Der Kreis Wirsitz


Waloch's from Wirsitz area and West Prussia and connected families

The occupation of the earliest Waloch's found were tailors. We have puzzles to solve concerning some of these Waloch's. Andreas Waloch/Andreas Krawczyk. On some of the church records, Simon Waloch and other Waloch's in the records are listed under the name Wachholz.  More information which is being updated is now password protected

Michael Waloch born circa 1701 and died 12 May 1774 age 73 in Tlukom. Wife Dorothea She was born circa 1712 died  25 March 1782, age 70 in Tlukom.

Catherine Waloch and Grzegorz Erdmann: death of daughter Agnes Erdman on 9 Oct 1751 in Czaycze.

Andreas Waloch and Marianna: 1.Marianna Waloch born in  Tlukom, Gromaden Parish 3 June 1752. Godparents: Martin Waloch  and Regina Krawioni 27 April 1758 Czaycze. Marianna Waloch died on this date. Parents: Andrea Waloch and Regina Komorszezonka. No death record of Marianna wife of Andreas Waloch  

The following Children were listed as being born to Andreas Krawczyk and Regina Komorszezonka: Children: 1. Laurentius Krawczyk baptized on 4, Aug 1754 in Tlukom. Godparents: Franciscus Kolodzi and Catherine Krawczyk. 2. Szymon Krawczyk  baptized 10 Oct 1757 in Czaycze. Godparents: Adalbertus Waloch and Eva Komorzczonka of Tlukom. 3.Roch Krawczyk baptized 23 Aug 1761 in Czaycze. Godparents: Petrus Jankowski of Tlukom and Catharina Ratajowa of Czaycze. 4. Marcin Krawczyk  baptized 16 Oct 1763 in Czaycze. Parish Godparents: Jacob Stackowiak and Zophia Lure nee Komorszczonka. Marcin Waloch died on 10 March 1769 in Czaycze. Parents: Andreas Waloch-Tailor and Regina Komocszezonka. 5. John Krawczyk baptized 31 May 1767 in Czaycze. Godparents: Laurence Wask, Sophia Lura Komorszczonka.  No death record for Andreas Krawczyk.                                      

No Marriage Record of a Regina Komer to an Andreas Krawczyk or Andreas Waloch.  Also Krawczyk means tailor.

Regina Waloch wife of Andreas Waloch died 20 July 1801 in Czaycze. Andreas Waloch widow died 18 April 1805 age 80.

Regina was listed as a godparent in Craycze on these records:

1.Adalbertus Krawczyk who was married to Marianna Orzonka  baptism of daughter Marianna 10 Feb 1765. Godparents:John Lura and Reginas Krawzonka Waloczonka of Czaycze. 

2.Martin Bachnik and Eva Borucionka baptism of daughter Catherina  4 November 1766 in Czaycze. Godparents: Adalbertus Waloch of Tlukom and Regina Waloch nee Komorszonka.    

All of the above children of Andreas and Regina were listed as Waloch in Church Records after births   Laurentius Waloch, Szymon Waloch, Roch Waloch, Marcin Waloch, John Waloch.    

Martin Waloch and Eva Chart  
Martin Waloch and Eva Chart or Hart were married 27January 1753 in Tlukom, Gromaden Parish. Sponsors: Joannes Kotadzi and Francicus Kotadzi

    Children of Martin Waloch and Eva Chart :(Known Children)1. Piotor Waloch was baptized 11 February 1754 in Tlukom. Godparents: Joseph Lutomski, Eva Zalunska He died on 7 September 1755.  2. Katarzyna Waloch baptized  28 October 28 1755 in Tlukom. Godparents: Joseph Erdman,Catherina Erdman. Catherina died 16 May 1756 in Tlukom  3. Jozef Waloch was born 13 March 1757 in Tlukom. Godparents: Adalbertus Wypchat, Regina  4. Valentin Waloch was baptized 17 February 1760 in Tlukom. Godparents: Adalbert Lakinjkie, Eva Petronelle  5. Jakub Waloch was baptized 3 March 1762 in Tlukom Godparents: Michael Chart, Marianna Tabaczonka. 6. Mathias Waloch died 4 June 1767. 7. Marianna Waloch born 1771 and died 12 Oct 1778 in Tlukom.

Martin Waloch died on 3 July 1791 age 60. and Eva Chart died on 2 November 1790 age 66     

Martin Waloch's Great Grandson Simon Waloch was married after his parents died.   His first marriage was under the name of Wachholz alias Walloch.  His second marriage was under the name of Thomas Waccholz.  The name was placed on his brother John's marriage and on others.  Simon eventually went back to using the name Waloch

Jacob Waloch died 23 June 1755 in Tlukom

Goeyoni/Joannes Waloch and Catherine  Child: Martin Waloch born 11 Nov 1756 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Joseph Erdmann, Eva Waloch

Jacob Kedziora and Anna Waloch married 4 Nov 1759 in Tlukom.  Sponsors: Laurentius Strzezwicz, John Czycz.

