Frank Gil and Friends

Quite frankly why you have ears!

Some Themes of Past Shows


Cincinnati Gals: Doris and Rosie 


"All the Way" All the Time

A Salute to Cole Porter

The Popular Sinatra: The songs that made the charts throughout Sinatra's career

Foreign Language Day: Nothing but songs in languages other than English

Michele Monro talks about her book The Singer's Singer: The Life and Music of Matt Monro 

New Britain's Own Conrad Gozzo: You've heard him, even if you've never heard OF him

Come Fly with Me:  A commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic

Mama Will Bark:  A salute to Michael Vick

Olga, Frank-Incense, and (Mac)Murr(ay): A radio production of the Sinatra film The Miracle of The Bells 

Frank, Gi, and Friends: It must be a Christmas show because there's no "L"

Hart Attack: A tribute to lyricist Lorenz (Larry) Hart

Counts, Dukes, and Ladies -The African-American Influences on Sinatra: one of the annual Black History Month shows

It's Alright Ma, I'm only Aging: A Bob Dylan 65th Birthday Celebration

 Klaus von Bulow's Day Off -- When Sunny Gets Blue: Songs from High Society which was filmed at the Rhode Island estate later bought by Martha (Sunny) von Bulow

The All-Sinatra-Music-But-No-Sinatra Program: Only songs that mention him

A Campus-Wide Sinatra 90th Birthday Celebration: Members from all across the CCSU community reading poems of contemporay writers inspired by the art and life of Frank  Sinatra  

None But the Braff: The Sinatra tribute cd by Ruby Braff

The Lusty Month of (Billy) May: A salute to one of Frank's favorite arrangers

To Bea or Not to Bea (Arthur): Songs from the 1920s when the late actress was born

A "Feast Day" Program: St. Eulalia and the Not-So-Saintly Francis Albert

Prisoner of Love: The 75th Anniversary of Alcatraz

Come Parse with Me: Frank and Latin Grammar

Happiness is NOT a Warm Gun: The 29th Anniversary of John Lennon's Murder

Hail, Janus!: Looking backward and forward at Sinatra's recording career from 1966, the mid-point year.

Who's the Boss(a Nova): Sinatra and Jobim

Lena Horne: RIP






Gilbert L. Gigliotti