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Until we're able to raise the needed resources required to replace the server that streamed this broadcast, this feed will remain unavailable.

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WESTMORELAND COUNTY, PA - DPS | 800Mhz Digital Trunked Radio System

Scanner Audio with Video Display of Talkgroups and Radios

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PLEASE NOTE:  GMANS.net is the DEVELOPER and ORIGINAL SOURCE for the ONLY live scanner stream of Westmoreland County, PA,

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Broadcasting 24x7x365 Live!

(Feed may be offline at times during scheduled maintenance, Windows updates, ISP outages, etc.)


Streaming live, real-time scanner audio of the:

Police - Fire - EMS

Located 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA

800Mhz-Digital Trunked | APCO-25 | 9600 baud | 26 Tower | Motorola Smartzone-Simulcast TRS.
System is being monitored in open mode for all PD-FD-EMS-Admin TalkGroups.

NOTE: Several encrypted & non-emergency TalkGroups are locked out on the scanner and although they are visible in the display above when in use on the TRS, they will NOT produce audio here on the feed.  The video by default displays ALL currently active TalkGroups at any given moment on the entire system, however, the scanner can obviously only broadcast the audio for one TalkGroup transmission at a time.  You will need to match up what you're hearing with what you're seeing.  Scroll further down for a complete description of the video content.

Monitoring Tower #T0102 Control Channel Frequencies: <in Mhz>:
859.9875 (Primary)     
858.9875 (Alternate 1)
858.4375 (Alternate 2)

The feed is normally running in a scanning sequence and monitoring all targeted talkgroups on the system, but at times during a working incident, the scanner may be locked on the active TalkGroup for that incident for it's duration.


The feed signal is being received on a Radio Shack (GRE Mfg.) PRO-197, P-25 capable Digi-Scanner, and then running the external speaker output through an ADC 12-band graphic equalizer to smooth the digital scanner audio & improve the sound quality over the live stream.





The visual portion of this feed is a live partial screencap of the Pro96Com Control Channel Decoding software (read more about this program on our PRO96COM page under the Scanner Page link) running in sync with the audio from the scanner.  This program monitors and decodes the 9600 baud digital Control Channel data stream being transmitted by the system, and displays the resulting TalkGroup Description, Radio ID, and Radio Description for all users currently transmitting on the system at the given moment.  Even though the screen shows ALL TalkGroups/Radios in use, the scanner can only lock on and broadcast the audio for one at a time, so you will need to match up what you're hearing to what you're seeing in the display.

TalkGroups are Highlighted and Color Coded:
RED = Fire TalkGroups (different shades used for different TAC channels)
BLUE = Police TalkGroups (different shades used for different TAC channels)
GREEN = EMS TalkGroups (different shades used for different TAC channels)
ORANGE = Countywide TalkGroups

PINK = Sheriff's Office TalkGroups (several of these TACs are locked out since they are encrypted)
GRAYED OUT TEXT, NO COLOR = TalkGroup is Locked Out, NO audio from scanner on these
BOLD BLACK TEXT, NO COLOR (and no TalkGroup shown) = Data transmissions (PD MDT's, FD Rip & Run, etc.)


EVERY active TalkGroup/Radio combination currently transmitting on the system is always displayed. Due to constraints within the decoding software, it is not possible to filter the TalkGroup/Radio display to selectively show or not show particular TalkGroups/Radios.  The Radio Descriptions are displayed to identify the transmitting units as they are known, but may not be 100% accurate.  For example, some PD units will sometimes switch ID number designators depending on their zone coverage or shift hours, or switch cars during vehicle maintenance/downtime.  There is a small number of radios out of the 5400+ total using the system that have not yet been positively identified, and their ID's will show as the default wildcard date/time data string or may contain question marks as ID place holders.



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