Valentine Walek/Waloch and Agnes.  Children: 1. Marianna baptized 15 July 1759 in Tlukom. Sponsors: John Tabaszke, Eva Blasz. 2. Regina Waloch born 30 Aug 1760. Sponsors: Laurentius Strtyz, Constance Tabasz.

Regina Waloch and Joseph Erdman were married 11 Nov 1759 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Paul Chart, Gregino Ertman.  Children: 1. Magdalena Ertmann baptized 17 August 1761 in Tlukom. Godparents: Michael Maieskie, Barbara Pacholzonka     Magdalena died 23 June 1767 age 5 in Tlukom  2. Marianna Waloch baptized 18 April 1775 in Tlukom. Godparents: Simon Hertman and Eva Hertmann nee Zyne

Nicholas Waloch and Eva O?szewska Children:1. Paulus Waloch died 28 Nov 1773 son of Nicholas Waloch Tailor 2. Andreas born 20 Nov 1773 in Tlukom son of Nicholas Krawczyk and Eva O?szewska. Godparents: Adalbertus Krawczyk and Hedwig H?rtmann. Andreas Waloch died on 1778 May in Tlukom age 5 son of Nicholas Waloch Tailor

Martin Waloch and Hedwig Kedziszonka Child: Marianna Waloch died 20 Feb 1779 in Czaycze

Hedwig Waloch and Valentine Hasz: Valentine Hasz died 21 June 1805 in Tlukom age 61. Hedwig Hasz nee Waloch died 12 September 1826 age 96 in Tlukom

Children : 1.Blazius Hasz 2.Catherine Hasz 3.Stanislaus Hasz who married Magdalena Mastkowna their son was Joseph Hasz/Hausz  3 Valentinus Hasz

Adalbertus Waloch and Sophia Chrzy: Adalbertus Waloch died 6 Jan 1800 in Tlukom age 60. Sophia Waloch nee Chrzy died 25 Jan 1829 in Tlukom age 90.

Children: 1. Eva Waloch 2. Martin Waloch 3. Catherine Waloch 4.Regina Waloch  5.Simon Waloch 6.Anna Waloch 7. Adalbertus Waloch 8.Marianna Waloch

Paul Waloch and Sophia Bederzyk. 1. Eva Waloch baptized 21 Dec 1774 in Tlukom. Eva died 2 March 1783 in Tlukom  2. Regina Waloch baptized on 4 March 1777. 3.Roch Waloch baptized 15 Aug 1784 in Czaycze.

Joseph Waloch and Barbara Oswrotowna: Marianna Waloch baptized 22 July 1765 in Czaycze. Godparents: Laurentius Welna of Czaycze and Eva Waloch nee Hart of Tlukom. Marianna Waloch died 1 June 1767 in Czaycze. Parents: Joseph Waloch and Barbara Adamszconka

Martin Waloch and Regina Kleczkowna.  Children: 1.Marianna Waloch born 1767 in Crajcze. She died 7 March 1774 in Czaycze. 2. Michael Waloch born 16 Feb 1773 in Czaycze. He married Marianna Erdman 3. Casmir Felix Waloch born 27 Feb 1781 in Crajcze. 4. Regina Waloch born 31 Jan 1777 in Crajcze She married  Simon Erdmann

 Martin died 6 Jan 1799 in Czaycze. Regina died 26 Jan 1800 in Czaycze.

John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski. They were married 24 Nov 1796 in Tlukom.  Children: 1.John Waloch who married Marianna Arenday. His second wife was Magdalena Waloch. 3.Catherine Waloch who married Stanislaus Smolarz 3.Anna Waloch 4. Simon Waloch. 5.Agnes Waloch who married Valentine Kunek 6. Adalbertus Waloch

Eva Waloch and Simon Beuk were married 16 Oct 1791 in Tlukom. Simon age 30 and Eva age 20  Children: 1. Agnes Waloch baptized 17 Dec 1792 in Tlukom.

Regina Waloch and Paul Michalek married 16 Jan 1791 in Tlukom Paul age 50 widow and Regina age 26.   Children:1. Eva baptized 6 Nov 1791 in Tlukom.   

Michael Bekalt and Marianna Waloczowna
1779 August 1 IN Grabowo Baptism of  Eva  Godparents: Christopher Radac and Christina Waloch.

