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Drove my 56 MGA to Dixon Fair Grounds to participate in the All British Car Show.

Caravaned with friends for the drive to Dixon

mga051814 005

The lineup Of MGA's

mga051814 006 (Small)

Deborah sitting with our 1956 MGA

mga051814 007 (Small)

We had to return to Dixon and the empty field to find Deborah's lost wedding rings.

Here is the search party. Our neighbors, Jeff and Patty whom returned to help search (standing on each end), the nice lady whom helped and found the rings (and her daughter), and a happy and lucky Deborah.

mga051814 010 (Small)


I'm now 66

Well, I turned 66.  I celebrated my birthday by cleaning the hair out of the shower drain, and then having a lovely dinner with Deborah and friends.

Recieved this photo from my sister with birthday wishes.  Me at 12 1/2 months.

Garon at 12 12 months

This is a card I recieved from friends Ron and Connie.  Ron's: Broken Ring Publishing

cover image

inside image

My 1964 Vespa won the President's Choice Award at the 2nd annual "Italy on Wheels' motor vehicle show at the Murer House Italian Cultural Center in Folsom.



vespa091413 002


vespa091413 001

Saturday August 3rd rode my restored 1964 Allstate Vespa in the Calif. Auto. Museum Car Cruise on Fulton Ave.  Had a great time with friends, and my Vespa won the trophy for favorite vintage motorcycle.


View the "Garon's Little Vespa Wins Big" Utube video by Connie Spickelmier


Deborah and I arrive at Sac. State for the start of the cruise

vespa080313 001


Vespa on display at CSUS with the classic muscle cars

vespa080313 004


At the cruise... photo courtesy of Ken Waterstreet



The awards ceremony... photo courtesy of Connie Spickelmier



The trophy

vespa080413 002

Celebrated my 65th.

Went skiing on my 65th birthday, and joined the "old farts club" as seen in this photo by my friend, Ron Paulat.

Also received this wonderful Norman Rockwell image photo from my sister.  The photo from 1953 with me, the only boy in Brownie Troop 123.


Now at 65



Then at almost 5.   My mom, woman on left, my sister 3rd girl from left


Sept. 15, from 11 am to 3 pm I displayed my restored 1964 Vespa at the Murer House Italian Center, 1125 Joe Murer Court, Folsom. 

 Italy On Wheels


My 125cc vintage Vespa rubbed tires with the Ducatis, and the Ferraris, but still got lots of attention.

my red vespa with the Ducatis





The Murer House


Attended the British car event at the fair grounds in Woodland, Ca. on Sunday May 20th.  Saw three MGA roadsters and one coupe.  Met Mike Brady a fellow Cordova H.S. graduate (12 years after me), and restoring a 59 MGA that he bought from the same guy that I bought my 56.

Lots of MGB's at the event


And Morris Minors


Mike Brady and his TR3




More MGA's


Pool Remodel

Starting in March with many headaches, delays, and unscrupulous actions from the pool plastering company, spent much of May and June fixing and finishing the job myself and with the work of Steve Dobson. 


Though our pool had been empty for about four years, it did get some good use by the Taggart brothers as a skate board park.  June 15,2008

June 15, 2008


March 19th 2012, the pool before remodel

pool031912 before remodel 003


April 9th, pool in progress

pool040912 001


May 14th, finishing the glass tile on the steps myself so the pool can finally get plastered

pool051412 016


Did the wall cap stones myself after canceling work with the contractor

pool052912 003


Hired Steve Dobson to help me with the waterfall construction

July 9th


Really enjoyed working with Steve and his mason, Dave

pool070912 016


The finished waterfall with diving rock on right, and rock chair on left.

pool071812 003(3)


And the finished pool

pool071812 002

I was contacted by a gentleman in Texas that has an Invader trailer on the property that he purchased.  Looking for information on the trailer he found me and my 47 Invader using a Google search.  This is only the third Invader that I know of.  I will have to post more pictures of my trailer restoration in the Curtis Restoration section.  Here is the found Texas Invader.


