Der Kreis Wirsitz

Polish Name Wyrzysk 167.8 miles WNW of Warsaw

Waloch's from Wirsitz area and West Prussia and connected families

The occupation of the earliest Waloch's found were tailors. We have puzzles to solve concerning some of these Waloch's. Andreas Waloch/Andreas Krawczyk. On some of the church records, Simon Waloch and other Waloch's in the records are listed under the name Waccholz.  I originally had more information pertaining to Waloch's in the US, but I removed it in order to focus more on the Waloch's in this region.  I have many other names from this area, which I am working on connecting to Waloch  families. Also many unknown Waloch's in US  There is some new information on some Waloch's in US that was not on previous page.                   

Michael Waloch born circa 1701 and died 12 May 1774 age 73 in Tlukom, Blugowo Parish. Wife Dorothea She was born circa 1712 died  25 March 1782, age 70 in Tlukom, Blugowo Parish.

Catherine Waloch and Grzegorz Erdmann: death of Agnes Erdman on 9 Oct 1751 in Czaycze.

Andreas Waloch and Marianna: 1.Marianna Waloch born in  Tlukom, Gromaden Parish 3 June 1752. Godparents: Martin Waloch  and Regina Krawioni.  27 April 1758 Czaycze. Marianna Waloch died on this date. Parents: Andrea Waloch and Regina Komorszezonka. No death record of Marianna wife of Andreas Waloch  

The following Children were listed as being born to Andreas Krawczyk and Regina Komorszezonka: Children: 1. Laurentius Krawczyk baptized on 4, Aug 1754 in Tlukom. Godparents: Franciscus Kolodzi and Catherine Krawczyk. 2. Szymon Krawczyk  baptized 10 Oct 1757 in Czaycze. Godparents: Adalbertus Walocy and Eva Komorzczonka of Tlukom. 3.Roch Krawczyk baptized 23 Aug 1761 in Czaycze. Godparents: Petrus Jankowski of Tlukom and Catharina Ratajowa of Czaycze. 4. Marcin Krawczyk  baptized 16 Oct 1763 in Czaycze. Parish Godparents: Jacob Stackowiak and Zophia Lure nee Komorszczonka. Marcin Waloch died on 10 March 1769 in Czaycze. Parents: Andreas Waloch-Tailor and Regina Komocszezonka. 5. John Krawczyk baptized 31 May 1767 in Czaycze. Godparents: Laurence Wask, Sophia Lura Komorszczonka.  No death record for Andreas Krawczyk.  No Marriage Record of a Regina Komer to an Andreas Krawczyk or Andreas Waloch.  Also Krawczyk means tailor

Regina Waloch wife of Andreas Waloch died 20 July 1801 in Czaycze. Andreas Waloch widow died 18 April 1805 age 80.

Regina was listed as a godparent in Craycze on these records:

Adalbertus Krawczyk who was married to Marianna Orzonka or Crzonka baptism of daughter Marianna 10 Feb 1765
Godparents:John Lura and Reginas Krawzonka Waloczonka of Czaycze

Martin Bachnik and Eva Borucionka baptism of daughter Catherina  4 November 1766 in Czaycze. Godparents: Adalbertus Waloch of Tlukom and Regina Waloch nee Komorszonka

All of the above children of Andreas and Regina were listed as Waloch in Church Records below:

Child # 1 of Regina and Andreas : Laurentius Waloch born 4 Aug 1854. He married Regina Waskowiak on 27 Oct 1783 in Czaycze. Laurentius Waloch age 34 from Tlukom and Regina age 2?.Sponsors: Nicholas Waloscik of Tlukom and Bartholomew Nowak of Czaycze.

        Children of Laurentius Waloch and Regina Waskowiak: 1.Agnes Waloch born 4 Jan 1785 in Czaycze. Godparents: A Waloch and Anna Stanigowa Waskowiak 2 Hedwig Waloch born 28 Sept 1789 in Czaycze. 3. John Valentine Waloch born 23 Jan 1792 in Czaycze. He died 9 Nov 1808 in Czaycze age 16. 4.John Waloch born 12 may 1799 in Czaycze. Godparents: Thomas Waskowiak ,Anna Heradczyka. 5. Joseph Waloch born 23 March 1794. Godparents: Joseph Waloch and Eva Pigtkowa. 6. Jacob Waloch born 1795 in Czaycze. 7. Matthias Christopher Waloch born 12 Feb 1797 in Czaycze. Godparents:  Thomas Waskowiak and Regina Waloch. 8.Lauretius Waloch born 29 July 1800 in Czaycze. 9.Casmir Waloch born 20 Feb 1803 in Czaycze, Wirsitz. He died 15 Mar 1831 age 27. 10. Johann Waloch born 12 June 1808 in Czaycze. 11. Paul Waloch born 16 Jan 1810 in Czaycze. Godparents: Jacobus Lawrentz and Regina Hertmann.

              Child # 2 of Laurentius Waloch and Regina Waskowiak: Hedwig Waloch age 22 married Joannes Mecha age 26 in Czaycze, on Nov 3, 1811. Sponsors: Simon Hertman, Ignatius Nowak, Bartholomew Mecha , Stephen Mecha

             Child # 7 of Laurentius Waloch and Regina Waskowiak: Laurentius Waloch born 29 July 1800 married Ludovica Hardtke

                        Children of Laurentius Waloch and Ludovica Hardtke: 1. John Waloch born 17 Sept 1828 in Czaycze.  2. Augustine Waloch born 19 Sept 1830 in Czaycze 3. Henrietta Waloch born 20 Jan 1833 in Czaycze. 4. Rosalie Waloch born 19 Sept 1835 in Czaycze. 5. Ludovica Waloch born 2 Dec 1837 in Czaycze. 6. Christopher Waloch born 22 Jan 1839 in Czaycze. 7. Michael Waloch born 13 Sept 1840 in Czaycze. 8. Justina Waloch born 28 Feb 1843 in Czaycze.  Ludovica Hardtke died sometime before 1846.  

                                Child # 4 of Laurentius Waloch and Ludovica Hardtke: Rosalie Waloch age 34 married  Stephen Jasiek age 19 of Poborka son of Laurentius Jasiek and Rosalia Krawiecka  2 Nov 1862 in Czaycze. Sponsors: Jacob Swiorczy and Adalbertus Bananczyk

                  Laurentius Waloch age 45 Widower married Marianna Tomaczkowska on 5 July 1846. Laurentius son of Laurentius Waloch and Regina Waskowiak.  Marianna Tomaczkowska daughter of Mathias Tomaczewski and Marianna Cyek. Sponsors: Paul Waloch and Joseph Ewale.

                        Children of Laurentius Waloch and Marianna Tomaczkowski:  1. Cecilia Waloch born 3 Nov 1847 in Czaycze. 2. Martin Waloch born 8 Nov 1849. 3. Marianna Waloch born 11 Nov 1851. 4. Apollonia Waloch born in 1855. 5. Paulina Waloch born 5 June 1856.                   

                 Child # 11 of Laurentius Waloch and Regina Waskowiak: Paul Waloch born 16 Jan 1810. Paul Waloch age 25 married Marianna Nowak age 24 on 22 Nov 1835 in Czaycze.  Catherina was the daughter of Joseph Nowak and Catherina Marcrykowska. Sponsors Josephus Hardyk and Laurentius Waloch

Child # 3 Regina and Andreas: Roch Waloch born 23 Aug 1861. He married: Anna Nowak who was the daughter of Wojciech (Adalbertus ) Nowak and Katarzyna Klysz of Czaycze. Anna Nowak was baptized on 6 June 1762. Adalbertus Nowak died abt 1766.  Katarzyn Klysz Nowak remarried Wojciech (Adalbertus ) Witkowski prior to 1768.  Roch Waloch age- 26 and Anna Nowak age-20 were married on 9 November 1788 in Czaycze, Sponsors: August Kaszynski and Casimir Swiderski.

        Children of Roch Waloch and Anna Nowak Witkowski: 1. Michael Waloch born: 2 Sept. 1789, Czaycze 2. Jozef Waloch christened: 13 March 1791 in Czaycze  Godparents: John Waloch and Marianna Witkowski. Joseph died 23 February 1821 age 30 in Czaycze 3.Andrzej Waloch born: 30 Nov. 1792, Czaycze  4. Mikolaj Waloch born: 23 Nov. 1794, Czaycze. Godparents: John Waloch and Regina Erdman. 5.Jan Waloch born: 10 May 1800, Czaycze  

        Child #1. of Roch and Anna Waloch: 1. Michal Waloch age 24  born: 2 Sept. 1789, Czaycze married  Marianna Cholewinska age 19 in Wissek on 20 Feb 1814.  Sponsors: Joannes Szwayca, Casmir Matczynski , Adalbert Rozptoch.  Marianna Waloch died 22 Feb 1845 in Czaycze. Her age was listed as 50 years old.  Her surviving  children: Anna 28, Marianna 20, Catherine 16, Antonina 9, Joseph 7.

               Children of Michal and Marianna Waloch:   1. Anna Waloch born 29 May 1816 in Wysoka.  Godparents Petrus Hertman and Anna Kanderkowa   2. Valentine Waloch born 7 February 1819 in Wysoka.  Godparents: Nicolaus Waloch and Catherine  Cholewinski.  3. Marianne Waloch born 30 September 1822 in  Wysoka.   4. Agnes Waloch was born on January 22,1826 in  Wysoka  Godparents: Stephen Schweitz and Agnes Hertysk   5.Catherine Waloch was born on 12 November , 1829 and baptized on  November 22, 1829 in Wysoka Villa. Godparents: Simon Gladyszewski and Catherine Schweitz 6. Antonina Waloch born 14 February 1835 in Wysocko Villa.       

            Child #2 of Michal and Marianna Waloch: Anna Waloch born 28 Mary 1816.  Anna age 19 married Joannes Hauz age 36 widower on 18 Jan, 1835 in Wysoca. Sponsors: Franciscus Cerajewski and Michael Hart.

                    Children of Joannes Hauz and Anna Waloch: 1. Catherine Hauz. 2. Josepha Hauz. 3. Valentine Hauz.

            Child #2 of Michal and Marianna Waloch: Valentine Waloch born 7 February 1819. Valentine age 26 married Mary Lecki age 28 daughter of Martin and Agnes Lecki on 28 September 1845 in Czaycze Sponsors: John Hart, Michael Hart 

            Child #3 of Michal and Marianna Waloch: Marianne Waloch born 30 September 1822. Marianna age 22 married John Kucharski age 30 son of Valentine Kucharski and Victoria Lasinska on 1 June 1845 in Wissek. Sponsors: Paul Kubal, Jacob Waloch . Children: Francisca Kucharski born 1 Jan 1849 in Czaycze. Godparents: Peter Ewald and Rosalie Szpera

          Child #5 of Michal and Marianna Waloch:  Catherine Waloch was born on 12 November 1829 

  Catherine Waloch marries Stanislaw Jaworski :  Stanislaw Jaworski age 25 and Catharine Waloczka age 23 of Wirsitz on May 14, 1853.  Stanislaw  son of Lawrence and Marianne Jaworska.  Catherine daughter of Michael and Marianne Waloch.  Sponsors: Adalbertus Jagodzinski and Antonia Lamonski of Hungerwerder Page 35

             Children of Stanislaw Jaworski and Catherine Waloch: 1.Martinus Jaworski born 23 November1852 in Pracz. Martinus died 25 February 1852 in Pracz, 3 Months, 27 days.   2.Marianna Jaworski born  9 April 1854 in Hungerwerder. Godparents:Joannes Jaworski  and Antonianna Washowa.   3.Katherina Jaworski: 20 October 1856 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Antonia Klimek and Amanda Jaworski.   Katherina died on 15 May 1859 in Honowajdy Age 2 Years 8 Months.    4.Waleryn Jaworski circa 1858. Waleryn died on 27 February1862 age 3 in Honowajdy.   5.Valentina Ana Stasia Jaworski  born 1 April 1859 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Adalbertus Jagodzinski And Susanna Pinkowska    6.Rozalie Jaworski  born in 30 August 1861 in Honowajdy.  Godparents: Josef Jaworski And Anna Welniak. Rozalie died on 14 December1861 in Honowajdy Age 3 Months.   7. Dames Jaworski  born 29 December 1862 in Wyrzysk. Godparents: Joseph Waloch And Wanda Jaworska.  Dames died on 3 January 1863 in Wirsitz  Age 1 Month   8. Frank Jaworski  born 9 April 1864 in Honawajdy.  Godparents : Walenty Stefaniak and Agnieska Klimek.   9. Antonina Jaworski born April 2,1867 in  Honowajdy.  Godparents: Wojciech Gosesk And Antonina Jaworska.   Antonina died on 8 October 1867 in Wirsitz Age 5 Months.   10.Maryana Jaworski born 13 November 1868 in Honowajdy.  Godparents: Jan Waloch And Rozalia Klimek.    

