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Hello, my name is Rich Geffert and I have been hunting the whitetail deer in Northeastern Pennsylvania, PA ,for the past 28 years. I have been archery hunting for the past 14 seasons. (I regret I didn't start sooner !) I also love the rifle hunting season !. I love hunting all species of game available to me such as Turkey, Squirrel, Rabbit, Pheasant, Grouse and especially hunting the Whitetail Deer. I believe in the rules of fair chase, a clean kill and limiting my "bag" limit to only what I can use ! You can check out my shot placement section. We, as hunters should stick together to keep the SPORT we love "alive and well". Recently, here in PA we are in the midst of a problem with our whitetail deer herd. There are too many whitetail deer according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. I feel that the PA Game Commission is being influenced by outside sources, mainly the PA DCNR, and by the almighty dollar, to greatly reduce the number of whitetail deer in our forests. If we, as hunters, continue to kill off the whitetail deer, we will have no whitetail deer to hunt. Well, that's enough about me and my views. 

Please enjoy the hunting related information I have put together.  It has information about identifying hoof measurements, food deer eat, calling deer, hunting methods, trailing wounded deer, field dressing, aging your deer and more!  Please visit all my pages and links on the left, especially the outdoor photos page and the hunting tips page (they will be updated often). There is also an interesting article about how deer view their world. Please take time to fill out my survey you can. Let me know what you think and make suggestions in the deer forum. ENJOY !!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Good Hunting ! Be Safe out there!

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Whitetail Deer and Hunting - Importance for Humans

Whitetail Deer often destroy vegetable gardens, fruit trees and crops. If their numbers become too high, the whitetail deer cause serious problems to forest plants. Deer are often involved in accidents with cars that result in serious injuries and deaths of humans. The positive use of the Whitetail Deer is that it is hunted for meat and sport. Deer meat is considered to be a delicacy. Deer hunting attracts many tourists and money to areas rich in Whitetail Deer. The Native Americans use the deer hides to make clothes. Whitetail Deer antlers and heads are widely used for decorating homes. Some whitetail deer body parts are used in traditional medicine.

REMEMBER!   Think SAFETY above all else when whitetail deer hunting!

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