The Search for Pvt. Frederick W. Goempel

Status:  Missing in Action:  Feb. 9, 1945

Location:  Crossing the Sauer River from Luxembourg into Germany

GPS Coordinates:  N49° 49’ 36.7 E 006° 23’ 40.7

The Search for Pvt. Frederick W. Goempel

On Feb.9, 1945, Private Frederick W. Goempel, 33 925 395, was listed Missing In Action while crossing the Sauer River with Company F, 11th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division.  His current status is FOD*:  Feb. 10, 1946. 

In 2001, I began searching for information, on behalf of my mother-in-law, who is a younger sister to Fred.  I literally began with nothing but her memories.  Any clues or paperwork that may have existed at one time were lost forever due to a family tragedy. 

I am not a historian, but I do have strong research abilities and a persistent nature, both of which kept me focused on finding an answer that would satisfy not only my mother-in-law, but myself as well.  This was far more a challenge than I had ever anticipated. Every piece of information uncovered resulted in more questions.

These webpages present my personal effort and strategy in conducting a search for a Missing WWII soldier.  Information will take you back in time to February 1945, where you can read the mayhem that resulted when the 5th Infantry Division was ordered to cross the Sauer River from Luxembourg into Germany.

The crossing was significant in turning the tide of the European Theater because it initiated the final invasion into Germany.  Frederick Goempel, only 18 years of age, was just one of the countless casualties that would never return home from this battle.

These pages reflect 10 years of work on my part.  Although I can present a scenario that will explain the circumstances surrounding Pvt. Goempel’s disappearance, ten years later, I am still plagued with the question, “What ever happened to Private Frederick W. Goempel”?

I encourage you to scroll through the pages and delve into the documentation.  Feel free to contact me regarding any positive feedback that you may have.

*FOD is short for the military term Finding of Death.  It is used to determine a status of death when there are no eye witnesses to confirm the death.   The date given is one year and a day after the actual MIA date.


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The American Battlefield Monument Commission supplied information unknown to the family.

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The family had never been informed that

Pvt. Goempel was memorialized in this cemetery.

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