Moebius Shawl/Scarf

 Bonnie Pierce 2003



White Kid Mohair - 2 balls

Crochet Hook: Size I


Design concept by Mirjam Bruck Cohen, Israel
Written by Bonnie Pierce, USA
Posted with permission


Pattern Stitches

Chainless foundation

Chain 3, yo, and insert your hook in the first chain, yo and draw up a loop, like you would for a regular dc. Now, instead of proceeding with your dc,
chain 1. This is the chain that you will work your next stitch into. Now go ahead and finish your first dc (yo, draw through two loops) twice.

For the next stitch, there is a little bar where you made your chain 1. Yo, insert your hook into the bar, chain 1, then finish the dc.

The moebius shawl stays in place on your shoulders, leaving your arms free.  You can also use it as a hooded scarf, or a long scarf around your neck.
I make a foundationless dc strip to fit comfortably around the chest and shoulders.  

To make foundationless dc you ch 3, yo, insert hook in the first ch you made, yo and draw up a loop. Yo, and draw up another loop to make a ch 1.  Yo, and draw through 2 loops, yo and draw through two loops.  That completes your first dc.  Yo, and insert hook at the base of that first dc. Yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw up another loop to make a ch 1.  Yo and draw through 2 loops, yo and draw through two loops.  Continue until it is the desired length.


Making sure the row of dc in straight, lay it on a flat surface, right side down, and fold the two ends together (so it looks like it would if it were a cardigan sweater).  Instead of sl stitching into the top of the ch 3 like you would normally join a round, you do something a little different.  Working into the base of the dc's, you sl st into the bottom of the ch 3, sc into the bottom of next dc, hdc into the bottom of the next dc, and then dc into the bottom of each remaining stitch around.

When you come back to the beginning of the round, you work a dc into the top of the original ch 3.  This leaves a little hole that you can stitch shut with the yarn tail.  Continue to work the dc into each stitch until it is the desired length (for a shawl) or width (for a scarf).  To end off, work a hdc, then a sc and a sl st.

The white shawl is made with very fine kid mohair and a size I hook.  I used 120 dc for a small shawl.  For a medium, use 130 dc, for large, use 140 dc.  I worked for 11 rounds.


* sc, sk 1, in next st work 5 dc, sk 1.  Repeat from * around

You can change colors/yarns at random in the moebius shawl for a beautiful effect.  I made one  with a variety of shades of blues/greens/ and purples, from chunky to very fine.  I used a J hook so that it drapes very well.

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