 Stanislaw Jaworski's Father Lawrence died 28 October 1859 in Honowajdy.

Frank Jaworski and Catherine Waloch Immigrated to US in 1872

       Child #3 of Roch and Anna Waloch:  Andrzej Waloch was born 30 Nov. 1792, Czaycze. He married Agniesza Erdmann.  Agnes/Agnieszka Erdmann was born 18 Jan 1801 in Tlukom and was the daughter of Adalbert/Wojciech Erdmann and Magdalena Lora. Sponsors: Michael Waloch and Joseph Erdmann  They were  married on 20 November 1820 in Czaycze. Andrzej died on 10 Nov. 1831 in Czaycze.  Agnieska Erdmann Waloch  age 32 Widow of Andrzej Waloch married  Franciszek Klimek age 32 on 21 June 1832 in Czaycze. Sponsors: Michael Krawiecke and Nicholas Waloch.
            Children of Andrzej Waloch and Agnes Erdmann  (which were listed on Andrzej Waloch's death record)  1.Rozalia Waloch was born 14 Sept. 1822 in Czaycze.  2. Franciszek Waloch was born on 30 Nov. 1824 in  Godparents: Joseph Erdman, Catharina Waloch. 3.Walenty (Valentine) Waloch was  born on 11 February 1827 in Czaycze. Godparents: Simon Lora, Marianna Hart. 4.Jan Waloch was born on 1 Jan 1830 in Czaycze.

             Child #1 of Andrzej Waloch and Agnes Erdmann: Rosalie Waloch was born 14 Sep 1822 in Czaycze. Rosalie age 24 married Adalbertus (Wojciech) Jagodzinski age 28 of Krostkowo son of Casmir Jagodzinski and Marianna Klimek. They immigrated to the US on 8 May 1869: Name misspelled- Gagebzinsky (From GP Index)  SS Berlin: Bremen to Baltimore on 8 May 1869  Antonie age 9, G-age 50 (G for German spelling of name), Justine age 3, Marianne age 17, Rosalie age 45.  Adalbertus Jagodzinski died November 13, 1883 and Rosalie died on 2 May 1909.

                    Children of Rosalie Waloch and Adalbertus Jagodzinski:   1. Joseph Jagodzinski born and baptized on 3 January 1847 in Krostkowo, Godparents: Adalbertus Klimek and Marianne Jagodzinska.    2. John Jagodzinski born 8 August  1849 and baptized 12August 1849 in Hungerwerder, Godparents: John  Jaskulski and Josepha Stasinska. 3. Marianna Jagodzinski born 4 November 1852 in Hungerwerder. baptized on 5 November 1852. Godparents: Franciscus Walloch, Marianne Waloch 4 .Antonia Jagodzinski    was born 13 June 1855 Honowajdy. Godparents: Valentine Waloch and Marianne Waloch.   5. Katharina Jagodzinski was born 28 April 1858 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Anton Klimek and Katharina Jaworski. Katharine died on July 18,1858 in Honowajdy. 6. Antoni Jagodzinski was born and baptized on 17 May 1860 in Honowajdy. Godparents- Pawet Klimek and Dorota Rewolinska.    7. Justina Jagodzinski  was born 13 May 1863 in Falmierowo. Godparents: Vincent Goleniewicz, Agnes Glyz. 8.Francisca Jagodzinski was baptized on 29 July 1867 in  Wirsitz. Godparents: Rosalie Klimek and Jan Korpal. Francisca died on 27 August 1867 in Wirsitz.   

            Child # 1 of Rozalie Waloch and Adalbert Jagodzinski: Joseph Jagodzinski born and baptized on 3 January 1847. Joseph age 24 immigrated to America on SS Rhein, Bremen to New York on 8 July 1871. He married Anna Byzewski/Bizewski daughter of Jacob Byzewski and Marianne Kamke?

            Child # 2 of Rozalie and Adalbert Jagodzinski: John Jagodzinski born 14 Aug. 1849, Wirsitz.  He  and married Florentine Ryk.

            Child # 2 of John and Florence Jagodzinski: Anna Jagodzinski who married Joseph Kwasigroch.  

            Child # 3 of  Rozalie and Adalbert Jagodzinski: Marianna Jagodzinski  born  November 4, 1852 in Hungerwerder. Marianna Jagodzinski married Anton Gbur on 20 Nov.1870. Anton Gbur was born in Pottlitz, Flatow on  6 Dec 1843.  Anton immigrated to America on SS Minnesota, Liverpool to Queenstown to New York on 15 June 1869.   Name was Gabur in USA . For information on the descendants of  Marianne Jagodzinski and Anton Gbur               

             Child # 4 of Rozalie and Adalbert Jagodzinski: Antonia Jagodzinski  born 13 June1855 Honowajdy. She married  Anton Kobza abt 1875 . Anton was the son of Michael Kobza and Frances Aleksiewicz. 

             Child # 7 of Rozalie and Adalbert Jagodzinski: Justina Jagodzinski was born 13 May 1863 in  Falmierowo. Justine married Frank Krysiak

        Child # 2 of Andrzej Waloch and Agnes Erdmann:  Franciszek Waloch was born on 30 Nov. 1824 in Czaycze. Franciszek  married Marianne Martynka who was born 17 March 1826 in Nietuszkow, Kreis Kolmar, Posen and the  daughter of Andrezej Martynka and Regina Sadojerska. They were married on 1 October 1848 in Miasteczko,Krajenskie. At the time of their marriage, they were living in Brostowo. Franciszek Died in 1895.  Marianne died 19 April 1918.

                Children of Franciszek and Marianne: 1.Andreas born 19 November 1949 in Hungerwerder. Godparents: Valentine Waloch and Josepha Welniak.  Andreas Waloch died on 21 September 1855 in Wirsitz.   2. John Waloch born 28 October 1852 in Hungerwerder.  Godparents:Joannes Walloch And Phillipiana Martynka   3. Anna Waloch born circa 1854?  4. Julianna Waloch  born 3 Jan. 1856 in Wirsitz.  Godparents: Antonius Klimek and Marianna Nalewajnowska.   5. Ladislaw Waloch born 23 June 1859 and he died in Dembowo on 20 Sept. 1867 age 8 years and 2 months and 27 days.   6.Catherina Waloch born 22 Sept. 1863 in Rzeszkowo. She was baptized on 24 Sept. 1863 in Rzeszkowo. Godparents: Andrea Piebrowski and Marianna Rozptoch. Catherina died on 29 Jan.1865 in Rzeszowo at the age of 1 Year and 4 Months.  7.Marianna Waloch born 25 Oct. 1866 in Dembowka.

Frank and Marianne immigrate to America: SS Ocean Bremen to New York, arrived 9 June 1869, Walloch, Franz - 44 Farmer, Maria 42, Johann 16, Julianne 13, Marianne 2 F.  SS.Bremen - Bremen to South Hampton to NY, arrived 15 June 1871 - Walloch, Anna 22  unknown occupation, Germany/Posen,  - Daughter of Franciszek Walloch and Marianna Martynka.

                  Child # 3 of Andrzej Waloch and Agnes Erdmann:  Walenty (Valentin) Waloch was  born on 11 Feb. 1827 in Czaycze. He married Marianne Kaczmerek .  Children : 1.John Waloch baptized 12 Aug. 1855 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Anton Klimek and Veronica Kaczmerek 2.Johanna Waloch baptized 14 Dec. 1857 in Koscierzyna. Godparents: Joannes Kaczmerek and Anna Wnuk.  3.Anton Waloch baptized 1/2 Sept. 1863 in Walentynowo, Lobsens. Godparents: Peter Losos and Magadalena Rozga. 3.Mathias Waloch baptized 21/26 Sept 1865 in Walentynowo, Lobsens. Godparents:Jan Rozga and Ludovica Spachata 4.Joseph Waloch baptized 11/15 March 1868 in Walentynowo, Lobsens. Godparents: Joseph Kaczmarski and Marianna Kaczmarska 5. Felix Waloch

Valentine and Marianne immigrated to the USA : S.S.Berlin, Bremen to Baltimore, arrived 8 May 1869
Walloch, Valent  age 43 born in Prussia, Marianne age 39, Joanna age 7, Mathias age 3, Carl age 9 Months.

            Child # 4 of Andrzej Waloch and Agnes Erdmann: Jan (John) Waloch was born on 1 Jan 1830 in Czayzce. Jan died 6 Feb. 1880. John Waloch  married Anna Bury.  Anna Bury daughter of Adalbert Bury and Marianna Szweda was born in Kocierzyna. Gromaden Parish on 28 Jan.1837
            Children of John Waloch and Anna Bury: 1.Joseph Waloch born 18 Feb.1856 in  Honowajdy. Godparents: Antonius Klimek and Veronica Kazsmarek. 2.Joannes Waloch born 15 Dec. 1857 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Paul Kowalski and Rosalia Jagodzinska.  3. Cecylia Waloch born 4 Nov.1859 in Honowajdy/?Wirsitz.  Godparents: Peter Bury and Catherine Jaworska.  Cecylia died on 17 Feb 1862 in Honowajdy age 2.  4.Marianne Waloch born 27 January 1862 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Jakob Bury and Wiktoryna Bury.  Marianne died on 22 Oct. 1862 in Honowajdy age 9 Months. 5.Rozalie Waloch born 9 Dec. 1863 in Honowajdy.  Godparents:Peter Mulka And Rosalia Klimek.  6.Stanislaus Waloch born 3 Aug. 1866 Honowajdy. Godparents:Jan Stepka and Antonius Michalek.  7.Francisca Waloch  3 Oct. 1869 in Honowajdy.  Godparents: Stan Jaworska And Marianna Mulka. She died  circa 1869.  8. Adam Waloch born July 1972 . He died on 11 Aug.1872. 9. Eva Waloch born July 1873. 10 Kate Waloch born 1877.    

 SS Republik - Bremen to New York, arrived 17 May 1871
 Walloch, Johann 42 Farmer , Anna 35, Joseph 10, Johann 7,  Rosaria 5, Stanislaus 3, Fransiska 9 months

John Walloch died at the age of 49. He died on February 6, 1880 of TB. Cause of Death Consumption (TB) Anna Bury Waloch died June 4, 1921.

 For more information on the descendants of John Waloch and Anna Bury

  Child #5 of Roch and Anna Waloch: Mikolaj Waloch born: 23 Nov. 1794, Czaycze Nicholas age 26 married Constantia Wyderska age 17 on 21 Jan 1821. Sponsers:  Frank Matczynski  and  Paul Rozptoch.

             Children of Nicholas Waloch and Constantia Wyderska: 1. Marianna Waloch born 20 Aug 1822 in Czaycze 2. Anna Waloch born 14 Feb 1825 in Czaycze. 3. Katarzyna Waloch born 25 Oct 1827 in Czaycze. 4. Rosalie Waloch baptized 12 Feb 1830 in Czaycze, Wirsitz. Godparents: Joannes Boek, Agnes Waloch 5.Antonina Waloch born 17 Dec 1831 in Czaycze. 6. Joseph Waloch born 27 Feb 1834 in Czaycze.  7. Francisca Waloch born 31 Dec 1836 in Czaycze. 8. Johann Waloch born 2 June 1839 in Czaycze. 9. Josepha Waloch born 15 Nov. 1844 in Czaycze.

        Child #1 of Nicholas Waloch and Constantia Wyderska: 1. Marianna Waloch age 26 married Peter Nowak age 25 on 9 Jan 1848 in Czaycze.

