Information about GaSCar                

This has been prepared to help answer some of your questions about the GaSCar antique automobile club, how it is organized, and what we do.  We have also included additional items you will hopefully find of interest.           

GaSCar             The GaSCar antique automobile club is the local regional chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America.  The club was formed in 1973 with the goal of "increasing the enjoyment and appreciation of antique automobiles".  One of the strong points of this club is diversity.  Members' cars run the entire automotive spectrum from "Horseless Carrage" to "musclecars" so no matter which antique cars are your favorite, you will find others of similar interests in GaSCar.  As a GaSCarian, you and your family are eligible to join in club activities and entitled to all benefits of club membership.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet and share your automotive interests with other enthusiasts on a regular basis. 

Meetings            Regular club meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Fox Appliance Parts on 3503 Wrightsboro Road at 7:00 PM.  The first part of the meeting is the business portion and then usually there is a presentation, demonstration, or member participation.  The December meeting includes the annual club Holiday party and is usually held during the 1st week of December.  

Newsletter            GaSCar has a monthly club newsletter containing information of interest to club members.  It is published by our newsletter editor who makes a special effort to insure that all club events will be detailed in the newsletter.  Be sure to read your newsletter and make note of activities in which you can participate.  If you have information that you feel would be of interest to the club or want to put in an ad for a car or car parts, please contact the newsletter editor.

Events and Activities            The GaSCar antique automobile club is very active, regularly participating in shows, displays, parades, tours and other civic events.  Be sure to read your newsletter for updates on current club activities.  To help you plan, a list of some of the regularly scheduled club events is listed below. 

Club Officers            GaSCar officers consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Program Director, and Secretary.  Additionally, the club has a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors and officers are responsible for conducting the business of the club.  Officers and board members are elected to their respective offices for one-year periods.   

Nametags and Embroidery             Permanent nametags can be purchased from B&S Engraving, 3733 Washington Road for a modest cost.  (A temporary tag can be obtained by giving the necessary information to the Secretary.)  Shirts, hats, jackets, etc. can be purchased from Fast Signs, 2825 Washington Road with the GaSCar logo and you can choose your own colors.  Both businesses have the GaSCar logo on file.