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1913 Chicago Record Herald Chicago's Foreign Colonies

1913 Ward Map And Ethnic Groups

1913 Ward Boundaries And Ethnic Groups


This map shows the heavy population of Major Ethnic Groups in each ward. Reporter could find no cluster for England Scotland or Wales. The article referred to each ethnic group as a race. You will find British and German in all wards and also the Scots and the Wales. In 1913 Chicago was considered the second German City in the world. The Irish capital was not in Ireland, but here in Chicago. Next to Stockholm, Chicago is the Metropolis of Sweden. First Copenhagen then Chicago; Christiania then Chicago, Prague then Chicago. Outside of Greece and Turkey, Chicago is the place you will find the most Greeks. Chicago is the Polish Capital. Next to New York, Chicago is the Jewish Metropolis. Wards 3, 6, 7, contain a little bit of every race as in unmarked areas in the other wards.

Map Key:

A - Armenian, BE - Belgium, BOH - Bohemian, BUL - Bulgarian, CH - Chinese, CRO - Croatian, DAL - Dalmatian, D - Danish,

F - Finns, FR- French, GER - German, GR - Greek, HOL - Hollander, HUN - Hungarian, IR - Irish, ITA - Italian, JAP Japanese,

JE - Jews, LI - Lithuanian, M - Magyars, NOR - Norwegian, PER - Persian, POL - Polish, R - Romanian, RUTH - Ruthenian,

RUSS -Russian, SL - Slavs, SLOV - Slovakian, SWE - Swedish, SER - Serbian, T - Turkish

Ward 1

Croatian, Chinese, Italian, Serbian, Turkish

Chicago river, Lake Michigan, 31st street, South Park, 25th street, State street, Indiana avenue, 25th street, Michigan avenue, 31st street, Wentworth, 30th street, 5th avenue, 25th place, Princeton, 25th street, Wallace, and south end of river

Ward 2

Southeast Corner- Japanese

33rd street, 5th avenue, 30th street, Wentworth, 31st street, 25th street, Michigan avenue, 25th street, Indiana avenue, 25th street, Michigan avenue, 25th street, Indiana avenue, 25th street, South Park, 31st street, Lake Michigan, 38th street, cottage Grove, 39th street, and Stewart avenue.

Ward 3

All Ethnic Groups

39th street, St. Lawrence, 38th street, Lake Michigan, 47th street, South Park avenue, 49th street, State, 43rd street, state, 43rd street, Princeton, and Cottage Grove.

Ward 4

Italian, Lithuanian, Polish

Polish, South end of river, Wallace, 25th street, Princeton, 28th street, 5th avenue, 33rd street, Wallace, 35th street, Union street, 34th street, Halsted street, 34th place south end of river.

Ward 5

German, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian, Ruthenian, Slavs

39th street, Illinois canal, south end of river, 34th place, Halsted, 34th street, Union, 35th street, Wallace, 33rd street, Stewart, 39th street, Princeton, 43rd street, Ashland, 45th street, Cicero.

Ward 6

All Ethnic Groups

49th street, St. Lawrence, 47th street, Lake Michigan, 60th street, South Park, 63rd street, and State Street

Ward 7

All Ethnic Groups

63rd street, South Park, 60th street, Lake Michigan, 73rd street, Stony Island, 75th street, State, Stewart, 66th street, Harvard, 67th street, Wentworth, and 71st street.

Ward 8

Bulgarian, Croatian, Dalmatian, Hungarian, Magyars, Polish, Slovakian, Slavs, Serbian, Swedes,

73rd street, Lake Michigan, State Line 138th street.

Ward 9

Swedes, Hollander

75th street, Stony Island, Lake Calumet, Stony Island, 138th street, Indiana, Illinois/Central, Halsted, 123rd street, Ashland, Lyon, Vincennes, 115th street, Peoria, 111th street, Halsted, 103rd street, Stewart, 84th street, Wallace, 79th street, and State.

Ward 10

Bohemians, Croatian, Jews

Taylor street, Loomis, 12th street, Center, 16 street, Morgan, 18th street, south end of river, Ashland, 16th street, and Wood street.

Ward 11

Bohemian, Croatian, Jews

12th street, Ashland, south end of river, Illinois canal.