Martin Waloch and Eva Chart  
Martin Waloch and Eva Chart or Hart were married 27January 1753 in Tlukom, Gromaden Parish. Sponsors: Joannes Kotadzi and Francicus Kotadzi

    Children of Martin Waloch and Eva Chart :(Known Children)1. Piotor Waloch was baptized 11 February 1754 in Tlukom. Godparents: Joseph Lutomski, Eva Zalunska He died on 7 September 1755.  2. Katarzyna Waloch baptized  28 October 28 1755 in Tlukom. Godparents: Joseph Erdman,Catherina Erdman. Catherina died 16 May 1756 in Tlukom  3. Jozef Waloch was born 13 March 1757 in Tlukom. Godparents: Adalbertus Wypchat, Regina  4. Valentin Waloch was baptized 17 February 1760 in Tlukom. Godparents: Adalbert Lakinjkie, Eva Petronelle  5. Jakub Waloch was baptized 3 March 1762 in Tlukom Godparents: Michael Chart, Marianna Tabaczonka. 6. Mathias Waloch died 4 June 1767. 7. Marianna Waloch born 1771 and died 12 Oct 1778 in Tlukom.

Martin Waloch died on 3 July 1791 age 60. and Eva Chart died on 2 November 1790 age 66

      Child # 3 of Martin Waloch and Eva Chart or Hart : Joseph Waloch baptized 13 March 1757 in Tlukom, Gromaden.  Joseph Waloch died on 26 July 1808 in Tlukom. Children of Joseph Waloch and Marianne Gawelkowna  1. Antonius Waloch baptized  4 May  1788 in Tlukom.  Godparents: Adalbert Erdmann - Family - and Marianna Welna nee Grochowczonka.  2. Mathias Waloch baptized 18 March 1792 in Tlukom. Godparents Andrea Hertman and Marianna Hertman. Mathias died 3 Dec. 1792 in Tlukom.

             Child # 1 of Joseph Waloch and Marianne Gawelkowna: Antonius Waloch age 27 married Hedwig Gabinska/Gabenska  age 26 who was born circa 1790.  They were married at Glomsk, Zakrzewo, Flatow on 18 November 1816. Witnesses: Gregorio Zulka and Joanne Wendblach??. Antonius Waloch died in Wirsitz on 13 January 1836.  Hedwig Gabinska Waloch died 14 September 1848 in Eichfelde. 

                   The Children of Antonius and Hedwig Waloch : (Known Children)  1. Adalbert Waloch baptized 7 April 1817 in Rudna, Slawianowo. Godparents: Simon Z?banek and Ewa Beltaowna.  Adalbert Waloch died 1819 and was buried on 3 November 1819 in town of Prochy, Zakrzewo, Flatow.   2. Marianne Waloch baptized: 6 March 1821 in Dzierzazno, Flatow, Godparents Joannes Blankiet and Magdalena Stramuhl.   3. Joannes Michael Waloch baptized 31 August 1823 in  Dzierzazno, Flatow: Godparents Michael Blankiet and Eva Blankiet of de Villa Dzierzazno, Flatow.  4.Frank Waloch  5. Szymon Waloch born circa 1824.  6. Jakob Waloch born 6 April 1831. Baptized: 10 April 1831 in Wisniewska, Zakrzewo, Flatow. Godparents: Jakub Rybak and Johanna Szlychowna.  Jacob Waloch died 11 May 1831-5 Weeks old. 7.. Katarzyna Waloch born 12 Sept. 1833 in Luchowo.  She was baptized on 15 Sept 1833 in Lobzenia.  Godparents: Mathias Kulpa and Catharina Walochowna. Note: Hedwig's maiden name was listed as: Gapina and pina was crossed out and binska was put above it.

            Child # 2 of Antonius and Hedwig Waloch  who was born 6 March 1821: Marianne Waloch  

Frank Belinski and Marianne Waloch of Wirsitz were married on 10 November 1839 in Wirsitz. Frank son of Magdalena Belinska and Marianne daughter of Antonius Waloch. Witnesses: Stanislaus Duda and Bartholomew Boruiki.  Children of Frank Belinski and Marianne Waloch :  1.Stanislau Belinski  born on 12 November 1840 Wirsitz. Godparents: Johannes Tesmer and Marianna Braniecka.  Stanislau Belinski died on November 25, 1840, 13 days old in Wirsitz.  2.Joannes Nepocemenes Belinski was baptized 4 June 1841 In Wirsitz.  Godparents:  Jacobus Lukosynski, famulus & Rosalia Krauk, 3. Josepha Belinski was baptized 22 January 1847 in Wirsitz  Godparents: Simon Waloch and Agnes Walozka.  4.Adalbertus Belinski was born March 29, 1850 in Wirsitz.  Godparents: Joseph Jaworski and Marianna Gorazyna.   5.Eva Belinski was born 13 August 1852 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Martinus Strozyk and M Sindzinska. 6.Joseph Belinski was born 22 January 1854 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Bonifatius Rewolinski and Josepha Schultz.  7.Anna Belinski was born 28 July 1857 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Adalbert Gora and Michalina Drzewinkowska

         Child # 3 of Antonius and Hedwig Waloch who was baptized 31 August 1823 - Joannes Michael Waloch    

 Joannes Michael Waloch marries Marianne Kubalewski widow to Placzek. Joannes Wachholz Parents  Antonius Wachholz and Hedwig Gabenska.  Parents of Marianne Kubalewski:  Adalbertus Kubalewski and Joanne (Anna) Hoppe. Sponsors: Franciscus Belinski and Paulus Jaskulski.

Marriage of Marianne Kubal to Paul Placzek Paul Placzek and Marianna Kubal were married on 6 May 1836 in Sadki.  Marianne daughter of Adalbert Kubal and Anna Hoppe/Chmielewski. Children of Marianna Kubal and Paul Placzek: 1. Michael Placzek born 11 August 1837 in Sadki. Godparents: Valentine Ki? and Albertina Tomaczeski. Michael died 23 Jan 1840 in Sadki. 2. Joseph Placzek born 19 February 1840 Sadki and baptized on the 20 February 1840. Godparents: Martin Wegner and Gertrude Kubal. Joseph died 9 March 1843. 3. Josepha Placzek bone 24 February 1848 Zelazne, Sadki Parish and baptized on 26 February 1840. Godparents: Thomas Kubal and Veronica Tabaczonka.

Marriage of Marianne Kubal to John Waloch Marianne Kubal married John Waloch the same day that her brother Joseph Kubal married Josepha Kluskowna and they both were sponsored by Franciscus Belinski and Paulus Jaskulski.  Children of Adalbertus Kubal and Joanne Hoppe: 1. Marianna Kubal who married John Waloch son of Antonius Waloch and Eva Gabinski 2. Joseph Kubal 3. Jacob Kubal born July 10,1826 in Eichfelde,Wirsitz. Godparents: Mathias and Marianne Lamanski and Andreas Walocsyk and Mariann Smolinska. John's surname and Father's surname was listed as Wacholz, but no alias.  This name showed up a few times but with no alias and it was probably a mistake because Simon Waloch used an alias and he was John's brother.

        Known Children of John Waloch and Marianne Kubal :   1. Anna Waloch was born 10 March 1851 in Wirsitz.  Godparents Stephan Strecki And Emilie Quandt. Anna Wachholz Parents: John Wachholz and Regina  died on 23 May 1853 age 2 Years, 3 months. ? She fits birth information but not sure 2.Katharina Waloch  was born 29 December 1853 in  Wirsitz.  Godparents: Franciscus Belinski And Hedwig Drzewinska. On Katharine's birth record Wachholz was on it but chholz was scratched out and loch was added. Katherina Waloch died on February 27, 1856 in Wirsitz age 2 Yrs,2Months.    3.John Waloch was born 29 August 1856 in  Wirsitz.  Godparents:Joseph Kubal And Marianna Belinska.  4.Walcrya Waloch was born 20 June 1860 in Wymyslomo. Godparents: Jan Miller And Maryann Kaczmarek.  

                         Child # 3 of John Waloch and Marinne Kubal who was born 29 August 1856: John Waloch

 John Waloch immigrated to America in 1873 with his sister Walerya. John Waloch naturalized under the name of John Wyland but used it for business purposes only.  John Waloch/Wyland married Catherine Michalski  who was born 28 May 1858. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas Michalski and Antonia nee Wieczorek                                                                                                               

Children of John and Catherine : 1.Joseph Waloch - Godparents: Stanislus Michalski, Valeria Jablonski nee Waloch.   2. Cecilia Waloch  Godparents - Joannes Niespodziany, Rosalia Michalski   3.  Marie K Waloch - Godparents:Carolus Zakowski, & Marianna Jankowska   4. Frank Waloch - Godparents: Martinus Heleniak, Rosalia Sobieszcyk   5. Anna Waloch  Godparents: Franciscus Kolicki, Marianna Kata/Kala. She died  30 August 1891.  6. Barbara Waloch -Godparents:Martin Heleniak, Michalina Milowska.  7. Constance - Godparents: Joannes Griecski, Marianna Michalski. She died 26 Feb 1896.

Catherine Waloch nee Michalski died on Feb 28, 1896 in Pittsburgh, PA.  John remarried

John married Mary Walkowiak at St Adalbert's Pittsburgh, PA on 19 April 1896.

Children of John Waloch and Mary Walkowiak; 1. John Waloch -  Godparents: Antonius Goreczka, Anastasia Labedzke2. Anthony Waloch  Godparents: Martinus Heleniak, Stanislaus Golankiewicz. 3. Walter Waloch. He  married Niedzwiecki who was born in Poland on 21 December 1902 . 4. Helena Waloch born abt 1904 in Pittsburgh, PA died 1917-1919.

He married Antonina Jedzejkowksi (Jankowski) Nee Simkowiak  Her husband'died on 28 May 1921. Her Parents: Michael Simkowiak and Maryanna Huda.
They were married on April 5, 1926

      Child # 4 of John Waloch and Marinne Kubal who was born 20 June 1860. Valeria Waloch:

Valeria Waloch married Stanislaus Jablonski in Pittsburgh, PA in 1882.

Children of Valeria Waloch and Stanislaus Jablonski: 1. Frank Jablonski Dec 1884 in Pittsburgh, PA. He died 30 Sep 1967in Milwaukee, WI. He married Frances in Milwaukee, WI. Children:Joseph born 1912 in Milwaukee, Wi., John born 1913 In Milwaukee, Wi., Margaret born 1922 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  2.Joseph Jablonski born Feb 1888 in Pittsburgh, PA. He died 9 Jul 1965 in Milwaukee, WI. He married Blanche in Milwaukee. Wi. Children: Adeline 1915, Raymond 1916.Child # 5 of Antonius Waloch and Hedwig Gabinski.  Szymon Waloch born circa 1824. 3. Mary Jablonski born 03 Dec 1891 in Milwaukee WI. She married Frank Kuzynski born 16 September 1894. Mary died on 16 October 1883 in Milwaukee, WI and Frank died on 28 Jan 1984. 4. Victor Jablonski born 2 Oct 1896 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin married Anna Parks born 10 February 1899 in Missouri. They were married 1920 in Milwaukee, Wi.  Children: Valeria Jablonski 7 July 1921, Harriet Marie Jablonski.   Victor died in Oak Forest, IL in a terrible car accident. He was a passenger in his son- in-laws automobile. His daughter Valeria Falbe nee Jablonski also died in the accident on 27 Feb 1954 in Oak Forest, IL.  They were visiting Harriet at the time.  They are buried in  Woodlawn Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Anna Jablonski nee Parks died 5 Apr 1987 in Missouri and she is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI.

    Child # 5 of Antonius Waloch and Hedwig Gabinski: Szymon Waloch

Szymon Wachholz marries Catherine Kroll/Krolowna, Date of Marriage: 8 October 1848, Simon Wachholz alias Walloch age 23 of Osiek married Catharine Kroll age 23, Parents of Simon: Antonius Waccholz and Hedwig Gabinska, Parents of Catherine: Christopher Kroll and Catherine Jagodzinski  Sponsors: Jacob Slyma and John Dankewiski

              Children of Simon Waloch and Catherine Kroll:  1.Johannes Wachholz born 15 June 1849 in Osiek Godparents: Johannes Lemanski And Anna Krolowna.  Johannes Wachholz died on 7 Dec 1854 in Wirsitz age 5 Yrs and 6 Months. On Death Marianne Kortorwski was listed as Mother by mistake.  2.Michalina Waloch was born on 10 December 1850 in Osiek.  Godparents: Andreas Bajkowski and Marianna Rewolinska.  Michalina Wachholz died on 5 October 1852 in Osiek 1 Yr, 10 months

Catherine Kroll Waloch died on 4 October 1852 In Osiek/Wirsitz age 28.

