Frank Gil and Friends

Quite frankly why you have ears!

The Guests


Some of the GUESTS

Michele Monro, daughter of Matt and author of The Singer's Singer: The Life and Music of Matt Monro (06/01/10)

Tom Santopietro, author, Sinatra in Hollywood (11/03/09) 

Anthony Rudel, author, Hello, Everybody: The Dawn of American Radio (10/13/09)

David Lloyd, poet, The Gospel According to Frank (9/29/09)

Rob Zappulla, trumpeter and vocalist, You Ought to be Having Fun, with back-up singers Nick Pastula and Cecilia Gigliotti (7/21/09)

Frank Sinatra, Jr., scion, singer, and band leader 

Will Friedwald, author of Sinatra The Song Is You: The Singer's Art


Merlin Mann, web guru     Merlin and Gil 2

Thom Delventhal, in a one-man performance of Playing Sinatra by Bernard Kops

The cast of CCSU's It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play (December 2014)

Duets III: Sinatra and Academe: CCSU professors, their research, and the host's valiant attempts to connect it to Sinatra (with, among others, Abigail Adams, Louis Auld, Candace Barrington, David Blitz, Gloria Caliendo, Matt Ciscel, Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin, Steve Cox, Guy Crundwell, Christine Doyle, Susan Gilmore, Victoria Ginter, Jason B. Jones, Paul Karpuk, Peter Kilduff, Larry Klein, Paloma LaPuerta, Kris Larsen, Vivian Martin, Mark McLaughlin, Pam Perry, Paul Petterson, Paul Resetarits, Karen Ritzenhoff, Ben Sevitch, David Spector, Barry Westcott, Armand Zottolla, and Gil and Cindy White Cindy White)

Frank and Dean(s): CCSU Deans Michael Alfano (Education and Professional Studies), Faris Malhas (Engineering, Science, and Technology), Zdzislaw Kremens (Engineering and Technology), Paulette Lemma (Graduate), Susan Pease (Arts and Sciences), Siamack Shojai (Business), and Mitch Sakofs (Education and Professional Studies)


 The last four Presidents of Central Connecticut State University (Jack Miller, Robert Aebersold, Richard Judd, and Merle Harris)

Gilbert L. Gigliotti