The Descendants of Thomas Carr and Christina J. Peterson

The Carr Family Wolverhampton, England

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Thomas Carr was born in England sometime between 1860-1863 according to all documents, with the exception of his death certificate which indicates his birth was in the US between 1867-1868.  Many people lied about there age for employment.  This may be the reason that his age was listed as 35.  The nativity was US.  If he was naturalized this would explain the US nativity. The picture above belonged to James Carr and it had Carr Family written on the back.  Christina was born on April 19, 1859-60 in Smaland, Sweden.  Thomas Carr and Christina Peterson were married in Chicago, IL in 1891.   They were married after her birthday.  The marriage certificate lists her age as 30 and Thomas's age as 29. They had two children, James who was born at 196 Ashland Blvd., the home of W.A. Pinkerton, head of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Thomas was the family Coachman. Thomas's age was listed as 30 and Christina's as 31. Their daughter Edith was born  at 1933 Michigan Ave., the home of Henry Dibblee, Real Estate Broker.  Thomas was the family Coachman. Thomas's age was listed as 33 and Christina's age was listed as 34.  Thomas died on February 9, 1903 and his age was  listed as 35 and his nativity was listed as US.  The 1910, and 1920 Census lists James and Edith's father born in England.  Their birth and death certificates list him as born in England.  According to family  stories Thomas's family at one time was originally from Northern Ireland.  The family was suppose to have been kicked out of Northern Ireland  for bootlegging and sent to England. Thomas is buried in Oakwood's Cemetery, Chicago, IL.

Christina Peterson Carr

Christina J.Peterson was born in Smaland, Sweden according to her death certificate.  She died  May 27, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois.  In 1910 Lena, Emma, and Gertrude Johnson were living with her. Emma and Gertrude were twins. The only Johnson sister who married was Emma and she married a Harry Schofield.  They had a daughter named Helen Beatrice who was born in 1913.  James Carr and Edith Carr were her Godparents . In 1920 Frank and Nan Peterson were living with the family.


James Carr married Pauline Meissner  Edith Carr married Melvin Londahl


Pauline died in 1928 and James married Erika Eugenia Eriksson . Erika was born in Alvkkarleby, Sweden.

On the 1910 Census the Schofield Sister were living with Christina Carr and Family. 

Gertrude Johnson , Erika Carr, Emma Johnson Schofield

Gertrude died in March of 1967 and Emma Johnson Schofield died on May 22, 1965.  They are both buried in Chapel Hill Gardens South in Worth, IL.  Emma's daughter Helen Burgess is the owner of the graves.   Gertrude and Emma were born on November 23, 1883 in Sweden.  Father's name - John Bjorson.  Mother's name - Anna Britta.


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