Simon Waloch's Second Marriage: He used a different first and last name on this record.

 Thomas Wachholz age 29 of Osiek widower married Marianna Kortowska age 23, family of Konigstreue. Simon son of Antonius and Hedwig Wachholz.. Marianne daughter of Mathias and Anna Kortowski.  Sponsors: Adalbertus Budnik and Jacob Kortowski.  

             Children of Simon and Marianne Koztowska: 1.Symon Wachholz born 24 October 1853 in Wirsitz.  Godparents: John Bartoszck and Apollonian.  Simon Wachole died on 10 September 1855 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz age 2   2.Joseph Waloch was born 9 April 1855 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz. Godparents: John Waloch and Katharina Waloch.  Joseph died on 15 October 1855  age 6 Months in  Wyrzysk/Wirsitz  3.Andreas Waloch born 12 February 1857 in Wirsitz  Godparents: John Belinski and Marianna Janwzyk.  Mistake Mother listed as Marianne Piojdan. Andreas died on 29 December 1862 in Wirsitz age 5   4.Franciscus Wachole  born on 2 October 1859 in  Wirsitz. Godparents: Frank Turczyn And Maryanna Wachole.  5.Josepha Waloch born 4 January 1862.  Godparents: Jan Waloch and Marianna Kaczmarowski.  Josepha Wachole died on 9 November 1863 in Wirsitz.    At the end of the 1869 birth records Marianne Kortorwski Waloch's death date is listed as 1881 in Wirsitz.

                   Child # 4 of Simon Waloch and Marianns Koztowska: Frank Waloch.  He married  Josepha Mrotek daughter of Martin Mrolek and Anna Westfal. They were married in Glesno Parish on 31 January 1886. Sponsors: Valentine Mrolek, Andreas Janusiak. Known Child: Pelegria Waloch born Kruzka, Glesno Parish. Baptized on 26 Dec 1886 in Kruzka, Glesno. Godparents :Laurentius Mrolek, Julianna Trepala.       

   Child # 6 of Antonius Waloch and Hedwig Gabinski:  Katarzyna Waloch  born 12 Sept. 1833.   

  Katherine Waloch 24  Marries Franciscus Turcryn 25 on 21 Sept.1856-Wirsitz, Sponsors: John Turcryn -Brother- John Waloch-Brother, Michael Welniak. Katherina was married in the presence of her guardian, a forester, in her name gave his consent.

            Children of :Katherine Waloch and Franciscus Turczyn  1 Antonina Turczyn 19 Mar.1857 in Wirsitz, Godparents:Joannes Marczykowski And Eva Turczyn. Antonina died on 12 Nov.1862 in Wyrzysk/Wirsitz- age 5.  2.Lawrentius Turczyn : 12 Aug.1859 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Thomas Nowaski And Hedwig Drzewinska.  3. Adam Turcryn : 28 Nov.1861 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Jan Polewrynski and Agatha Nowaka. 4. Walenty Turczyn :11 Feb.1864 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Franciska Wirkoski And Antonina Hajelob. Walenty died on 26 Oct.  1866 in Wirsitz age 2 years 9 Month.  5. FranciscusTurczyn :1 Dec.1865 in Wirsitz. Godparents: Joseph Zindler And Wiktorya Rewolinska. Franciscus died on 9 Nov. 1866 in  Wirsitz age 11 months.  6.Joannes Turczyn: 25 Jan. 1870 in Wirsitz. Godparents Szymon Nowak And Marianna Waloch

John Turczyn born Jan 1870 in Pol Germany immigrated in 1887, wife Rose born in Jan 1870 in Pol Germany. , married 5 years, Children Martha born in NY Dec 1895, Sophia June 1897, Anna 1899, John 1903, Gerturde 1905, Walter 1906.

Child #3 Joseph Waloch son of Martin Waloch and Eva Chart then married  Marianna Welna nee Grochowski widow on 16 June 1792 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Simon Hertman and Joseph Petka 

Marianna Welna nee Grochowska's was the wife of the late Laurentius Welna. Children: 1. Laurentius Welna 10 Aug 1778 in Tlukom. Godparents: Paul Lakinski and Sophia Komer Lakinska 2. Marianna baptized 2 April 1780 in Tlukom. Godparents: Ignatius Lalunski and Julianna Lukinska.3. Anna Welna born 23 June 1781 in Tlukom. Godparents: Paul Zysk and Regina?. 4. Marianna  Welna 22 Jan 1791 in Tlukom. Nicholas Grochowski and Barbara Grochowska.

        Childen of Joseph Waloch and Marianne Grochowczonka 1. Marianna Waloch baptized 1 Feb 1793 in Tlukom. Godparents:? Sophia Lalinska 2. Adalbert Waloch baptized 28 March 1795 in Tlukom, Flatow Godparents: Simon Kleczinski, Anna Swedzhowska  3. Victoria Agnes Waloch baptized 7 January 1798 in Tlukom, Flatow. Godparents: Simon Cybulski, Ludovica Lipinska

    Child # 2 Adalbertus Waloch  married Catherine Tileja. Catherine was born 1800 and she died on 18 Jan 1851 at age 51.

Children of Adalbert Waloch and Catherine Tileja were:1.Joannes Waloch was born on 20 Oct 1823 in Glubczyn, was christened on 20 Oct 1823 in Glubczyn. Godparents: John Odoy and Anna Catherine Lukowski. He on 9 Sept 1844 in Glubczyn at age 20. 2. Catherina Waloch] was born on 30 Sep 1825 in Glubczyn and was  christened on 30 Sep 1825 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Anton Prayza, Marjana Tileja
3.Eleanor Waloch born19 February 1829 and baptized on 20 February 1829 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Michael Nitecki and Jospha Michalski. 4. Marianna Waloch born 1833. 5. Joseph Waloch born and baptized on 15 Dec 1834  in Glubczyn. Godparents:John Pratz, Justina Dreger.  6. Justine Waloch born 1835   

          Child #2 Of Adalbert and Catherine Waloch: Catherina married Nicholaus Witt who was born 28 Nov 1824  on on 10 Nov 1851 in Glubczyn. Nicholas was the son of Valentine Witt and Eva Ryczek. He was born 28 Nov 1824 in Glubczyn.

                Children of Catherine and Nicholas Witt : 1.Josephine Witt born 25 Mar 1858 in Glubczyn and baptized on 25 Mar 1858 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Mary Lorenz and Joseph Bojanowo. She died 06 March 1859  2.Peter Witt born and baptzed on 01 November 1859. Godparents: Peter Schott and Mariannna Gapa.  3. Rosalie Witt born and baptized 18 July 1861. Godparents: John Kruger and Rosalia Michalski           4.Gertruda Witt born and baptized on 13 February 1865 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Gertruda Lachinitz and Casmire Smielezynski

            Child # 2 of Catherine and Nicholas Witt: Peter Witt He married Josepha Bartoszek on January 13, 1885 in St. Hyacinth's Catholic Church, La Salle, La Salle Co, Illinois She was the daughter of John Bartoszek and Anna Luczyna. She was born Abt. 1859, and died July 19, 1893. Children: 1.Anna Witt born December 1885 in Illinois died September 20, 1976 in Illinois buried in St. Hyacinth'sCemetery LaSalle, IL 2. John Witt born August 1887 in Illinois. He died after 1930 3. Mary Witt born 2 September 1889 in Illinois and died 1 September 1909. 4.Joseph Witt born November 1890 in Illinois; died Aft. 1930.

             Child #3 Of Adalbert and Catherine Waloch: Rosalie Witt  married  Gustave  Stelmach on 12 May 1879 in St. Hyacinth Church, La Salle, Illinois. He was the  son of Francis Stelmach and Catherine. He was born Abt. 1859, and died Bet. 1879 - 1897.  Child of Rosalie Witt and Gustave Stelmach :Marie Stelmach. She married Mierczyslaw Szknocinski who was born Nov 1875 on 9 November 1903 at St Hyacinth's LaSalle, Illinois. Children of Matthew Szknocinski and Mary Stelmach: 1. Helen born 1904 2. Joe born 1906 3. Florence born 1908 4. Louise born 1910 Matthew Mother's first name was Mollie

Rosalie Stelmach nee Witt married  Francis Swiekowski widower  son of Francis Swiczkowski and Elizabeth Domanek on 9 September 1897 in St. Hyacinth's Church, La Salle, Illinois. Sponsors: Aniceto Gierewski & Ada Shelba. Frank  had two sons from his first marriage. Frank born 1891 and Vincent 1895

            Child #3 Of Adalbert and Catherine Waloch: Eleanor Waloch married Michael Galok who was born 14 September 1826 in Glubczyn. He was the son of  John Galok and Antonina Nitecki and baptized  14 September 1826 in Glubczyn Godparents: Michael Witt and Maria Nitecka. Eleanor Waloch and Michael Galok were married in Glubczyn on 27 October 1853.               

                  Children of Micheal and Eleanor Witt: 1.Cordula Galok  born and baptized on 10 October 1853. Godparents: Marianna Waloch and John Eggert. 2.Johann Nepich GALOK born and baptized on 13 May 1856 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Joseph Waloch and August Krueger 3. Peter Galok born and baptized on 24 January 1859 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Peter Szott and Julianna Witt. Peter Galok died in Glubczyn on 05 March 1863. 4. Anna Galok born 19 December 1865 and baptized on  26 December 1865 in Glubczyn. Godparents:August Schott, Justine Waloch. 5. Michael Galok born 16 December 1866 and baptized 22 December 1866 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Rose Teski, John Brzuskett. Spelling of this surname were GALOK\GALOG\GOLAG\\

            Child # 4 of Adalbert and Catherine Waloch: Marianne Waloch who married Michael Gapa born 1914 on 28 February 1859 in Glubczyn Sponsor: George Waloch              

                Children of Marianne and Michael Gapa: 1.Anna Gapa born 19 Dec 1863 and baptized on 27 Dec 1863 in Glubczyn. Godparents: August Schort, Justine Wosak. 2.Michael Gapa born and baptized           22 Mar 1868 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Simon Gapa, Rosalia Teski.  3. Anton Gapa born 24 January 1866 and baptized 24 January 1866 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Anton Drewiak and Josepha Jorsca Szymanski. 4. Joseph Gapa born and baptized on 22 May 1868 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Simon Gapa, Rose Teske. 5.Rosalie Gapa born 17 Aug 1873 and baptized on 24 Aug 1873 in Glubczyn. Godparents Albert Polachewski, Carolina Galog.

            Child # 5 of Adalbert and Catherine Waloch: Joseph Waloch who married Justine Kollas born in 1840 in Augustowa daughter of John Kollas on 03 February 1860 in Glubczyn. Sponsors: George Waloch and John Kollas.

                Child of Adalbert and Justine Waloch: 1. John Waloch born and baptized on 6 Jan 1861 in Glubczyn. Godparents: John Marger, Justine Waloch.  John Waloch married Eva Witkowski born 25 December 1963 in Germany Poland. They were married abt.1886 in  Germany(Poland). Children of John Waloch and Eva Witowski: 1. Joseph Waloch born May 1887 in Germany (Poland). 2. John Waloch born 17 Nov 1889 in Germany (Poland). 3. Casmir Waloch born 25 Feb 1893 in Milwaukee, WI. 4. Anton J Waloch born 11 Aug 1894 in Milwaukee, WI. 5. Stephan J Waloch  born 23 Dec 1895 in Milwaukee, WI.  6.Marianna Waloch born 14 May 1897 in Milwaukee, WI. 7. Anna Waloch born 5. Jul 1899 in Milwaukee, WI. 8.Frank Waloch born 1902 in Milwaukee, WI.  9. George Waloch born 26 November 1903 in Milwaukee, WI. 10. Stanislaus Waloch born 8 May 1905 in Milwaukee, WI

           Child #1 Joseph Waloch lived in Michgan  wife Lida age 32 . children: Marion 4 3/4, William 22/3, Ruth 3 months.

           Child # 2 John Waloch married Stella Danowski . Children: 1. Harry Waloch born 1917  2. 3 Alice Walloch born 1920 4.George E. Walloch born 1932.

