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Please use the INDEX page for more recent resources and updates. I will place a few brief updates here for quick access as I come across them.  For Youtube Video's please look up doctorcane.


Global Warming Debunking Resources: a complete set of links plus the online version of Global Warming Swindle Movie.


  1. Popular Technology -> The Anti "Man-Made" Global Warming Resource
  2.  ABD - Green myths on global warming - debunked
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  4. 10 Reasons to Doubt Global Warming is Man-Made (Part 1)


A full comprehensive list of Global Warming Myth Debunking resources to combat communist takeovers of the US economic engine and social structure. 





Barack Obama and his book "Dreams From My Father"


The Excerpts of the Read version are in the link above along with the text.  At least be informed on who you like for President and why.