In the spring of 1967, while a student at UC Davis I bought a 1958 MG Magnette. But later that summer I sold it and bought a 1958 MGA roadster.  I rebuilt the motor and painted it in my Dad's shop before I got drafted into the US Army in Jan. 1969.  July of 1969 I drove the MGA to Ft. Hood, Texas.  Within a month I was in a wreck so I bought a MGA carcass found on a farm, so I could salvage the good parts from my MG and make a running car.  I drove the MG back to California in Jan. 1970 and gave it to my stepbrother Dennis, because I was going overseas. He drove the car while going to Sac. State, where it was voted worst looking car on campus.  It had a few bullet holes from being in a field in Texas, and peeling red paint along with a few parts with my new maroon paint job.  Dennis wrecked it further and eventially dumped it.  I loved that car.  So I had to get another.  After restoring my 1964 Allstate Vespa, I have now found another project.  So watch my new Curtis Restoration section for the progress on my 1956 MGA barn find, as I capture the glory of those old sportscar days.


Jan. 1969, two days before I was drafted into the Army.Jan 13,1969 


 July 1969 - Driving my MGA to Ft. Hood, Texas

 1958 MGA in July 1969


My new 1956 MGA barn find

My 56 MGA at home



Have completed the restoration of my 1964 Allstate Vespa. Except for the addition of a few accessories, like a spare tire cover and rearview mirrors, it's ready to ride.  Reassembled the motor after waiting for a couple of wrong replacement parts.  And, the motor started on first kick.

First, two before photos, and then the restored photos

1964 Allstate Vespa barnfind

1964 Allstate Vespa before restoration

With the correct Allstate emblem

1964 Allstate

1964 Allstate Vespa 125 VNB

125 cc VNB 4 speed


I sold my beautiful original 1980 P200E Vespa owned for eleven years, so I could start restoration on my 1964 Allstate Vespa.

1980 P200E


1964 Allstate Vespa as I bought it in 2001.  A barn find last ridden in 1984.

1964 Allstate Vespa barn find

And after 6 hours, the Allstate is stripped.

1964 Allstate Vespa shell

Some of what I found in the barn find

Maybe a rats nest

After 18 months of work, we have completed our master suite remodel.  With Deborah's help I did every aspect of this project, except for constructing the roof trusses and lifting them to the second floor.


So we toast the completion as Deborah soaks in her new tub.

Taosting our completed remodel



 We are very proud to announce:
Date:    3/13/10
Time:      1:40 am 
Weight:          6 lbs. 10 ozs.
Length:     19 inches
Michelle & Brian are very excited & proud Parents!
Deborah & Garon are also very excited & proud Grandparents!
She's a real cutie!  Take a look!

Makena 029

Makena birth 020 (Small)

Introducing Rusty

Rusty, the newest member of the Curtis family was rescued through Animal Outreach of the Motherlode on Dec.21, 2009.  He is around 8 months old and adjusting well to his new home and fellow catmate, Kahlua.

Rusty 006

rusty 017


After shooting myself in the hand with the nail gun back in August (only one week delay), the exterior is finished, and the interior is now ready for drywall.





Starting a new second floor addition above the old garage space.  Watch the studio camera posts for inprogress pictures over the next several (or more) months.

New addition

Will be attending the Annual San Juan Scholarship Fundraiser Party. Check the event calendar for time and place and a chance to win my ceramic pot in the sholarship raffle.



Birthday # 61

Celebrated my birthday by seeing the movie,"Slumdog Millionaire" and having dinner at Udupi's-East Indian Cafe.

Taking selfportrait with my gift aluminum piece.

thanks 001

And now for my transformation

Thank you 1


Merry Christmas

Sunday, Dec. 21. Deborah and Nicole made cookies.  Mishelle was sick so she missed all the fun (mess).

