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Notice to users and visitors

For the fourth time since November 1997, my website must move to a new location, with new Web addresses, because of changes made by my Internet service provider. I must make that change by Oct. 8, 2015.

Or not. ...

Do you have writing questions about abbreviations, addresses, capitalization, English grammar, Internet terminology, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and word usage?

If so, Garbl's Editorial Style and Usage Manual can help you be clear, concise, correct and consistent in your use of the written word. This free style guide also provides clear alternatives to long, pompous or bureaucratic words and phrases. Use this manual for help in writing articles, books, brochures, correspondence, essays, fliers, newsletters, reports, Web pages and other documents.

Garbl's Editorial Style and Usage Manual mostly follows Associated Press style but also follows advice of other excellent books on writing and websites listed in Garbl's Writing Resources Online--and my selection and interpretation of their guidelines. This guide focuses on U.S. standards for spelling, punctuation, definitions, usage, style and grammar.

Do you have comments or suggestions about my style and usage manual? Please contact me at I occasionally enhance the style guide with new or improved entries. This manual has grown and changed from print versions that talented colleagues and I developed in the 1980s and '90s--Gary B. Larson, Seattle, Washington.

Using this style and usage manual

Style manual entries are in alphabetical order. In the navigation bars on each page, click on the letter that begins the word or phrase you have questions about. You'll be sent to the section you want:

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Many terms are cross-referenced and hyperlinked. Click on the highlighted text to view cross-referenced terms. You'll find hyperlinked cross-references under these topics and others: abbreviations and acronyms, addresses, capitalization, myths of writing, numbers, plurals, possessives, punctuation, spelling and World Wide Web.

Besides using this website's Search tool (at left), you can use your Web browser's Find function (under Edit) to search for particular words or terms within a page. Pages are organized A(102KB), B, C, D, E, F through G, H, I through J, K through L, M, N through O, P, Q through R, S, T through U and V through Z.

Garbl's Writing Bookshelf

Reference books make great gifts. They're used again and again.

An annotated list of books on writing that I own and recommend--all available online through my association with Book categories: grammar and punctuation, concise writing and plain language, style, usage, dictionaries and thesauruses, writing and editing, business and technical writing, creativity, quotations, and's best-selling writing references. Here are some of my favorites:

Dictionary of Concise Writing Associated Press Stylebook Garner's Modern American Usage Chicago Manual of Style Gregg Reference Manual

Also available are novels by some of my favorite contemporary fiction writers.

A | B | C | D | E | F G | H | I J | K L | M | N O | P | Q R | S | T U | V W X Y Z
abbreviations and acronyms | addresses | capitalization | myths | numbers | plurals | possessives | punctuation | spelling | World Wide Web

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Copyright 2015. Website manager: Gary B. Larson of Seattle, Washington, Also see Garbl. Please understand that if I respond to your questions about writing, I may not respond quickly enough to meet your deadline.

This page updated Feb. 1, 2015. Whatever their acclaim and position, all writers need editors. I don't have one for Garbl's Editorial Style Manual, so if you spot a typo, unclear message, bad link or possible error, please let me know.

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