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In grade school classroom
From left, Brad, Dave, Sheila, Elizabeth and Donna learn about education in Hungary.

At a winery
From left, Bonnie, Toni, Kay, Arlita, Elizabeth and Nathan learn about wine-making

The women at our Eger party
The men at our Eger party
Continuing our wine-enhanced party at our Eger hotel

Jim twirling his moustache
Jim trying out for the old Hungarian military

Arlita enjoying Anonymous monument
Arlita enjoying the Anonymous monument in Budapest's City Park

Four Nights and Dazed in Hungary

Oct. 8-10, 2007

Jo napot kivanok, Magyarorszag!

Population: 10 million (similar to Michigan). Area: 36,000 square miles (similar to Indiana or Maine). Capital: Budapest. Government: parliamentary democracy. Latitude: 47 degrees north (similar to Seattle, Washington; Paris, France; and Vienna, Austria). Famous for paprika, composers Bela Bartok and Franz Liszt, thermal baths, Bull's Blood wine from Eger, "Cube" inventor Erno Rubik.

Statue of St. Istvan at the Prague castleDonna's Photo Album of Hungary

Eger | Budapest

Inside the ancient Eger CastleVineyards, Villages and Eger

Eger, "egg-air": population, 57,000, in northeast Hungary.

Eger Cathedral in EgerOct. 8: On our own in the morning, we wandered--in a lost-sort-of-way--through pastel residential areas and soaked in Eger's ancient hilltop castle (also at right) with its panoramic views; 16th century Muslim minaret outside our hotel; the 17th century neoclassical Eger Cathedral (at right); baroque architecture; and bustling produce market (also below).

violinist at wineryOur group spent the afternoon taking in a friendly grade school (also in column at left), a joyous wine tasting (also at left) complete with local entertainment (also at right) in the country's best-known grape-growing region, and a wild paarrr-tay afterward at our hotel (also at left). Egeszsegedre!

Inside Market HallGary's Photo Album of Eger

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statue near National Gallery of the Royal PalaceBustling Budapest

"BOO-dah-pehst": population, 1.9 million.

Pest (west) side of the DanubeBuda (east) side of the DanubeOct. 9-10: We spent too short of a time--only a day and a half--in this mighty exhilarating capital along the Danube River (at right). We took guided walks on winding, cobblestone streets through the immense Castle District of Buda (also at right) and on Europe's original, efficient subway to historic but modern Pest.

St. Stephen's BasilicaWe enjoyed visiting the seven-turreted Fisherman's Bastian on Castle Hill (also at top left); Levente's high school; St. Stephen's Basilica (also at right); an evening sightseeing cruise on the Danube; the graceful Chain Bridge; and another evening watching energetic folk dancers and musicians. We also had free time to soak al fresco in Budapest's thermal Szechenyi Baths, view the massive Parliament Building (also below) and wander the city's magnificent yet cozy boulevards.

Parliament buildingGary's Photo Album of Budapest

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Viszontlatasra, Hungary. Koszonom for a magnificent time!

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