Adalbertus Kubal and Anna Hoppe 

Known Children of Adalbertus Kubal and Joanne Hoppe: 1. Marianna Kubal who married John Waloch son of Antonius Waloch and Hedwig Gabinski

     Known Children:

      Paul Kubal born 1815 died 1816

      Marianna Kubal married to Paul Placzek and John Waloch son of John Waloch and Marianna Kubal

     Gertrude Kubal married  Stanislaus Suida. Known Children: Anton Suida 1842 Wirsitz, Joseph Suida 1849 Wirsitz

     Joseph Kubal  married Josepha Kloska 

     Jacob Kubal born July 10,1826

     Child #2 of Adalbert Kubal and Anna Hopponowo: Marianna Kubal married to Paul Placzek and John Waloch son of John Waloch and Marianna Kubal

     Child #2 of Adalbert Kubal and Anna Hopponowo: Joseph Kubal born circa 1823. 

    Joseph Kubal and Josepha Kloska

 Joseph Kubal-24 married JosephaKloska/Kluskowna. age 24.  Joseph son of Adalbertus Kubal and Joanne Hoppowa of Wyrzysk. married on 20 Jan 1850. Sponsors: Franciscus Belinski and Paulis Jaskulski.  Joseph married Josepha the same day that his sister  Marianne married John Waloch and  They both had the same sponsors.

            Children of Joseph Kubal and Josepha Kloska/Kluskowna: 1. Franciscus Kubal  baptized 30 Jan 1851 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz. Franciscus died on 16 Nov 1852 -1Yr 10 Months.  2. Antonius Kubal baptized on 7Jan 1853 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz. Antonius died on 19 Jan,1853 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz.  3. Jacobus Kubal  baptized on 28 April  1854-Wyrzysk/Wirsitz.  4. Marianne Kubal baptized on 16 Nov 1856. Marianne was not on ship going to America. Could not find a death date.  5. Joseph Kubal  baptized on  29 Nov 1858 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz. Joseph died on  29 December 1859 age 1Yr, 1 Month in Wirsitz/Wryzysk.  6.Vincentius Kubal was 22 Jan, 1861 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz. 7.Francisca Kubal baptized  18 Jan 1864 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz.  Francisca Kubal died on 26 Aug 1866 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz -age 2 1/2.  8.Paulina Kubal was baptized on 9 Feb 1867 in Wirsitz/Wyrzysk.

Joseph Kubal and Family came to America:in 1872. Joseph Kubal-49 - Bromberg(Prussia) to New York, Josepha Kubal - 49, Jacob Kubal -17, Vincent Kubal - 7, Pauline Kubal - 4. Next to Joseph on the Ship: Peter Mulka  who went to Pittsburgh, PA and Family and John Bury who also settled in Milwaukee, WI

In 1880 the family was living in Titusville, PA.

Sometime after 1880 the family moved to Milwaukee, WI

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