The Project


(a. k. a. Fiddle Tunes I Can't Quite Recall)


So, what's "The Project" all about?  Well, a few years ago I met a fine fiddler at Clifftop named Pat St. Onge.  Pat was from up in Ontario and immediately drew my attention as he was the only person I found running around this Appalachian Festival who was playing Canadian-style fiddle --- real tough Ottawa Valley stuff and well.


Being a man "up in years" he was surprisingly never at a loss to think of something to play.  Meanwhile, at half his age, and having known and played hundreds of fiddle tunes, I couldn't think of a damn thing to play.  Pretty perplexing.  Then I learned his secret!


Whenever I saw Pat out his campsite wandering around the festival he always had on a set of small headphones and was listening to something on a little Walkman cassette player.  Turns out he had taped himself playing every tune he knew (and it must have been hundreds) and when he wasn't playing he was listening to those tapes and reminding himself of his own repertoire.  BRILLIANT!


Now I've set about to record every tune I know and place them on my I-Pod and here on this web page so that someday I'll be able to remember all the good tunes I've learned over the years and play them at the drop of a hat.  And I mean reel them off like I just got done practicing them before you walked up.


In order to accomplish this I'll continue to engage some of my best musical buddies, in the tradition of Tom Sawyer whitewashing that fence in Hannibal, to go on this musical journey.  So far I've had help from Doug Smith, Barb Kuhns, Joe Hinkebein, Mike Bing, Jimmy McCowan, and my lovely and talented wife, Patt Plunkett. 


Yours in Fiddlin',


Charlie Walden

17 September 2008



The Project - Volume 1

The Project - Volume 2 The Project - Volume 3
Acorn Hill Breakdown
Arkansas Traveler
Ball and Chain Hornpipe
Bill Cheatum w/ Mike & Joe
Bitter Creek
Boys Around the World
Casey's Hornpipe
Chinese Breakdown
Country Waltz
Crystal Stream Waltz
Darkness On The Delta
East Tennessee Blues
Fifty Year Ago Waltz
Foggy River
Forty Year Ago Waltz
Garfield's Hornpipe
Gold Rush
Good for the Tongue Hornpipe
Indian Killed A Woodcock
Jack Danielson's Reel
Jimmy In The Swamp
Junior's Waltz
Lost Indian
Miller's Reel
Mother's Reel
Oklahoma Redbird
Pacific Slope
Sally Goodin
Speed The Plough
Talk to Dinah
This and That Reel
Topeka Polka
Turkey in the Pea Patch
Virginia Darling
Along The Navajo Trail
Angus Campbell
Aunt Mary's Hornpipe
Bill Cheatum w/ Patt
Billy in the Low Ground
The Boston Boys with Mike Bing
Bradley's Hoedown
Chicken Reel
Coming Down From Denver
Crying Waltz
Dance Around Molly
Duncan's Reel
East Tennessee Blues w/ Mike Bing
Florida Blues
Forked Deer
Fourteen Days in Georgia
Gold Rush with Mike Bing
Grand Picnic
Irish Reel
Jake's Best Reel
Johnny Don't Come Home Drunk
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Life in the Finnsh Woods (Cattle Call)
Martha Campbell
Monroe's Hornpipe
Old Countryman's Reel
Pocketful of Dreams
Red Fox Waltz
Salty River Reel
Sugar In The Gourd
Tennessee Rag
Too Young To Marry
Trip To Windsor
Turkey Knob
Whiskey Before Breakfast