          Child # 3 Casmir Waloch married a Sophia. Children: 1.Arlene Walloch 2. Ervin Walloch born 1916 3. Raymond Walloch born 1919 4. Daniel Walloch born 1925

          Child # 6 Marianna Waloch married  Alex Kornowski. Children: 1.Jennie Kornowski born 1918 2. Florence Kornowski born 1922 3. Ralph Kornowski born 1924 4.Arnold Kornowski born 1927  5.Edward Kornowski  born 1930

          Child # 7 Anna Waloch married John Deranek    

          Child # 9 George Waloch married Blanche E. Stachurski. Children: 1. Dorothy Walloch born 1927 2. Susan Kontowicz born 1949 3. George Anthony Walloch born 1932

Adalbert Waloch  married Dorothea Ryczak  widow daughter of Joseph Ryczak and Agnes Rosniak 23 August 1842 in Czaycze.

Children of Adalbert and Dorothea Waloch: 1. Albertina Waloch born 14 Jul 1853 and baptized on 17 Jul 1853 in Glubczyn. Godparents: Justine Maga, Valentine Szafranz  She died on 7 Oct 1856 in Glubczyn.      2. Margaretha Waloch born 7 Oct 1856 and baptized on 17 Jul 1853  in Glubczyn. Godparents: Veronica Witt, Anton Ryczek. She died 26 Aug 1854  in Glubczyn.  

Dorthea Waloch nee Ryczak died on 4 Jul 1854 in Glubczyn.  

Child # 2 of Joseph Waloch and Marianna Grochowski: Victoria Agnes Waloch married  Stanislaus Pyszeka on 3 Feb 1822 in Bondez, Wissek.

   Children of Victoria and Stanislaus Pyszeka: 1.Marianne Pyszeka born 1825 married John Galka on 20 Jan 1850 in Wissek.. 2. Joseph Pyszeka born13 Mar 1827 in Wissek married  Angelina Andrzejewska on  23 Jan 1854 in Wissek Children of Joseph and Angelina: 1. Ignatius born 2 Feb 1855 in Wissek. 2.Helena Pyszeka born 6 May 1856 in Wissek. 3. Andreas Pyszeka born 28 Nov 1829 in Wissek married  Frances Turek  on 31 Oct 1858 in Wissek. 4.Catherine Pyszeka born 10 Nov 1832 in Wissek  5.Justina Pyszeka born 20 Sep 1835 in Wissek married Joseph Sliga on 31 Oct 1858 in Wissek. 6. John Pyszek born               27 Apr 1837 in Wissek.                                 

   Child # 5 of Martin Waloch and Eva Chart or Hart : Jakub Waloch who married Eva Cybulska on 9 September 1787 in Tlukom. Sponsors: John Klaz, Peter Michalek. Eva died on 13 September 1811. Children of Jakub Waloch and Eva Cybulska: 1. Jakub Waloch born 17 July 1787 in Tlukom and died December 15, 1788. Godparents: Joannes Klecz and Petra Michalek.  2. Marianna Waloch born 31 August 1789 in Tlukom and died 22 June 1792. Godparents: John Cybulski and Regina Hertman 3. Agneiszka Waloch born 1790 in Tlukom and died 25 December 1790. 4. Adalbert Waloch born 3 April 1791 and baptized 6 April 1791in Tlukom. Godparents Valentinus Hertman and Regina Hauz.  5. Andrzej Waloch born November 18, 1793 in Tlukom. Godparents: Casmir Waloch, Eva Hertman  6. Katarzyna Waloch born 28 October 1795 in Tlukom. Godparents: Nicholas Grochowski and Hevig Ciszezhowna  7. Agneiszka Waloch born 31 December 1796 in Tlukom. Godparents: Simon Hertman and Marianna Waloch 8. Regina Waloch born 15 January 1799 and baptized on 17 January 1799 in Tlukom. Godparents: Michael Jankowski and Anna Hertman. 

     Child # 5 of Jakub Waloch and Eva Cybulska: Andreas Waloch age 26 and Eva Bederska age 22 were married on 25 Oct 1818 in Wysoczka.  Sponsers:  Jacob Waloch, Wojciech Bederski, Mathia Krycich of Mafeceska and Laurence Hartman Children: 1.Marianna Waloch born 5 Aug 1819 in Czaycze 2. Eva Waloch born 21 May 1821 in Czaycze. 3. Dorothea Waloch circa 1824. 4. Francis Carolus Waloch born April 1826 in Friedheim. 5. Marianna Waloch born Circa 1827 in Freidheim. 6. Rosa Walloch born 14 Aug 1828 Freidheim. Godparents: John Debenski, Michael Swetz 7. John Michael Waloch baptized 15 Sept. 1831 in Grabau, Friedheim. Godparents: Michael Cwik and Eva Ross Frankowska. 8. Anna Waloch baptized 24 June 1834 in Arnswalder, Freidheim.  Godparents: John Langa, Justina Tromrac. 9. Justina Waloch baptized 24 Dec 1838 in Friedheim.  Godparents: John Dyka, Johann Kasigowo, Michaelina Bembenek

        Child # 2 Andreas Waloch and Eva Bederska:  Eva Waloch married Michael Bembenek in Freidrichshole on  6 Nov 1842. Parents: Adalbertus Bembenek and  Marianna Cogoeka, Andreas Waloch and Eva Bederska.  Child of Eva Waloch and Michael Bembenek: Augustus Waloch baptized 19 May 1844.  Godparents: Casmir Zwik, Eva Manionka  

    Child # 6 of Jakub Waloch and Eva Cybulska: Katarzyna Waloch born 28 October 1795. She married Joseph Mendelek in Grabionna before 1820.  

        Children of Katarzyna Waloch and Joseph Mendelek : Eva Rosina Mendelek born 14 May 1820. Godparents: Adam Mendelek and Marianna Sowinska.  Joseph Mendelek died before the end of 1822.

    Eva Rosina Mendelek married Thomas Bembenek son of  Joseph Bembenek Marianna Budnek on  26 Jan 1844. Sponsor Antonius Wychat

Marriage # 2 18 Dec. 1822 Catherine Waloch widow to Mendelek. married Andreas Zielinski.  Andreas was the son of John Zielinski an Anna Welniak. Catherine was the daughter of Jacob Waloch and Eva Cybulski.  Sponsers: Mathias Erdmann and Martha Welniek.

        Children of Katarzyna Waloch and Andreas Zielinski: 1. Johnnes Zielinski baptized on the  29 May 1827 in Grabionna. Godparents: John Mandel and Eva Waloch   2. Marianna Zielinski baptized on 22 Dec 1829 in Grabionne. Godparents: Paul Myciek and Marianna Odoyikowa two more that I have to recheck.

Eva Cybulski Waloch died in Czaycze. age 50 on 13 Sept.1811. Jakub Waloch age 49 marries Marianna Pulacz age 26 on Nov. 3, 1811. Sponsers: Michael Pulacz of Slawianowo, Paul Waskowiak, Michael Waloch. 

   Children of Jacob Waloch and Marianna Pulacz:  1.Marianna Waloch born 24 Aug 1812, Craycze  Godparents: Franciscus Klycz, Marianna Waskowiak. 2.Magdalena Waloch  born 13 July 1815  in Craycze. Godparents :Michael Waloch and Magdalena Putakowna of Blugowo. 3. Valentinus Waloch born  8 Feb 1818 and baptized on 11 Feb 1818 in  Czaycze. Godparents: Paulus Erdman and Magdalena Blaczonka 4.Joannes Waloch  born 26 Jan 1820 in Czaycze. Godparents: Michael Waloch and Magdalena Pulakowna Death of Marianna Waloch, age 55, 21 July 1837.  Husband: Jakub Waloch and surviving children were listed as Magdalena and Jan. Death of Jakub Waloch 29 Dec.1819
    Child # 2 of Jakub Waloch and Marianna Pulacz : Magdalena Waloch age 18 married John Waloch widow age 30 son of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewska.  They were married in Wissek on 19 May 1833.  Sponsers: Simon Erdmann and John 

        Children of Magdalena Waloch and John Waloch: 1. Antonina Waloch born 9 Dec 1836 in Czaycze.  2. Eva Waloch born circa 1839 Czaycze. 3. Anna Waloch born 21 Oct 1843 in Czaycze. 

John Waloch son of  John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski  died sometime before 1848. Magdalena Waloch age 32  married Jacob Budnik widow age 39 on 25 May 1848 in Czaycze. Jacob's Parents: Mathias Budnik and Margaret Tabaka.  Sponsors: Michael Linkowski, Joannes Remke

Jacob Waloch died 23 June 1755 in Tlukom

Goeyoni/Joannes Waloch and Catherine  Child: Martin Waloch born 11 Nov 1756 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Joseph Erdmann, Eva Waloch

Jacob Kedziora and Anna Waloch married 4 Nov 1759 in Tlukom.  Sponsors: Laurentius Strzezwicz, John Czycz.

Valentine Walek/Waloch and Agnes.  Children: 1. Marianna baptized 15 July 1759 in Tlukom. Sponsors: John Tabaszke, Eva Blasz. 2. Regina Waloch born 30 Aug 1760. Sponsors: Laurentius Strtyz, Constance Tabasz.

Regina Waloch and Joseph Erdman were married 11 Nov 1759 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Paul Chart, Gregino Ertman.  Children: 1. Magdalena Ertmann baptized 17 August 1761 in Tlukom. Godparents: Michael Maieskie, Barbara Pacholzonka     Magdalena died 23 June 1767 age 5 in Tlukom  2. Marianna Waloch baptized 18 April 1775 in Tlukom. Godparents: Simon Hertman and Eva Hertmann nee Zyne

Nicholas Waloch and Eva O?szewska Children:1. Paulus Waloch died 28 Nov 1773 son of Nicholas Waloch Tailor 2. Andreas born 20 Nov 1773 in Tlukom son of Nicholas Krawczyk and Eva O?szewska. Godparents: Adalbertus Krawczyk and Hedwig H?rtmann. Andreas Waloch died on 1778 May in Tlukom age 5 son of Nicholas Waloch Tailor

Hedwig Waloch and Valentine Hasz: Valentine Hasz died 21 June 1805 in Tlukom age 61. Hedwig Hasz nee Waloch died 12 September 1826 age 96 in Tlukom Children:1. Blazius Hasz baptized on 29 Jan 1774 in Tlukom. Godparents: Adalbertus Krawczyk and Magdalena Hasz. 2. Catherine baptized 12 Nov 1776 in Tlukom. Godparents: Martinus Biedczyk and Anna Hasz. Catherina died 1778 Sept 12 in Tlukom 3 Stanislaus Hasz baptized 13 May 1779 Godparents: Blase Hertman, Anna Hauz. 4. Joseph Hasz baptized 13 March 1782 in Tlukom. Godparents: Laurentius Waloch, Eva Hart

            Child #2 of Hedwig Waloch and Valentine Hasz: Stanislaus Hosz married Magdalena Mastkowna on 25 Nov. 1800 in Tlukom. Sponsors: Jacob Waloch and Franciscus Hart

    Children of Stanislaus Hosz and Magdalena Mastkowna: 1. Valentinus Hauz 4 Feb 1801 in Tlukom. Godparents: Blase Hauz , Regina Biedzyckz.

Adalbertus Waloch and Sophia Chrzy: Adalbertus Waloch died 6 Jan 1800 in Tlukom age 60. Sophia Waloch nee Chrzy died 25 Jan 1829 in Tlukom age 90. Children: 1. Eva Waloch born 1771 died 25 march 1774 in Tlukom 2.Catherine Waloch died 2 March 1776 .3.Martin Waloch died 13 May 1776 in Tlukom. 4.  Marianna baptized on  23/26 Feb 1776 Tlukom. Godparents: Martinus Biedszycki, Sophia Waloch nee Bederzonka. Marianna died 2 March 1783 in Tlukom  5. Regina Waloch baptized 24 Feb 1779 in Tlukom. Godparents: Laurentius Waloch, Marianna Hausz. Regina died 6 March 1783 in Tlukom. 6. Simon Waloch baptized 16 Oct 1781 in Tlukom. Godparents: Frank Beuk and Eva  nee O?szewska wife of Nicholas Waloch 7. Anna Waloch baptized 6 March 1784. Godparents: Jacobus Waloch son of Martin Waloch , Catharine Zyne nee Michaczyk. 8. Adalbertus Waloch baptized 3 April 1786 in Tlukom. Godparents: Joseph Klecz and Marianna Biedizyka.

