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Computer Technology continues to improve and change the world we live in. In schools today, students learn to use a variety of computer applications and instructional technology tools that can enrich their learning experiences in every subject area, while motivating them to explore topics in-depth. This fosters critical thinking skills.

Today's students should be learning how to use computer technology tools while exploring topics related to Math, English, Social Studies, Science and more! Students should have the opportunity to fine-tune their "ergonomically correct" keyboarding skills throughout their school years as well.

Technology Integration
Curriculum Tree

Additionally, the Internet has a wealth of resources available to assist educators, parents and children in their quest for information. Therefore, it is very important that students learn how to search for appropriate information utilizing different web browsers, search engines and search terms. Just as important, students should learn to evaluate the information that they locate on the Internet. Students should be evaluating web sites based on several important criteria.

On my pages, you will find Internet Treasure Hunts, Hotlists and WebQuests that I have created and used to facilitate student learning of computer applications along with content area topics. These resources have assisted other teachers with integration of technology within their curriculum as well.

My goal is to prepare students for the future by ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful. Therefore, I strive to integrate computer instructional technology within all content areas, while meeting and exceeding state and national standards for Computer Instructional Technology.

There are many ways that technology can enhance the curriculum. Click on the image at the right to view a powerpoint presentation about Enhancing Curriculum with Technology.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns or feedback.