Ward 12

Jews, Bohemian

12th street, Illinois canal, Central Park, 24th street, Clifton Park, Ogden, Homan, 19th street, and Kedzie

Ward 13


Washington, Madison, Oakley, 12th street and Crawford

Ward 14

Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian

Chicago, Ashland, Washington and Crawford

Ward 15

German, Jews, Norwegian, Polish

North, Robey, Division, Ashland, Chicago, and St. Louis

Ward 16

Jews, Polish, Russian

North end of river, Division, Robey, and Fullerton

Ward 17

Armenian, Italians, Jews, Polish, Turkish

Division, north end of river, Kinzie, and Ashland

Ward 18

Bulgarian, Jews

Kedzie, river, Van Buren, Ashland, Taylor, Oakley, Washington, and Hermitage

Ward 19

Belgium, French, Greek, Italian, Irish, Jews

Van Buren, south end of river, Bunker, Jefferson, Desplaines, Taylor, Halsted, 12th street, Loomis, Taylor, and Hermitage

Ward 20

Jews, Russian

12th street, Halsted, Taylor, DesPlaines, Jefferson, bunker, south end of river, Morgan, 16th street, Morgan, 16th street, and Center.

Ward 21

Persian, Slavs, Turkish

Fullerton, Lake Michigan, Chicago River, Orleans, Division, Sedgewick, and Clark

Ward 22

Maygars, Italian, Romanian

Clybourn place, Center, Menomonee street Sedgewick, Division, Orleans, Chicago River, and north of river

Ward 23


Cornelia street, Lake Michigan, Fullerton Avenue, Clark street, Sedgewick, Menomonee street, Larrabee street Center street, Sheffield Avenue, Fullerton Avenue, Racine, Roscoe and Southport

Ward 24


Belmont, Western, Roscoe, Racine, Clybourn Place, and north end of river, Fullerton, Sheffield, Center, Racine, Clybourne, north end of river, Belmont.

Ward 25

Finns, Danish

Howard, Rogers, Lake Michigan, Cornelia, Clark, Devon, Ridge, and Southport

Ward 26

German, Swedes, Romanian

Howard, Ridge, Devon, Clark, Roscoe, Western, Belmont, north end of river, Devon, north shore Channel, Kedzie, and Southport

Ward 27

German, Norwegian, Polish, Swedes

Park Ridge, 72nd Avenue, Hamilton, Fulton, Hamilton, Fulton, Devon, north end of river, Belmont, Francisco, Diversey, Central Park Avenue, Fullerton, Crawford, Belmont, Harlem, Irving Park, 60th Avenue, Bryn Mawr, north channel, Everell, Winter, Devon and Highland

Ward 28

German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian

Belmont, north end of river, Robey, Francisco, North avenue, Sacramento, Diversey, Kedzie, Fullerton, and Sacramento

Ward 29

Bohemians, Croatian, Dalmatian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ruthenian

45th street, Ashland, 43rd Street, Center, 47th street, Loomis, Garfield, Wood, 65th street, Loomis, 71st street, Robey, 69th street, and Cicero

Ward 30

Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Slavs

43rd street, State street, Garfield, Loomis, 47th street, and Center Avenue

Ward 31

Croatians, Dalmatian, Irish, Swedes

Garfield, State, 63rd street, Loomis, 66th street, Wood

Ward 32


69th street, Robey, 71st street, Loomis, 63rd street, State street, 79th street, Wallace, 84th street, Stewart, 103rd street, Halsted, 107th street Center, 111th street, Morgan, 115th street, Vincennes, Wentworth, 67th street, Harvard avenue, 66th street, Lyon, Western, 115th street, Ogden, 99th street, Western, 87th street, and 49th Avenue

Ward 33

Swedes, Norwegians

Belmont, Crawford, Fullerton, Diversey, Sacramento, Armitage, Crawford, Central Park, North, 46th avenue, Kinzie, 52nd avenue, Madison, Austin, North, and Harlem.

Ward 34

Bohemians, Jews

12th street, Kedzie avenue, 19th street, Homan, Ogden, Clifton Park, 24th street, Central Park, Illinois canal, 39th street, and Kenton.

Ward 35

Danish, Finns, Irish, Norwegians

Madison street, 52nd avenue, Kedzie street, 46th avenue, North, 40th avenue, Armitage, Sacramento, North, St. Louis, Chicago, 40th Avenue, 12th street, and Austin.

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