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Gregg & Debra Schrader

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Schrader, Schroeder, Butcher, Campbell, Morgason, Martin, Jacks,

Mathas, Warner, Kent, Finnegan, and Burns

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Genealogy last revised: November 5, 2014

What Was the Purpose of "Showfolks of America"

1938 Through the Mid 1980's - Chicago, Illinois?

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Showfolks 1949 Harvest Jubilee & Barn Dance

Showfolks Yearbook 1959 - 1960

Showfolks Yearbook 1961 - 1962

Showfolks Yearbook 1963

Showfolks Yearbook 1966

Showfolks Gravestone Chicago  

Oakridge-Glen Oak Cemetery

4301 W. Roosevelt Rd
Cook County
Illinois USA



Terre Haute, Indiana

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