Paul Waloch and Sophia Bederzyk. 1. Eva Waloch baptized 21 Dec 1774 in Tlukom. Godparents: Valentinus Hausz and Sophia Walochowna nee Chrzanowna Eva died 2 March 1783 in Tlukom  2.Regina Waloch baptized on 4 March 1777.Godparents: Franciscus Beuk and Barbara Nowak. 3.Roch Waloch baptized 15 Aug 1784 in Czaycze. Godparents: Adalbertus Sikin and Anna Witkowski

Joseph Waloch and Barbara Oswrotowna: Marianna Waloch baptized 22 July 1765 in Czaycze. Godparents: Laurentius Welna of Czaycze and Eva Waloch nee Hart of Tlukom. Marianna Waloch died 1 June 1767 in Czaycze. Parents: Joseph Waloch and Barbara Adamszconka

Martin Waloch and Regina Kleczkowna.  Children: 1.Marianna Waloch born 1767 in Crajcze. She died 7 March 1774 in Czaycze. 2. Michael Waloch born 16 Feb 1773 in Czaycze. Godparents: Paul Kleczkowski and Anna Waskowiak 3. Casmir Felix Waloch born 27Feb 1781 in Crajcze. 4. Regina Waloch born 31 Jan 1777 in Crajcze . Martin died 6 Jan 1799 in Czaycze. Regina died 26 Jan 1800 in Czaycze.

  Child# 2 of Martin Waloch and Regina Kleczkowna: Michael age 26 married Marianna Plewina (widow)nee Erdmann age 35 in Crajcze on 16 Nov. 1801. Sponsors: Bartholomew Nowak and Simon Kleczka.

John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski. They were married 24 Nov 1796 in Blugowo. Sponsors: Paul Chrzan, Michael Kaczmarze.

  Children of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski: 1. Adalbertus Waloch born 7 April 1797 in Blugowo. Godparents: Matheus Chrzon, Catherina Marlewska. 2 John Waloch born 17 June 1801 in Blugowo. Godparents: Meika Marlewski Hart, Marianna Zayczionka 3. Anna Waloch born 10/22 May 1803 in Blugowo Godparents: John Marlewski, Anna Czezonka  4.Simon Waloch born 22/27 Oct 1805. 5.Agnes Waloch born 15/16 Jan 1813. Godparents: John Belinski, Marianna Marlewski  6. Catherine Waloch born 25 Oct 1815 in Blugowo. Godparents: Jacob Hartman, Anna Marlewski.

Child # 2 of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski:  John Waloch  married Marianna Arenday.  John Waloch age 25  son of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewska, Marianna Arenday age 24 daughter of Stanislaus Arenday and  Anna Waskowiak and  Nov 7, 1824 Czajcze. Sponsors: Michael Waloch and Simon Erdmann.

           Children of John Waloch and Marianna Arenday. 1. Paul Waloch born 11 Jan 1826 in Czaycze, Wissek. Godparents: Michael Hart, Anna Waskowiak.  2. Marianna Waloch born 7 Sept 1828 in Czaycze, Wissek.Godparents: John Waloch , Marianna Arenday(Hareday)  3. Catherina Waloch baptized Oct 3, 1830 in Czaycze, Wissek. Godparents: Joseph Sonneberg. 

                Child #1 of  John Waloch and Marianna Arenday : Paul Waloch born 11 Jan 1826 in Czaycze, Wissek.  He married Hedwiges Krawiecka. Paul Waloch age 29 son of John Waloch and Marianna Arenday. Hedwig Krawiecka age 24 daughter of  Thomas Krawiecki and Magdalena Torzewska. They were married on  26 Nov 1854 in Czaycze, Wissek. Sponsors: John Mindak, Michael Linkowski

                           Children of Paul Waloch and Hedwig Krawiecki:  1. Marianna Waloch born 18 April 1856 in  Poburka, Friedrichshoehe.   2. Johann Waloch   3. Anton Waloch born  11 Jan 1861   4. Appolonia Waloch born 7 Jan 1864 in Poburka, Friedrichshoehe. Godparents: Augustinus Waloch, Appolonia Michalek

Marianna Arenday Waloch died and John Waloch widow age 30 son of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski married Magdalena Waloch age 18 daughter of Jacob Waloch son of Martin Waloch and Marianna Putak.  Sponsors: Simon Erdmann and Joannes Jedraszek

                            Children of Magdalena Waloch and John Waloch: 1. Antonina Waloch born 9 Dec 1836 in Czaycze.  2. Eva Waloch born circa 1839 Wissek. 3. Anna Waloch born 21 Oct 1843 in Czaycze, Wissek. 

    Child # 6 of John Waloch and Agnes Marlewski: Catherina Waloch married Stanislaus Smolarz age 28 in Blugowo on 26 Feb 1843. Stanislaus was son of Mathias Swolarz and Catherina Tomaczyk. Sponsors: John Mindak and Valentine Zionek

                           Children of Catherina Waloch and Stanislaus Smolarz: 1&2 Adamus Smolarz, Eva Smolarz, baptized 14 Sept 1844 in Blugowo. Godparents: Frank Dziekan, Juliann Krys, Frank Marlewski, Mary Mindak

Eva Waloch and Simon Beuk were married 16 Oct 1791 in Tlukom. Simon age 30 and Eva age 20  Sponsors: Paul Michlczyk and Paul Kleczkowski. Children: 1. Agnes Waloch baptized 17 Dec 1792 in Tlukom. Godparents: Thomas Bied and Regina Hart

Regina Waloch and Paul Michalek married 16 Jan 1791 in Tlukom Paul age 50 widow and Regina age 26. Sponsors: Paul Kleczkowo and Michael Zynebach.  Children:1. Eva baptized 6 Nov 1791 in Tlukom. Godparents: Casmir Waloch, Regina Hausz.                           

Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski.

            Children of  Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski:1. John Waloch born abt 1829. 2. Antonius Waloch born 3 Nov.1831 Czaycze. Christened 6 Nov.1831. Godparents: Franciscus Gladyszewski  and Hedvigis Maritate Bohn  3. Anna Waloch born 8 Dec. 1833 in  Czaycze, Christened 15 Dec.1833. Sponsors: Casimir Hart and Maryanna Cybulska  4. Jacob Waloch born 4 July 1836 Debowko and Christened 10 July 1836 Krostkowo, Godparents: Thomas Panek and Eva Osowna  5. Joseph Waloch born 24 Nov 1838 Debowko. Christened November 25, 1838 Krostkowo. Godparents: Lawrence Bratkowski and Anna Wyrobkowna.  Note: Joseph's Mom's name spelled  Makawianka/Makowiak  6. Marianne Waloch born August 19,1841 in Demboko and baptized on 23 Aug. 1841. Godparents: Jacob Panek and Marianna Bratkowska. 7.Mathias Waloch born  24 Feb 1844 in Debowko. Godparents: Joseph Szeszyn and Anna Pakowska. He died in Skitz, Flatow 7 Nov. 1855 age 12.  8. Stephen Waloch born 23 Dec. 1845 in Skitz, Flatow.Note: Mother's name spelled Catharine Maoikowir.  Godparents: Albert Fons  and Catharine Mackowin.  Stephen died 15 Sept 1848 in Skitz, Flatow. 9. Franciscus Walloch born 1 Jun 1846 in Debowko and baptized on 7 Jun 1846.  Godparents: Jacob Walloch and Marianna Walloch. Franciscus died on July 16, 1846 in Debowka.

            Child # 1 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski: John Waloch born abt. 1829. He married Kataryn Bebee nee Rosenthal on February 19, 1855 in Osowo, Zakrewo .  Child # 1: Elizsabeth Waloch born 10 July 1859 in Zakrzewo. Baptized on 10 July 1859. Godparents: Johann Waloch  and Marianna Szczepanska.  Elizabeth died on 10 Dec. 1860. 1year 6 months. Daughter of Johann Waloch and Catharina Rosenthal of Zakrzewo.

            Child # 2 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski: Antonius Waloch born 3 Nov 1831 Czaycze.  Antoni Waloch  married Gertrude (Henritta)Nikel  on 24 Nov. 1856 in Skitz, Flatow. Gertrude was the daughter of Albert and Eva Nikel .  Antoni died on 19 July 1909 iGertrude died 9 Jan. 1904 .   

                Children of Anton and Gertrude Nikel:1: Michel Waloch born 1856 ( Michel Waloch is the adopted son of Antoni Waloch).Michael was born to Henriette/Gertrude Nikel on 9 April 9, 1855 in Ruden,Slawianowo Godparents: Michael NIkel, Marianna Dix. 2. Pauline Waloch born 25 Jan 1858 in Skitz, Flatow. Godparents: Franz Luczyk and Marianne Waloch. Pauline died on 28 Jan 1858   3. Marianne Waloch born 11 July 1860 in Skitz, Flatow. Godparents: Joseph Waloch and Marianne Markowir. Marianne died on 5 Sept. 1924  4. Magadalena Waloch born 13 May 1863. Godparents: Andreas Czerwonka and Rosalie Markowir.  5. Anna Waloch born 5 April 1865 in Skitz. Godparents: Joseph Mirr and Catharine Brzerinska.  6. Anna Waloch born  23 July 1867   7. John Waloch abt. 1871

Anton Waloch Family immigrates to America:  SS Johanne Wilhelmine - Bremen to Baltimore, arrived 27 May 1867, Walloch, Anton 36 , Gertrude 36, Michel 8, Marianne 6, Magdalena 4.   

                     Child # 1 of Antoni Waloch and Gertrude Nikel: Michel Waloch and Eva Dargacz, daughter of Frank and Josephine Dargacz, were  married on 21 Sept 1878.

                    Child # 3 of Antoni Waloch and Gertrude Nikel: Marianne Waloch married Felix Januszewski on October 24, 1875

                    Child # 4 of Antoni Waloch and Gertrude Nikel: Magadalena Waloch born 13 May 1863. Magdelena Married to Michel Maciejewski on 24 Oct. 1881 Magdalena died 24 May 1916

                    Child # 6 of Antoni Waloch and Gertrude Nikel: Anna Waloch born 23 July 1867  Anna married Anton Borzyczkowski on 25 Aug. 1885 For more information on the descendants of Anna Waloch and Anton Borzyczkowski Contact : Jerry Kucharski

                    Child # 7 of Antoni Waloch and Gertrude Nikel: John Waloch married Lena. 

           Child # 3 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski Anna Waloch born 8 Dec.1833.  Anna married John Placzek, son of Mathias Placezek and Veronika Cieslek on 4 June 1855 in Skitz, Flatow.  Flatow. Sponsors: John Maczkova and Johann Placzek.

                    Children of Anna Waloch and John Placzek : 1.Adalbert Placzek born 23 April 1856 in Skitz. Godparents: Michal Gerensz and Eva Awent, Michal died 7 June  1860.  2. Thomas Placzek born 16 Dec.1867 in Skitz. Godparents: Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek. Thomas died 6 Mar.1866.  3.Marianne Placzek born 21 Oct. 1860. Godparents : Stephen Makowoir, and Marianna Waloch.  4 Catherine Placzek born 5 July 1863 in Skitz. Godparents: Paul Placzek and Michalin Tegliff.  5. Franz Placzek born 22 Feb.1868 in Skitz. Godparents: Martin Brezna and Maria Gor.  6. Appolonia Placzek born 22 June 1870 in Skitz. Godparents Franz Goruke and Eva Brzezinski.

         Child # 4 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski: Jacob Waloch born 4 July 1836. Jacob Waloch age 24 married Eva Placzek age 23 daughter of  Mathias Placezek and Veronika Cieslek  on 29 Mar.1860 in Skitz. Sponsors: Paulus Kulka and Mari Glaukowa. Eva Placzek  was baptized February 1838 in Skitz, Flatow. Godparents: Antonius Paulowski and Hedwig Luczyk.                                                                                                

                     Children of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek:  1 John Waloch born 25 Feb.1861 in Skitz. Godparents: John Garenski and Anna Placzek. 2.Agnes Waloch born 19 Feb 1863. Godparents: Stephan Sraczkowic and Magdalena Garenska. Anna died?  3. Marianne Waloch born 9 Sept. 1864 in Skitz.  Godparents: Joseph Walloch and Catherine Berenska  4. Thomas Waloch born 19 Aug. 1865 in Osowo, Zakrewo Godparents: Roch Guz, Glumsk and Catherine Waloch.  5. Balbina Waloch born 31March 1867 in Osowo, Zakrewo.  Godparents: Paul Placzek and Marianne Gazinski.  6. Lawrence Waloch born 8 Aug 1869 in Osowo, Zakrzewo.  Godparents: Johann Gondek and Cecelia Beebe.  7. Adam Waloch born 21 July 1871 (twin)in Osowo, Zakrewo. 8. Floria Waloch born 21 July 1871(twin) in Osowo,Zakrewo.  9. Constantia Waloch born 12 Feb.1872 in Osowo, Zakrewo  Godparents : John Waloch and Barbara Jasinks 10. Michael Waloch born Aug. 1874. 11. Pauline  Waloch born February 1880.

