The Meissner and Barth Families


Christian Meissner was born on March 28, 1824?? in Ditfurt,Saxony, Germany.  His wife Johanna nee Barth/Bart Meissner was born in 1821.  They arrived on the SS Holstia (indirect route from Hamburg) at the Port of New York in the US on December 26, 1873 with their 3 children:  Caroline Sophia  Meissner, born November 30,1854, Frederick  Meissner, born March, 8, 1857,( Frederick changed his first name after he divorced his first wife) and  Johanna, born February 5, 1861. 

Christ Meissner

Johanna, Caroline, Fred

Taken in Quedlinburg in Weingarten en dem Theater by Emil Diedrich

 On February 24, 1898, Christian died . His place of birth on his death certificate was Ditfurt,Germany. According to the caretaker of Denzers Cemetery in Honey Creek, Christian and Johanna are buried next to the Fraust Family.

An early article in the Honey Creek paper, indicated that Christian Meissner and Dora M. Fraust could be related because the Meissner Family lived with the Fraust's when they first came to Wisconsin.  Fred Fraust and wife Dora and son Fred arrived at the Port of New York from Bremen on the SS Freittondel July 27, 1867.  Their destination was Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In 1870 they were living in Honey Creek, Sauk County, Wisconsin with Ulrich and Emilie Schneller.  Emilie's maiden name was Schultz. Ulrich and Emilie's adopted son George Schneller married Christian Meissner's granddaughter Theresa Kinzler in 1897. In 1880 they were living in Sumpter.  

From the Ditfurt Cronik-1901 Extracted Church Records

Andreas Meissner - 1799 - 09/07/1839 son of Chrph Meissner and D. Behrens of Hedersleben married January 1, 1815. He married Sophie Hoefler 10/01/1788 - 11/07/1864. She was the daughter of Gottlieb Hoefler and D. Schosse

Their Children:

Mg -1817 married H. Knoche

Andreas - 1820

Maria - February 6, 1830 she married Fred Fraust born 1829 and had one son Fred Fraust born in 1854.

There is no proof that Maria Meissner Fraust is sister to Christian Meissner.  There is a family connection, but there is no proof that they are siblings.

Christian Meissner is not listed as one of the children, but they may have other children that were not born in Ditfurt

Church in Ditfurt, Saxony, Germany

Fred Fraust son of Dorthea Marie Fraust and Fred Fraust was married in Denzer Church in Honey Creek


Fred Fraust Senior died in 1888  He was born in Ditfurt on March 27, 1827. HIs parents were Friedrich Fraust and Anna M. El. Drehe.  Dorthea Marie Meissner Fraust died on October 25, 1891 in Sumpter, Wisconsin.  Her Mother's name was Sophia and her father Andreas Meissner and Sophie Hofler.  She had three half siblings sister born in Ditfurt in 1817 and a brother Andreas. Her date of birth was February 6, 1830 and she was born in Ditfurt.  Fred and Dorthea are buried in Denzer Cemetery. Also these children are buried with them. Frederich H. Fraust 1854-1935, his wife Agnes 1861-1903, Lt. Milton H. Fraust 1895-1922 WW I Marker, Celia Fraust 1889-1897.

David and Caroline Kinzler Family

Caroline married  David Kinzler who was born on May 17, 1846 in  Gremmelsbach, Baden, Germany. They were married in Honey Creek, Sauk County, Wisconsin at the Denzler Evangelical Church  on December 26, 1875.  They had 6 children: Theresa Marie, John Benedict, Henrich Christian, Magdelena Caroline, and Gustave Adolph Kinzler.

Fred Meissner married Paulina Gieck at St John's Lutheran in Honey Creek, Wisconsin on August 29, 1880

The marriage certificate listed Paulina's parents as Christian Gieck and Johanna.  Fred Meissner was a witness for Paulina Gieck's sister Louisa who married a Benjamin Fort. The parents were listed as Christian Gieck and Heinrike Gieck.   Their Mother's maiden name was Remmele. Mary Nattermann was the other witness on Louisa's Certificate.  Paulina Gieck Meissner was born in Wuerttemburg, Germany in 1854. 

St. John's Lutheran Church and Cemetery  - Honey Creek, Wisconsin

Fred and Paulina had one daughter Johanna Dorthea Meissner.  She was born July 10, 1883 in Honey Creek, Wisconsin.   Fred and Paulina moved to Chicago, IL abt. 1890.  Fred and Paulina divorced in Chicago, IL or Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Paulina was living with Hanna Meissner in Baraboo at 419 9th ave in 1899,  In 1900 she was living in Chicago, IL with Jacob Steinegger and daughter Ida age 24.  Ida may have been adopted by Fred Meissner.  She married in Chicago, IL at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church on January 31, 1900.  On the 1880 census she is listed in the Christian Gieck home as Ida Gieck.  The Gieck's were her grandparents.   Paulina Gieck Meissner died on June 9, 1906 of Heart Disease.  She is buried in Concordia Cemetery.  

Johanna went by the name Hanna and then Dorothy Meissner.  Dorothy Meissner married George Cady Olcott in 1921 in Chicago, IL.  Dorothy had worked for him in 1910.  In 1920 he lived with her.  George Cady Olcott was divorced and his first wife Helen and he had 4 sons Ralph A, Orville, D. Perry, Ruskin H. Olcott.  

George and Dorothy

George died in 1942. He was a notable person in Chicago, Illinois  



In 1952 Dorothy moved to Sacramento, California.  On August 16, 1962 she died.  She was cremated and is buried at the foot of her husband George's Grave in Graceland Cemetery.

Fred and Rose Meissner

Fred Meissner married Katherina Rosina Mehrer Mueller abt 1896 in Chicago, IL.  They had two daughters. Rose and Pauline was born October 28, 1897.  


Rose Johanna Meissner married Christian Jorgensen .  Rose died in 1917.  Pauline Caroline married James Carr. Pauline died in 1928.

Rose died at the age of 20 from Heart Disease.  Her Death Notice

Johanna Meissner was a Private Nurse for the Ringling Brothers Family and other families .  When she retired they rewarded her well. Hannah never married. She travelled with the Circus. She died in 1938.

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