Peter Mulka And Marianna Welniak

 Children : 1. Catherine Mulka born 1856. 2. Victor Mulka born 1859. 3.Rozalia Mulka born 1861  2. Anna Mulka born 1864 3.Franciscus Mulka born 1867 . 4. Agnieiszka Mulka born 1871 5. Mary Mulka born Aug 1873 in Pittsburgh, PA

Peter Mulka and Marianna Welniak and children left out of Bromberg Destination Pittsburgh,PA with children in 1872 Sitting next to them and was my John Waloch's Uncle's Family. Joseph Kubal -destination NY who went to PA and settled in Wisconsin and John Bury - Wisconsin.  Peter and Marianna Mulka were from same area as John. Have all the information on baptisms

Pittsburgh, PA City Directory for Peter Mulka 1875  Teamster, Quarryrun, head 21 Street.   1876-77 1924 Josephine 26th Ward. 1877-78 1728 Josephine.  Entries for Son Victor J. Mulka : 1881-81  laborer 1900 Josephine.  1882-83  laborer 54 Maple, 27th Ward.   1884 158 S 16th. 1896 Victor J. Molka - Undertaker- Residence 159 South 18th Street, Ward 26th

Victor Mulka sponsored these people for naturalization in 1890: John Moszyuski, Vincenty Modrak, Joseph Kupper, J Kitkowski, and Thomas Drzezdzinski,

Victor Mulka along with Ladislaus Szewczuga, Ignatius Zjawinski, Carl Zulawski, Valentine Kuchinski and John Blaszak formed the organization. St Adalbert Society in 1880 in Pittsburgh, PA  This organization was formed with the intention of forming a new parish which they declared  to the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh. The parish was official in May of 1883.  St Adalberts was the second polish church in Pittsburgh,Pa. The matriarch was St Stanislaus Kostra Church.  It was quite a trip in those days to get to St Stanislaus Kostra Church from the Southside.  The people were attending the neighborhood churches: St Michael and St John the Evangelist. After the St. Adalbert's Society was formed, the parishioners of the future St Adalbert's attended the 11:00 am Mass at Saint John the Evangelist Church on 14th Street until the construction of St Adalbert's was completed.

In 1880 Peter Mulka , Marianna Welniak were living in Cotesfield, Howard, Nebraska. Their daughter Catherine Walkowiak nee Mulka and son Victor Mulka stayed in Pittsburgh.  They returned to Pittsburgh, PA sometime before 1883

Rosalie Mulka stayed in Nebraska and she married Jerry Stefanowicz. There son Louis Stefanowicz married Gertrude Pokorski on May 19, 1925 in Chojnice, Howard Co, NE

Catherine Mulka married Jacob Walkowiak, Children: Nicholas 1874, Sallie 1879, Rosalie 1877(she went to Nebraska with grandparents in 1880), Josephine 1884 , Annie 1886, Veronica1889, Stanislaw 1891, John 1893, Bolaslaus1897, Katherine1899 all born in Pittsburgh,PA

Victor Mulka married Mary Children: Victor S 1884,  Frank,  Armelia 1887, Vincent July 1891.

In 1910 he is remarried to an Augusta. I think that he may have had two other children Mary and Edward not sure if they are from his first or second marriage.

Victor Mulka's daughter Ameila Mulka married Joseph Graboski and I know of one son Joseph born 1907. - 638 2nd Avenue.

Victor Mulka’s Son 1920 Frank Mulka age 34, born in PA, Mary 31, Frank Jr. age 9, Sylvester age 7, Harry age 4 4/12, Marie age 2 4/12

Victor Mulka's son Victor Mulka in 1930 lived at 1106 Forbes with his wife Agnes and children William,John 16  

Frank Mulka married a Marianne Cholewinski had these children Frank Jr. , Sylvester age 7, Harry, Marie, Amelia.  Marianna Cholewinski died in 1907. Frank remarried Mary Idzikowski in 1912,he died that year and she raised his daughters Marie and Amelia

I have more information on this family.  They are from the same area as my John Waloch.   I have baptisms and godparents of all children.

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