18 June 1881 Arrived on SS Cortex from St John New Foundland and Halifax to NY, Jacob Wallack-44, Eva-43, Lawrence-12, Balbina -9, Florian 8, Adam 8, Constance-7,Michal -3, Paulina 1.Paulina was not sitting with Family.  Other children arrived at a later date.

                            Child # 1 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek : John Waloch born 25 February 1861 in Skitz married Eva             

                            Child # 4 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Thomas Waloch  married 1.Mary Springer 2. Anna Jelinek   For more information on the descendants of Thomas Waloch contact : Kathy Hay

                            Child # 5 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Balbina Waloch married John Block

                            Child # 6 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Lawrence Waloch married Katy

                            Child # 7 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Adam Waloch born 21 July 1871 (twin) married Adel 

                            Child # 8 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Floria Waloch born 21July 1871(twin). 

                            Child # 9 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Constantia Waloch married James Sedivec.

                            Child # 10 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Michael Waloch married Prexida Borszichborn Aug. 1874. For more information on the descendants of Michael Waloch

                           Child # 11 of Jacob Waloch and Eva Placzek: Pauline Waloch born February 1880.Pauline Waloch Married John Mudloff

            Child # 5 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski: Joseph Waloch born 24 Nov. 1838.  Joseph married Pauline and she died.  He then married Balbina Cerviek. They had 7 children: 1. Mary Walloch born 8 April 1876  She married John Vaith.  She died 23 December 1963.  2. Charles Walloch born 1 Nov. 1878 . He married Affie Hurley. He died 27 Jan 1942   3. John Walloch born April 1881  He married Bessie Strejc  4. Frank Walloch born 13 July 1884  He married Otilie Vaith 9 July 1907 in Tabor. He died on 19 Feb.1960  5. Anton Walloch born May 1886 . He married Nada . He died 19 Feb.1960   6. August Walloch born 28 July 1889 .  He married Mary Carda7.  FrancesWalloch born 5 March 1892 . She married Michael Hale. Frances died  2 Jan 1974

Joseph Waloch immigrated to the US in 1865: SS Jupiter from Bremen to New York on 2 Oct. 1865,  Joseph Waloch age 27

            Child # 5 of Adam Waloch and Kataryna Maciejewski: Marianne Waloch born 12 Aug. 1840. Marianne married Andreas Czerwonka son of Paul and Magdalena Czerwonka on 29 Sept. 1862 in Skitz, Flatow. Sponsors: Joseph Waloch and Marianne Koceja.

                             Children of Marianne Waloch and Andreas Czerwonka : 1.John Czerwonka born 25 Feb. 1863 in Skitz, Flatow. Godparents: John Garenski and Anna Placzek.  2. Michalena Czerwonka  born 29 Oct. 1864 in Skitz, Flatow. Godparents: B Tutaj and Anna Placzek.

 Marianne Waloch and Andreas Czerwonka immigrated to America on SS? Bremen to Baltimore 6 Jan. 1866.  Andreas age 29, Marianne age 27, John age 2, Michalena age 1.

Nicholas Waloch and Anna Dzuibek

Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch born abt 1776 at Czaycze, Wirsitz, Posen. On 10 Nov 1797 he married Anna Dzuibek at Bialosliwie in the parish of Krostkowo,Wirsitz, Witnesses: Walenty Jesionowski and Daniel Pyszka of Bialosliwie. Anna born 5 July 1779 at Bialosliwie to Thomas and Marianna nee Teszka Dzuibek. Nicolaus Waloch  died in Debowka on 8 Mar 1843 age 77 in  Debowke  This would make his birth year 1766, but the age may have been recorded incorrectly. His wife Anna Dzuibek was named on record.

    Children of  Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch and Anna Dzuibek :  (Nine Known Children )  1.Adam Stanislaus Waloch born 5 May 1799 Czaycze (twin) Godparents: Michael Waloch, juvenus famulus & Marianna Pinkoski of Bialosliwie.    2.Jan Honoratus born 5 May 1779 (twin to Adam) Czaycze., Sponsors: Rochus Tabaka and Regina Hart (unmarried). John died on 4 March 1800.  3.Daniel Waloch Christened May 1802 Bialosliwie, Krostkowo. Parish Sponsors: Daniel Pyszka and Marianna Pinkoski.   4.Simon Waloch Christened 9 Oct. 1803 Bialosliwie,  Krostkowo. Parish Sponsors: Franciszek Pietczykowski and Magdalena Dzuibek.  5.Peter Waloch born 19 March 1807 Bialosliwie, Krostkowo, Sponsors: Jan Dzuibek and Regina Dzuibek   6.Jacob Waloch Christened 13 April 1811 Bialosliwie Sponsors : Simon Markowski and Anna Wyndonia  7.Weronica Waloch died 1 May 1813 at Bialosliwie.  8. Weronica Waloch born    8 March 1814 Bialosliwie Christened 14 Mar. 1814  Krostkowo. Parish Sponsors: Jan Dzuibek and Marianna Hanczykowo. 9.Andrzej Waloch born 18 Nov.1818 Bialosliwie Christened Nov 20, Krostkowo Sponsors: Martin Michalek and Marianna  Michalek  Andrzej Waloch died in Niezychowko on 18 Nov.1936 age 18.

     Child # 4 of Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch and Anna Dzuibek: Simon Waloch born October 1803 . Simon Waloch married Susanna Sikorski In Jeziorka, Wirsitz On 24 Nov.1833.  Simon's Family of Bialosliwie Nicolaus Waloch and Anna Dziubkowa.  Susanna of Jeziorka, Parents: Mathias Sikorski and Marianna Kukoloska.  Sponsers: Thomas Marezykowska and Petry Welniak. 

             Children of Simon Walloch and Susanna Sikorski: 1. Johnnes et Mathias born 2 Jan 1836 and baptized on Jan 7th in Jeziorka, Wirsitz .  Godparents: Christopher Verek and Apolonia Sikorska.  2. Catherina Walloch born 21 Nov. 1838 in Jeziorke, Wirsitz and baptized on 25 Nov.1938. Godparents: Marcellina Gotawka and Apolonia Milewska. Catherine died 30 June 1844. 3. Antonina Waloch born 13 Dec..1842 in Jeziorke and baptized on December 13, 1842. Godparents: Valentinus Sikorski and Marianna Szezepaska. Antonina died on 16 Jan 1843. 4. Theophilus Ladislaus Nepomocera Waloch born 28 April 1847 and baptized 30 April 1847. Godparents: Ladislaus Sikorski and Theresa Sikorski  5. Josephat Waloch born 13 Mar.1844 in Jeziorke. Baptized on 15 Mar. 1844. Godparents: Martinus Pietreszynski and Apolonia Milewska.  6. Catherina Waloch born 22 Nov.1850 in Jeziorki. Baptized on 24 Nov. 1850. Godparents: Michael Milewski and Rosalie Gryezkowna.  7 Johanna Nepomocera Waloch born 23 May 1852 in Jeziorke.  Baptized 30 May 1852. Godparents: Leon Kalendowski  and Catharina Skiera. 8 Marianne Walloch born 26 Dec.1854 and baptized on 27 Dec. 1854 in Jeziorke. Godparents: Andreas Walloch and Marianna Sikorski.  9. Francisca Waloch born 9 Aug, 1857 and baptized on 12 Aug. 1857 in Jeziorke.  Godparents: Valentinus Sikorski and Valeria Panek. 

                Child # 4 of Simon Walloch and Susanna Sikorski : Theophilus Ladislaus Nepomocera Waloch born 28 April 1847. Theophilus age 24 married Marianna Erdmann age 20 daughter of Andreas and Marianna Erdmann on March 7, 1871 in Jeziorke. Sponsors: Constantinus Kasnleurcz and Andreas Walenty. 1.Thecla Waloch born 28 March 1871 and baptized on 4 April 1871 in Jeziorke. Godparents: Adalbeft Gryczka and Apollonina . 2. Theodore Waloch born 29 Sept 1874.

              Child # 5 of Simon Walloch and Susanna Sikorski : Josephat Waloch born 13 Mar.1844 married Antonius Walenty age 30 in Jeziorki at the age of 18 on April 21, 1861. He was the son of Joseph and Catharine Walenty.

                        Children of Josephat Waloch and Antonius Walenty ; 1. Michael Walenty born 24 Sept 1863 in Jeziorki. Godparents: John Debrowski and Antonina Rachnel.  2. Joseph Walenty born 19 March 1866 and baptized on 22 March 1866 in Jeziorke. Godparents: Andreas Walenyn and Apollonina Milewska. 3. Francisca Walenty baptized on 10 Nov 1874 in Jezioki. Godparents: Adam Szajkowski  and Catherine Panek.          

             Child #9  of Simon Walloch and Susanna Sikorski: Francisca Waloch born 9 Aug, 1857 married Johann Budnik born 27 Aug 1850 in Gromaden November 23, 1879 in Glesno, Wirsitz. Witnesses:  Theophilus Bialakowski and Joannes Mrotek  Johann was the son of Joannes Budnik and Marianna Mrotek.      

                 Children of Francisca Waloch and Johann Budnik :  1. Marta Budnik born 27 Feb 1883 in Wissek 2. Victoria Budnik born   21 Dec 1880, Wissek. 3. Marianna Budnik born 8 April 1888 in Czaycze.

   Child # 5 of Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch and Anna Dzuibek: Peter Waloch born 19 March 1807 Bialosliwie, Krostkowo. Sponsors: Jan Dzuibek and Regina Dzuibek, Peter married Ludovica Packowna who was born abt 1814.  She was the daughter of Nicodemus Packowna and Elisabeth Bialczykowa,  They were married on  16 November 1834 in Bialosliwie.  Witnesses: Jan Dzuibek and August Michalski.

               Children of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: 1. Marianna Waloch born 13 Aug. 1835 Bialosliwie christened Aug 14 Krostkowo, Parish.  Godparents : Simon Stanczyk and Agatha Paczkowski.  2. Franciszek Waloch born 17 Oct.1838 Bialosliwie Christened Oct 21 Krostkowo  Godparents : Franciszek Bartosczek and Victoria Nowak. 3. Thecla Waloch born 22 Sept.1841 in Friederichshoehe and baptized on 27 Sept. 1841. Godparents: Michael Dzuibek and Annatasia Hanczykowo. 4. Victoria Waloch born 15 Dec.1844. in Friedrichshoehe and baptized on 18 Dec 1844. Godparents:Michael Skowera and Anna Przybylowna.   5. Vincent Waloch born 9 Sept.1847 in Biatosliwie and baptized 17 Sept 1847. Vincent died 27 Oct 1848. Godparents: Augustinus Michalski and Anna Michalski. 6. Adamus Walloch born  and baptized on 22 June 1850 in Biatosliwie Godparents: Franciscus Batoszek and Victoria Nowaezka.  7. Joannes Walloch born 22 June 1850 in Biatosliwie and baptized on 22 June 1850.  Godparents: Adalbertus Zacharski and Theophila Stanezyowna. 8. Joseph Walloch born 16 Mar 1855 and baptized on 16 Mar 1855. Godparents Anton Stanczyk and Anna Michalski.

                        Child # 1 of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: Marianna Waloch born 13 Aug. 1835. She married John Stankiewicz age 26 son of Rochos and Magdalena Stankiewicz  on 27 Oct 1862 in Bialosliwie.  Sponsers: Antonius Stanczyk and Michael Dzuibek. Children:  1.Antonius Stankiewicz born 7 July 1863 in Bialosliwie. Godparents: Mikotajczyk, Tecla Waloch.  2.Cecilla Stankiewicz  born 19 Nov 1865 in Bialosliwie. Godparents: Michael Chrabos and Victoria Waloch  3. Stanislaus Stankiewicz  born 1868 in Bialosliwie. Godparents:  Vincentius Wikorajczk and Genovesa Stanczyk  he  died in 1869. 4. Marianna Stankiewicz born 22 Mar 1870.  5. Martin Stankiewicz  born 25 Oct 1872  6. John Stankiewicz born 18 June 1876.  Ludovica Stankiewicz born 5 June 1878.