Nicholas Waloch and Anna Dzuibek

Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch born abt 1776 at Crajcze, Wirsitz, Posen. On 10 Nov 1797 he married Anna Dzuibek at Bialosliwie in the parish of Krostkowo,Wirsitz, Witnesses: Walenty Jesionowski and Daniel Pyszka of Bialosliwie. Anna born 5 July 1779 at Bialosliwie to Thomas and Marianna nee Teszka Dzuibek. Nicolaus Waloch  died in Debowka on 8 Mar 1843 age 77 in  Debowke  This would make his birth year 1766, but the age may have been recorded incorrectly. His wife Anna Dzuibek was named on record.

Generation 2  Jacob Waloch  and Agnes Bratkowski

Generation 4   Anna Waloch and   Anton Borzyczkowski  

Franciscus Michalek and Antonina Waloch, Children:1.Archoriaius Michalek 5 Jan.1860 2.Maryanna Michalek 25 Oct. 1861   3.Francisek Michalek 25 Nov.1862   4.Kathryn Michalek: 13 Nov.1863   5.Waleryn Michalek 12 Feb.1866
 Joseph Waloch
and Rosalie Depiek(Depczyk), Children: 1.Anna Waloch: 6 Nov. 1870  2.Marianne Waloch 30  Nov.1873  Marianne died 25 Mar.1874 3.Francisca Waloch 4 Jan.1875

Marza Waloch age 36  December 24, 1830- Osiek

Christopher Reinke and Eva Waloch: Children: 1. Eva Reinke  May 1932 2.Christopher Reinke was baptized on March 28, 1835 3. Rosalie Reinke  abt. 1936 4. Justina Reinke 1837  4. Joseph Reinke  1838 5. Anna Reinke 18 July 1841 Anna died on 27 Dec 1842  6.Ludovius August Reinke born 19 Aug 1843

    Child #2 of Christopher Reinke and Eva Waloch: Christopher Reink married Anna Benas on 29 Sept 1859.

    Child # 6 Ludovicus Reinke married Anna Zielinski on Sep 28, 1853

Michael Szkayda and Marianna Waloch married in  Crajcze on 15 Oct 1809 Children:  1.John SzkaydaJohn Szkayda married Magdalena Zielinski on 12 Nov 1842.  Magdalena was the daughter of John Zielinski and Catharine Lutkowo. 2. Catharine Szkayda born 23 Nov 1823    Catharine Szkayda  - 27 married  Stanislaus Grzesk -31 on 14 March 1850  Stanislaus was the son of Martin Grzesk and Dorothy Kazmerak

Adalbert Waloch and Anna Debinska married circa 1815.  Child #1 Adalbert Waloch married Dorthea Warman daughter of Casmir Warman and Catherine Bembenek 24 May 1842

Michael Pluziak and Eva Waloch. Children: 1. Rosalia Pluziak baptized 12 April 1848 2 .Jacob Pluziak born circa 1851  3. Wilhelmina Pluziak born circa 1860  4.Paulina born 19 June 1865 . 

August Waloch and Caroline Grun. Children 1. Paulina Waloch baptized 21 Feb 1856. 2. Augustus Waloch baptized 3 Sept. 1858. 4. Andreas Waloch baptized 9 May 1861 in Poburka.  5. Justine Waloch baptized 20 July 1863  

Geogius Waloch and Dorthea Warman: Children: 1. Augustus Waloch baptized 24 Aug 1842

Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski    He married Marianna Kowalski  on 18 Nov 1832

Children of Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski : 1.MIchael Waloch born. 25 September 1833. 2. Antonina Waloch born 7 Aug 1836 3. Marianna Waloch born abt 1839  4. Francisca Waloch born April 28, 1841 5. Rosalia Waloch born 3 Jan 1844 6.Anastasia Waloch born 16 Mar 1848
Child #1 of Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski : 1.MIchael Waloch born. 25 September 1833.  He married  Rosalia Szafranek  on18 Nov 1855 Michael Waloch age 23 and Rosalia Szafranek age 20, Parents: Jacob and Marianna Waloch. Adalbert and Anna Szafranek.

               Children of :Michael Waloch and Rosalia Szafranek:1. Marta Waloch born 1 Oct 1875, 2 Marianna Waloch born 14 Oct 1858

Simon Waloch married Marianne Gaske. Simon died November 25, 1839

              Children of Simon Waloch and Marianne Gaske : 1.Marianne Waloch born 6 Sept. 1833   Marianne died on 5 Nov. 1839   2.John Waloch born 16 June 1835 . John died 25 Nov.1839. 3. Brigitta Waloch born 30 Sept. 1837.  4. Franciscus Waloch born 11 Oct.1839

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