Nicole and Deborah make cookies

Attended the SPCA 22nd Reigning Cats & Dogs Gala Saturday night, where my donated sculpture "Fat Puppy" was up for auction.  Pictured with "Fat Puppy" is  Deborah, Victor, Wendy, and little Pixie checking out the art.

Deborah, Victor, Wendy, and Pixie

Art Related

Completed the Ice Box Gallery, a non-profit art venue.  Now on display and selling art in the form of refrigerator magnets made by donating artists in a benefit for the Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter.  Hosted by Alpha Fired Arts July 31 - Sept 20.

The 1949 Admiral refrigerator before restoration 


Restored and on display at Alpha Fired Arts

icebox at alpha 003 (Small)

ice box large blue 

Will be showing my sculpted birdhouse March 31-April 11 at the Sacramento City College Kondos Gallery.  Opening reception is Thursday, April 3 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

My past birdhouses can be seen at the Kondos Gallery Wesite here: (2013 birdhouse photo at left of "Birdhouses 3" past exhibit listing) and here: photo 9 of 10 in the picture gallery for "Birdhouses 2" past exhibits.

My 2014 Birdhouse " Bird Artist No. 2". (Wood, metal, paint, 18" tall)

Birdhouse 005

Participated in the 3rd annual Ruth Rippon Alumni Show at Alpha Fired Arts. A photo of my Raku Figure Pot can be seen on Alpha Fired Arts Facebook page here:!/alpha.f.arts/photos/pb.124851197687498.-2207520000.1392925376./202414899931127/?type=3&theater


Two of my recent sandblasted glass vases. One for a gift and the other for a donation to the San Juan Scholarship raffle. 



Will be showing and selling my birdhouse at the 3rd Artist Birdhouses Fundraiser for the Kondos Gallery at Sac. City College from Nov.8-28. The opening reception is Wed. Nov. 7, from 5 to 7 pm.  See photo of my birdhouse on the events page for the Birdhouse 3 listing: 

Titled: No.2 Artist Bird Ln.

Wood, copper, paint


I will once again be showing my work at Alpha Fired Arts
(The large selfportrait head with pot on top in below photo)

Alpha Fired Arts 

Alpha Fired Arts Gallery is pleased to present ...

 Ruth Rippon Studio photo by Kurt Fishback


2nd Annual Ruth Rippon Alumni Show

"Pot Luck "

September 11- October 20, 2012


One of Sacramento's finest art treasures, sculptor and long time Sacramento State instructor , Ruth Rippon, along with her most gifted student Alumni, will again take the spotlight in an exhibit titled, "Pot Luck!" at Alpha Fired Arts Gallery.

The exhibition of works by notable Northern California potters and sculptors will run from September 11 through October 20, at the Alpha Fired Arts Gallery. 


 Artists featured:


Terry Accomando, Linnell Barnhart, Mary Cargile, Garon Curtis, Eric Dahlin, Linda Fitz Gibbon, Ray Gonzales, Fred Gordon, Dick Hotchkiss,
Lee Kavaljian, Dick Ketelle, Steve Klein, Tony Natsoulas, Larry Ortiz,
Ronald Peetz, Doug Ratliff, Joel Reber, Jack Schafer, Paul Stein,
Doris Solomon, Brian Tanner, Yoshio Taylor, Warren Tobey,
Peter VandenBerge, Rimas VisGirda, Ken Waterstreet, John Weber,
Doug Wylie, Gloria Woolley, and Don Yost


Gallery Hours:  Monday-Friday 10-6,  Saturday 10-4, Closed Sundays 

Please Join Us for a Reception for the Artists and Ruth Rippon 

Saturday, October 6, from 6-9 PM.

This show is part of "First Saturdays at Alpha", a monthly art event that includes artist receptions in the gallery, demonstrations by potters, Raku firings and more.


 Like Us on Facebook!


