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Be sure to check out our newest live scanner feed format of the Westmoreland County DPS, that now includes a VIDEO portion of the stream that displays the TalkGroups and Radios transmitting while you listen..!!  Click the link below to try it:

New AUDIO & VIDEO Live Scanner Stream


The NKNOC Labs facility is located 25 miles east of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, which operates its Dept. of Public Safety radio communications over a Motorola APCO-25 Smartnet/Smartzone system.  This countywide system had been years in the making, and is a digital (APCO-25 @ 9600 baud) 800Mhz trunked format.  Implementation of the new system includes the installation of the console radio and CAD electronics at the 911 EOC building located in Hempfield, approximately 26 tower transmission sites throughout the county, as well as the deployment of over 5500 mobile and handheld units across 200 TalkGroups.  District 1 Police (Jeannette, Irwin, Manor, Adamsburg, Trafford, and Penn Twp.) began using their portion of the system on 01 November 2004, with District 9 Police (New Kensington, Arnold, Upper Burrell, Lower Burrell) going live on 20 November 2004 at 12 noon.  In early January 2005, District 4 Police (Ligonier Boro, Ligonier Twp, New Florence, St. Clair, Bolivar, Latrobe, Derry, and Seward) went on the air.  More districts and units have been added since then.  The new 800Mhz system is currently being used by the 9-1-1 Center, Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 Police and most Fire Departments and EMS Stations within those District boundaries, including Mutual Aid Ambulance Service; all 65 Emergency Management Coordinators and Directors; the Department of Public Safety Administrators; the County Park Police; County Detectives; the County Sheriff’s Department; Adult Probation Bureau; Bureau of Elections; several College Campus and Hospital Security units; County Commissioner's offices; County CIS; the Transit Authority; and County Road and Park Maintenance, along with several other county managed agencies.  Local PA State Police units also have 800Mhz radios that utilize the TRS to provide interoperability communications with county law enforcement.

UPDATE FROM WCDPS- Circa 2006: "The Department of Public Safety is pleased to report that construction of the county-wide 800 MHz system has been completed and that all organizations currently dispatched by the County 911 Center are on the air.  The number of subscriber radios  that have been programmed for operation on the system stands at approximately 4300 units. Over the coming months, the Radio Communications Council and the Department of Public Safety will be working  closely with Motorola and the emergency response community to make the system more robust."

You can read more about the county's migration to this system HERE and HERE.


Click the link below to see the Motorola Brochure, highlighting the new Westmoreland County 800Mhz TRS!


WCDPS Motorola Brochure


::: LIVE Streaming Scanner Audio of Westmoreland County DPS :::

800Mhz Digital TRS Radio Traffic






Do you miss hearing your local Westmoreland County based Police, Fire and EMS emergency communications that used to be easy to receive using a standard conventional scanner?  Don't have a new, expensive digital scanner needed to listen to the County's 800Mhz Trunked Radio System?  Are you located outside of the county and out of receiving range even if you did have a new digital scanner?  NO PROBLEM!  The solution to all of the above is only a mouse click away when you log on to GMANS.net!  Since you are reading this web page, you've already done all that's needed to listen to all of the action live as it happens.  And best of all... IT'S FREE!!  Listen to the Westmoreland 9-1-1 radio communications from all over the county, online right from a PC, from anywhere!  Police - Fire - EMS !!  Use the links on our main menu at left and we will have you "back in the loop" in no time!  The new audio+video feed is very popular... Don't Miss It!


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  Radio Shack Scanner Software - FILE SECTION: 

  Attention users of PRO96COM  WIN96 and WIN500 Scanner Software:

Use the links below to download pre-set data programming files for the Westmoreland County 800Mhz system.

The Pro96Com system data files have over 200 TalkGroups and more than 5600 Radio ID's!

The Win96 programming files will have your Pro-96 or Pro-2096 scanner monitoring this system in minutes!

The Win500 programming files will have your Pro-106 or Pro-197 scanner monitoring this system in minutes!


**These programs all require a special data interface cable (THIS ONE) to connect your scanner to your PC.**


Note: The files** are in ZIP format, and ONLY contain data for the WestmoCo 800Mhz system.

Download Pro96Com Zip File (FOR PRO96COM VERSION or LATER)

Download Win96 Zip File

Download Win500 Zip File


 >>> Screenshots of the Pro96Com software program in action on the WCDPS 800Mhz TRS..! <<<

Click the following link to "see" what the digital radio system "looks" like in operation:

===========>  Show me Pro96Com now..!  <===========

**The ZIP archives contain files used by Pro96Com, Win96 and Win500 software, none of which are products produced or supported by the NKNOC Labs.  They contain ONLY data related to the Westmoreland County PA Department of Public Safety's 800Mhz TRS 9600 Baud digital communications system (SYSTEM 152).

These files are updated on a periodic basis, and a new ZIP archive is added to this download area of our website when available, so be sure to check back often for the latest version!

These archives are certified as VIRUS FREE by McAfee Viruscan, and are provided solely for use in the context of their original intent. While every effort is made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information, the NKNOC Labs assumes no legal liability or responsibility for their misuse, or the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any of the information disclosed. All content (including any revisions or updates) is provided solely for the user's information and is presented strictly "AS IS."

Please direct all inquiries concerning this data to: NKNOC Labs Data Records Dept.

  Westmoreland County DPS 800Mhz Tower Site Locations Map:

  Click on the thumbnail map above for a larger image

Map is based on location coordinates and naming conventions published in the FCC database

Please send any additional tower location information or corrections to NKNOC Mapping Dept. 

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  Check Out The Hardware: 


Use the links below to take a look at the spec sheets for the Motorola ASTRO radios being used by Westmoreland County (requires ADOBE Acrobat Reader):



                  Motorola Handheld Model XTS1500 (Used by FD units)

                  Motorola Handheld Model XTS2500 (Used by PD and Admin units)



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