Chicago Cemeteries in 1900

Arlington- Lake and Arlington

Bethania - 79th and Archer

Bnai Abraham- half mile south of Waldheim

Bnai Shalom Temple Israel- North Clark and Graceland

Bohemian National- North 40th avenue and Foster

Brith Abraham Cemetery- 12 th. and 16th

Calvery- Evanston

Cemetery Chicago Hebrew Congregation - At Rosehill

Chebra Gemilath Chasadin Ubiku Cholim- N Clark and Graceland

Chebra Radisha- North Clark and south Graceland

Concordia- DesPlaines River and South Madison

Congregation Chave Sholom Mirampol- At Oak Woods

Congregation Ohave Amung and Beth Hamedrash Hoehddash- at Waldheim

Crown Hill- 14 miles west of city hall on Aurora, Elgin And Joliet RY

Elm Lawn- West Lake and Melrose

Elmwood- Grand Ave, NW corner of Beach Ave

Evergreen - 87th and Kedzie

Forest Home- Desplaines Ave, NW cor, west 12th

Free Sons of Israel- Desplanes and 18th

German Lutheran - 3963 North Clark

Graceland- North Clark and Graceland

Hebrew Benevolent Society- North Clark and Graceland

Montrose- North 40th and Bryn Mawr

Moses Monteflore- at Waldheim

Mount Auburn- Oak Park nr Ogden

Mount Carmel- Hillside

Mount Greenwood- 111th and Grand Trunk R.R

Mount Homewood- Homewood

Mount Hope- 115th Grand Trunk R.R.

Mount Maariv- N64th Ave and Irving Park Road

Mount Olive- 64th Ave nr Irving Park Road

Norwood Park- Sandford and Higgins Road

Oak Hill- 119th Kedzie

Oakridge- 12th and Oakridge

Oak Woods- 67th Greenwood

Oestreich ungarigcher Kranken- Unterstutzungs-Verein- At Waldheim

Ridgeland- 40th Peterson

Rosehill- Milwaukee Drive and C&N.W. Railroad

Sinai congregation- at Rosehill

Society of Benevolence and Relief of Sick - N Clark & Graceland

St. Boniface(German Catholic) N Clark and Lawrence

St. Henry- Devon SW Corner of Ridge

St. Joseph- River Grove

St Lukas- 5232 N 40th

St. Maria (German Catholic)-89th Grand Trunk R. R.

Union Ridge- Sandford Ave and Claredon

Waldheim- 3 miles west of city limits

Zion Congregation- at Rosehill

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