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Alpha Fired Arts | 4675 Aldona Lane | Sacramento | CA | 95841

Finished (see progress in the studio cam section) and installed an outdoor sculpture at Ron and Connie's pool, in trade for one of Ron Paulat's paintings.  Untitled, as I'm not sure what is really going on between the squirrel and the cat.  Something to do with the acorns?   Well, Connie has named them, Jim (the squirrel) and Bosco (the cat).

stu042212 1

On the fence

Close up, on the fence

Opening reception at the Kondos Gallery, Sacramento City College

 Birdhouses 002 (Small)

Birdhouses 009 (Small)

Birdhouses 011 (Small)


Birdhouses 014

Birdhouses 015 (Small)

Birdhouses 016 (Small)

Birdhouses 020

Birdhouses 021

Birdhouses 022

Birdhouse Art Show

I am participating in an exhibition Nov.10 thru Dec.8 of birdhouses created by California artists. See my gallery photo among the other artists:  I am photo #9 of 10.



My birdhouse for the exhibit: "I'm a bird, I'm a tree, I'm a birdhouse"



 Ruth Rippon was my instructor at CSUS in 1975 and 1976

Ruth Rippon

Ruth Rippon 1

Neon Sculptures

Completed my second neon piece from the open neon sign that I bought for $5 from the Del Paso Blvd. artist yardsale.

Using the blue neon outline, I first created "Moon Goddess" which is displayed in our stairwell gallery.

The red neon open letters have now been combined with classic Pop Art red lips (using the remaining red paint from my Vespa restoration) to create "Open Bite" now displayed in the entry gallery.


Moon Goddess

Blue neon, aluminum, steel, plastic

stair well gallery


Open Bite

red neon, aluminum, steel

Entry gallery

Phil Amrhein will be showing his recent paintings in Sacramento at Barry Sakata's Gallery. Opening July 5 thru July 30, 2011. The exhibition preview is July 7th. 6-8pm and the artist reception is Saturday july 9th 6-pm.

See Phil's art at:

and at the Axis Gallery website:


Phil Amrhein


at b. sakata garo

July 5 - July 30, 2011

During the month of July, b. sakata garo will be showcasing “untitled,” a new series of black non-objective paintings by Axis member Phil Amrhein.  These paintings explore the stark emptiness and beauty of the “void,” wherein mesh-like frameworks border black non-descript shapes, creating bold, one-of-a-kind blots, (vaguely reminiscent of the famous psychological Rorschach inkblot test) that open into one’s personal interpretation of the “void….” These image-less paintings create an aesthetic built around his unique vision, and represent an ongoing exploration of this rich conceptual territory.
b sakata garo  hours: Tuesday – Saturday,  Noon – 6pm
923 Twentieth Street
Sacramento, California 95811
Artist reception, second Saturday, July 9th, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Thursday night preview reception, July 7th, 6 - 8 PM


Our mailing address is:
Axis Gallery
1517 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Copyright (C) 2011 Axis Gallery All rights reserved.
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Saturday, June 25th. - attended the opening of Justin Amrhein's artwork in San Francsico. Justin lives and works in Brooklyn NY and is the son of Phil Amrhein.

To see images of his work and read the press release, click here: Justin Amrhein: Schema - Exhibition Page

Also see Justin's website:

Photos from the opening


Justin describes is artwork

Phil and Jeanette Amrhein

Back in Oct. 2010 we met with many of the retired San Juan art teachers for lunch in Loomis at the High Hand Restaurant and Gallery.   Here from the left are: Eric Dahlin, Ron Paulat, Garon Curtis, and Phil Amrhein.

