item I realized they only priced the MW quarterstaff as a double weapon. The rest of the enhancement (+3 bonus total) is applied only to one end.]

Improved Unarmed Strike (3 options) 1,000 gp cost
Bracers of Striking: Wearer armed even when unarmed, may be modified with special weapon abilities 1,310 (Magic of Faerūn)
Ring of Might: Wearer treated as armed, unarmed attack does 1D8 damage 4,000 (Magic of Faerūn)
Fanged Ring: Grants Improved Unarmed Strike & Improved Natural Attack (unarmed strike), deal 1 point of CON damage on critical 10,000 (Dragon Magic)

Incite Rage [Epic] 10,500 gp cost
Chaosbringer [Epic] +6 greataxe of chaotic power, rage 1/day; grants Incite Rage [Epic] feat if wielder has greater rage 4,025,350 (Epic Level Handbook)

Mobility +1 bonus cost (to light armor only)
Mobility armor special ability: grants Mobility feat (Magic Item Compendium)

Mounted Combat or Ride-By Attack 7,000 gp cost
Battle Bridle: +10 to Ride checks; gain Mounted Combat feat or Ride-By Attack 9,000 (Magic Item Compendium)

Positive Energy Aura [Epic] 20,000 gp cost
Finaldeath [Epic]: +5 undead dread ghost touch morningstar; immune to energy drain; gain Positive Energy Aura feat if capable of turning undead 3,580,308 (Epic Level Handbook)

Powerful Charge 5,000 gp cost
Boots of Charging: Gain Powerful Charge feat 5,000 (Miniatures Handbook)

Precise Shot +1 bonus cost to weapon
Precise weapon special ability: wielder is treated as having Precise Shot feat (Magic Item Compendium)

~Precise Shot 12,000 gp cost
Rod of Magical Precision: only works with spells and spell-like abilities; negates -4 penalty for shooting into melee 12,000 (Complete Mage)

Sandskimmer 5,000 gp cost
Ring of Sandstriding: Wearer gains Sandskimmer feat (Sandstorm)

Scorpion's Resolve and Scorpion's Sense +32,000 gp cost
Scorpion Carapace Armor: grants Scorpion's Resolve and Scorpion's Sense feats (Sandstorm)

~Spell Penetration 8,000 gp cost
Third Eye Penetrate: +2 CL to overcome SR; stacks with Spell Penetration 8,000 (Magic Item Compendium)

Spirited Charge +2 bonus cost to weapon
Lance of Faerūn: +2 holy lance; wielder gains Spirited Charge feat, bane against evil outsiders when wielded by worshiper of Torm 98,310 (Magic of Faerūn)

Track 20,000 gp cost
Spear of the Hunt: +1 animal bane shortspear; gain Track feat 28,302 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Two-Weapon Fighting or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting 8,000 gp cost
Gloves of the Balanced Hand: Gain Two-Weapon Fighting feat (or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat if already have) 8,000 (Magic Item Compendium)

Limited Use Feat-Duplicating Items

Metamagic Feats

Metamagic — Maximize Spell; Incense of Meditation
Limited to prepared divine spells, for one day only 4,900 (DMG)

Metamagic feat items below are limited to 3 uses/day; various costs:

Metamagic — Chaining Spell; Rod (Complete Arcane)
Metamagic — Cooperation Spell; Rod (Complete Arcane)
Metamagic — Empower Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Enlarge Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Extend Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Maximize Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Piercing Cold; Rod of Piercing Cold: +2 frost dagger (Frostburn)
Metamagic — Quicken Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Sculpting Spell; Rod (Complete Arcane)
Metamagic — Silent Spell; Rod (DMG)
Metamagic — Substitution Spell; Rod (Complete Arcane)

Snatch Arrows; Gloves of Arrow Snaring: Snatch Arrows feat 2/day 4,000 (DMG)

Items Granting Feats — Unknown Feat Cost

Singing Sword: +2 dancing longsword, intelligent, +6 to Perform (singing), detect law; grants Blind-Fight feat, haste 1/day 127,855 (Song and Silence)

Cleave (2 options)
Rankbreaker Glaive: +2 glaive, +1D6 damage on charge; gain Cleave feat 32,308 (Arms and Equipment Guide)
Sylvan Scimitar: +3 scimitar; +1D6 damage and Cleave feat outdoors in temperate environment 23,657 (DMG)

~Craft Construct various costs
Grants user the equivalent of the Craft Construct feat specifically for the purpose of creating a golem (clay, flesh, iron, stone, or greater stone) (DMG)

Deflect Arrows and Infinite Deflection [Epic]
Quarterstaff of Alacrity [Epic]: +5 quarterstaff of speed on both ends, +5 to Ref saves; gain Deflect Arrows and Infinite Deflection [Epic] feats 462,600 (Epic Level Handbook)

Empower Turning
Mark of Apostasy: Gain Empower Turning feat to rebuke undead, fear 3/day 38,880 (Defenders of the Faith)

Improved Counterspell
Rod of Reversal: Spell turning; grants wielder Improved Counterspell feat 132,000 (Complete Divine)

Improved Initiative (2 options)
Bracers of the Blinding Strike: Bracers of armor +6; gain Improved Initiative feat, extra attack as if using a speed weapon 102,000 (Magic of Faerūn)
Dragonfly Medallion: Grants Improved Initiative feat (or +1 to Initiative), transforms into monstrous dragonfly 1/day 29,760 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Improved Natural Attack
Fanged Ring: Grants Improved Unarmed Strike & Improved Natural Attack (unarmed strike); deal 1 point of CON damage on critical 10,000 (Dragon Magic)

Improved Sunder or Great Sunder
Necklace of the Marauding Beast - Rampaging Boar: Gain Improved Sunder feat or Great Sunder (a 3.0-only feat), +1 Con, +1 round of rage 12,440 (Arms and Equipment Guide)

Martial Weapon Proficiency (Bow)
Bracers of Archery (Lesser, Greater): Wearer gains Martial Weapon Proficiency (Bow) when both bracers are worn (DMG)

Ride-By Attack
Riding Boots: Wearer gains benefit of Ride-By Attack feat, even without the prerequisites 12,000 (Magic Item Compendium)

Sand Camouflage
Cape of the Wastes: Endure elements effect; wearer gains Sand Camouflage feat 30,000 (Sandstorm)

Trample, Ride-By Attack, and Spirited Charge
Horseshoes of the Peerless Steed [Epic]: Rider gains +10 to Ride checks; grants rider and mount Trample, Ride-By Attack, and Spirited Charge feats, double mount's speed, mount gains SR 32 vs. enchantments 217,000 (Epic Level Handbook)

Most of the deconstruction of item costs to extract the price for feats is straightforward by following the cost tables. By looking at several items I determined (with reasonable confidence, I think) that WotC figures the cost for a single save bonus (such as Reflex) is 1/3 the cost of a resistance bonus to all three saves. (When added to an item with other features, such as a granted feat, remember the 1.5x cost multiplier for an additional property.)