Eric, Ron, Garon, Phil

Sculpture for Phil

Finished a piece for Phil's birthday present


Titled: You can't put another face on war. "Fuck War!"


etched glass,wood, painted screen

I am currently showing a ceramic and glass mask at the SMUD Gallery presented by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and Sacramento Municipal Utility District. August 2-September 30, 2010.  (Click here for Arts Commission website)

SMUD show (Small)

My sculpture at the SMUD Gallery

"Putting on, showing off"  ceramics and fused glass  12"x12"


I will be showing a ceramic mask at the 2010 Annual Mask Invitational Exhibit at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville. Oct. 16-Jan. 8, 2011.  (Click here for link to Roseville Arts)  Opening reception is Oct 16th 6:30-9pm.



My mask: ceramic and wood.  "So there, an inch to a foot" 



Lincoln Clayfest

May 1st. I spent the day with other clay people carving clay sewer pipes at the annual Lincoln Clayfest in conjunction with the Feats of Clay art exhibit at Gladding McBean.  See the review of the exhibit by Victoria Dalkey. Click, Sac Bee


My artist thumb and head in progress

My clayfest work in progress


John Lennertz sculpting a train from the sewer pipe clay

John Lennertz


Ron Peetz busy at work

Ron Peetz


Vicky Wallace covers her clay pipe tree sculpture

Vicky Wallace


Gary Dinnen sculpts his dog and monkey tree.  (Click here to see his artwork at Solomon Dubnik Gallery)

Gary Dinnen 


Here is some of the art and some of the people seen during the opening reception of the 2009 Mask Show at the Smud Gallery.

Mask Show 002

Ron Paulat, Ken Waterstreet, Eric Dahlin

Mask Show 004

Mask Show 009

Mask Show 007

Mask Show 010(1)

Mask Show 006

Mask Show 013

Mask Show 011

Mask Show 012

Mask Show 015


2009 Mask Exhibtion

Delivered to the Smud Gallery my ceramic and metal self-portrait mask titled, "Through the Eyes of Phil" . (Click here to see mask)

Mask 2009 (Large)


Lincoln Clayfest 09

Well, I didn't demonstrate this year during the 15th Annual Lincoln Clayfest at the Beerman Plaza in downtown Lincoln,Ca., due to my injured back, but I did attend and see some of the old clayfarts working in the rain. 

 clayfest 050209


This is my old student, Ryan Pierce, from San Juan's class of 2003, now the hot potter.

Ryan Pearce 050209

 That's me in the bottom left of the poster taken during last year's event.

clayfest poster (Large)

Friday, Oct.10th - Attended the SMUD reception for the 7th Annual Mask Exhibition.  See the events calendar for show information.

SMUD Gallery

Cindy Tanner, Brian Tanner, and Toby Covich

Penryn Art Gallery

Wed. Oct 15 visited the Penryn Art Gallery and ceramic studio of Rodney Mott.  Located off Hwy 80 in Penryn, Mott has established a site for workshops with wood fired kilns and gallery. Online at:

Rodney Mott and Ron Peetz

Jeannette Amrhein looks over the pots



SMUD Gallery

Delivered my mask (Eyes Wide Shut) to the SMUD Gallery for "Artistic License" The 7th Annual Mask Exhibition which runs Oct 3rd through Nov 14th.  Opening reception is Friday, Oct. 10th 5-7 pm.  See the events calendar.

Garon Curtis, Gary Dinnen, and Ron Paulat

Phil and I visited the Crocker Art Museum today to see the American Pop exhibit (Aug16-Nov2).  While I viewed the Warhol's, Phil scratched his butt.  Also, enjoyed seeing Arneson's "Diet Cola" (1965), and his "Blueprint for a Self Portrait" (1969).

Click here to see: Phil With Itch

American Pop at the Crocker thru Nov.2

For our anniversary (July 20th), Deborah and I went to San Francisco for a few days, and there, we saw the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the deYoung, and the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the SFMOMA. Both run thru Sept. 28.  Very crowded, but well worth the visit.  Chihuly's glass is definitely candy for the eyes.  I used to show a video of Chihuly's glass blowing to my students .

Click here to see: Deborah under glass

Dale Chihuly Glass

Garon Curtis