SS Herman May 7, 1880 Bremen to Baltimore: John Stankiewicz 46, Marie Stankiewicz 46, Elizabeth -14, Ludwika -10, Caecilla 9, Marie 7, Martin 4, Johann -3

                    Child #3 of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: Thecla Waloch married Jan Chrzan on May 7, 1865 in Bialosliwie in the Parish of Krostkowo.

                        Children of Jan Chrzan and Thecla Waloch: 1. Walentin Chrzan born 15 Feb 1866 in Bialosliwie. Godparents:  Antonius Stanczyk and Marianna Stznkiewicz. 2.Pelagria Chrzan, born. 14 Dec 1868, Bialosliwie. Godparents:  Johannes Stankiewicz & Marianna Stanczyk. 3.Sophia Chrzan born 14 May 1871 Bialosliwie. Godparents: Stanislaus Rohloff & Victoria Waloch 4.Thaddeus Chrzan, born 24 Oct 1875, Bialosliwie. Godparents:  Josephus Waloch and Anastasia Szulc. 5. Stanislaus Chrzan born 11 Mar 1880 Bialosliwie. Godparents: Adam Nowak and Marianna Stankiewicz  6. Andrzej Chrzan born 25 Nov1878, Bialosliwie. Godparents: Josephus Klimek and Victoria Glinski

                   Child #7 of
Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: John Waloch married Anastasia Naring on May 15, 1877 Children of John Waloch and Anastasia Naring are: 1. Agnes Waloch born Jan. 1880, 2. Joseph Walloch born April 15, 1882 3. John Walloch born Mar 17, 1884 and died Oct 14, 1840  4. Mary Walloch born March 1886. 5. Roman Wallock born Aug 1888 and died Nov 15, 1935

                 Child #8 of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: Joseph Waloch  born 16 March 1855  He married  Magdalena "Margaret"? 1882 in Poland. She was born 1861 in German Poland, and died 1945
                        Children of Joseph Waloch and Magdalena: 1.Mary Waloch born November 1882 .2. William Waloch born. February 1884. 3. Joseph Waloch born October 1885, German Poland. 4. Bessie Waloch born. November 25, 1886 in German Poland 4. Paulina Waloch born  February 1890, German Poland and married Joseph Mrowicki, 5. Frank Waloch born. April 02, 1892, 6.Stanley Waloch born 1894. and married Sophia Augustyniak September 29, 1920 7.Johanna " Jennie" Walloch born 1897  7. Walter Waloch born 1899.    

                 Child # 9 of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: Victoria Waloch married Ladislaus Glinski ex Murczyn par. Gora age 29 on 14 Nov. in Parish of Krostkowo. Godparents: Joseph Waloch and Peter Glinski
                        Child of Ladislaus Glinski and Victoria Waloch: Martin Glinski born 2 Nov 1877 in Bialosliwie and baptized 4 Nov 1877. Godparents  Josephus Waloch and Appollonia Michalska

   Child # 8 of Peter Waloch and Ludovica Packowna: Joseph Waloch born 15 March 1855. He married Magdelena abt 1881.  He died 4 March 1921 

                                Child # 1 of Joseph Waloch and Magdelena: Mary Waloch born Nov 1882 married Ladislaus Gallus born Feb 1884.

                                Child # 3 of Joseph Waloch and Magdelena: Joseph Waloch born Oct 1886 married Sophia Augustyniak

                                Child # 5 of Joseph Waloch and Magdelena: Pauline Waloch born Feb 1890 married Joseph Mrowicki

       Child # 6 of Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch and Anna Dzuibek: Jacob Waloch christened 13 April 1811 Bialosliwie Sponsors: Simon Markowski and Anna Wyndonia.  Jacob married Agnes Bratkowski of Debowko on 3 Nov. 1837.  She was born abt 1813 to Andrzej and Marianna nee Lutka Bratkowski  Witnesses: Thomas Panek and Adam Panek.

                Children of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski :1.Jan Waloch born 18 Aug. 1838 Debowko Christened  19 Aug.1838 Krostkowo. Godparents: Walenty Korpal and Marianna Dura  2. Marsianna Walloch born 19 Aug. 1841 in Debowko baptized on 23 Aug 1841 Godparents: Peter Waloch and Anna Bratkowski.  3.  Francisca Marta Walloch born 7 Mar. 1844 in Debowko baptized the 7th.  Godparents Jacob Panek and Marianna Bratkowski.  4. Franciscus Walloch born 23 September 1846 in Debowko and baptized on 27 Sept. 1846. Francicus died on 7 Oct 1846.  Godparents: Joannes Dura and Marianna Kiorpalka  5. Veronica Walloch born 18 Aug. 1847 in Debowko and baptized on 23 Aug 1847 in Debowko.  Godparents: Lawrence Bratkowska and Veronica Panek. 6. Laurentius Walloch born and baptized on 9 Aug. 1850 in Jeziorke. Godparents: Adalbertus Winiecki and Apolonia Milewska.  He married  ? Ossaduick. 7.Wincenty Walloch born 21 Jan.1855 in Dembowko. Godparents: Josephus Panek and and Antonina Pawlowska
                 Child #1 of  Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski : Jan Waloch born 18 Aug. 1838. John Waloch age 27 of Jeriozi married Josepha Marinska age 21 daughter of Mathias Marinsko In Czaycze on November 26, 1865. Sponsers: Mikel Waloch and John Ciesikowski       

                      Child #1 of John Waloch and Josepha Marinska : Nepomuka Waloch born in 1867.

                      Child #2 of John Waloch and Josepha Marinska: Leocadia Waloch born 2 Mar. 1870.

On June 10, 1870On the 1880 Census in Arkansas: John Waloch 44 born in Poland, Josephine Wife 34 born in Poland , Nepomuka 14 born in Prussia, Emma 10 born in IL, John 7 born in IL, Mary 5 born in IL, Adam 1 born in Arkansas, Eve 1, born in Arkansas  John Waloch age 31 and Josepha age 24, Nepomulka age 3 and Leocadia age 3/4  were passengers on SS Mozart : Bremen to Baltimore, Last Residence Zeicz (Czajcze)

                Child #2 of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski : Marianna Walloch born 19 Aug. 1841. Marianna age 25 married Ignatus Przyblinski age 29 son of Mathias T and Catherina Przybylinski (From Crajcze) November 25, 1866 in Jeriorke. Sponsers: Jacob Lecki and Adalbertus Cholewinski.

                Child #3 of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski :Francisca Marta Waloch -22 married Thomas Gace-26 on 8 Nov 1863. He was the son of Michael and Marianna Gace. Sponsers: Peter Jagodzinski and Andreas Gace  Second Marriage :Francisca Marta Walloch married Joseph Gresk on 9 Feb 1873 in Jeriorke.  Joseph was the son of Mathias and Lucia Gresk.  Sponsers: Thomas Gresk and Constance Gresk.

                Child #5 of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski : Veronica Walloch born 18 Aug. 1847. Veronica married Antonius Szpajer on August 20, 1871 in Jeziorki.  John was the son of John and Theresa Szpajer.  Sponsers: John Odorszllmach and Petrus Tomaszewski.

               Child #6 of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski : Laurentius Waloch married Mary.

                Child # 7 of Jacob Waloch and  Agnes Bratkowski :Wincenty Walloch born 20 /21 Jan. 1855 in Dembowko.  He  married Marianna Conscheck

        Child # 8 of Mickolaj (Nicolas) Waloch and Anna Dzuibek:  Weronica Waloch born 8 Mar. 1814 Bialosliwie Christened 14  Mar. 1814  Krostkowo, Parish Sponsors : Jan Dzuibek and Marianna Hanczykowo. She married Thomas Panek 29 Nov.1833 Bialosliwie, Krostkowo Witnesses: Simon Stanczyk and Jan Nowak. Thomas Panek was born 21 Dec. 1801 Rzeszkowo to Paul and Marianna nee Bratkowski Panek Note on Marriage reg. that Thomas was a Feldwebel (sargeant)

                 Children of Weronica Waloch and Thomas Panek: 1.Victoria Panek born 12 Oct.1834 Debowko Christened Oct 13 Krostkowo  Godparents: Peter Walloch and Ludivica Paczkowna.  2. Joseph Panek born 13 July 1837 Debowko Christened July 16 Krostkowo Godparents: Casimer Korzsek and Catherine Walochowno   3. Marianna Panek born 24 Aug.1840 Debowko Christened August 30 Krostkowo. Godparents:Simon Walloch and Marianna Bostowchowa.  4.Thomas Panek  born Nov 1843 5. Elizabeth Panek born 11 Aug 1846 in Debowo and baptized on 16 Aug 1846.  Godparents: John Piescko and Zuzann Waloch. She married Stanislaus Pawelczak on 14 Nov 1872.  6. Franciszek Panek born May 1849  Eva 7.Jacobus Panek born 28 July 1847 in Debowko and baptized on 29 July 1847. Godparents: Josephus Niewzyn and Caroline Ryiera. 8. Joannes Panek born in Krostkow on 14 July 1849 and baptized on 22 July 1849.  Godparents: Valentinus Klimek and Justina Liebskowa.  9.Hippolsus Walloch born in Krostkowa on 13 August 1852 and baptized on 15 Aug. 1852.  Godparents Jacobus Lyosch and Mage Krzyzianowski.  10. Angela Amelia Panek born 9 December 1854 in Krostkowo and baptized on 13 Dec. 1854. Godparents: Agnes Pietrowska and Carolus Gorzkros died 9 May 1877 in Komorrowo, Krostkowo Parish  11.Anna Panek born 4 June 1856 in  Krostkowo and baptized on 5 June 1856. Godparents: Constantine Grazyk and Agnes Pietrowska.

                   Child # 1 of Weronica Waloch and Thomas Panek: Victoria Panek born 12 Oct 1834 . Victoria married Michael Pyszka

Child # 3 of Weronica Waloch and Thomas Panek: Marianna Panek born 24 Aug. 1840.  Marianne age 22 married Ludwig Czerwinski. They were married in In Komonowo on 25 Jan 1863.  Ludivicus  Czerwinski of Koenigsdorf age 25 was the son of John Czerwinski and Anastasia Sikorski. Sponsers: Michael Bisksyzy and Jacobus Panek.They immigrated to the US on SS Columbia, Bremen to NY. Ludwig Czerwinski son of Jan and Anastasia Sikorski was born on 14 Nov.1938 in Bakowo

                                Children of Marianne Panek and Ludwig Czerwinski: 1.Jan Czerwinski born 22 Dec 1863 and baptized on 25 Dec. 1863 in Koenigsdorf. Godparents: Michael Biskupski and Hedwig Kopczynska. He died 12 Oct. 1864  in Krostkowo   2.Victor Czerwinski 15 Oct 1865 Bakowo  He married Anna Glupczynski  3.Joseph Czerwinski born 23 Dec.1868 Bakowo .  He married Cecilia Dawicki 4. Appolonaire aka Paul Czerwinski born 27 March 1870 Bakowo    He  married  Anna Sierkiersky. 5. Josephine Czerwinski born 21 Feb. 1876 He married Anton Wyciskalla 6. Stanislaus Czerwinski born 26 Dec.1879   7.Felix Czerwinski born 23 April 1881 He married Cecilia Wachowski

Marianne Panek Czerwinski married Jan Szopinski February 3, 1883 Jan was born 6 Mar.1838, son of Szymon Szopinski  and Marianne Kazmarek and immigrated from Konstanynowo in the Sadki parish in the Wirsitz District with first wife Katarzyna Lasek. Jan Szopinski   Jan and Marianna Szopinski had one son, Stefan Szopinski

                        Child # 4 of Weronica Waloch and Thomas Panek: Thomas Panek  born Nov 1843. He married on 24 Jan.1869 Bialosliwie to Hedwig Korpal born Oct 1847 Hedwig immigrated 1873 with daughter . Thomas immigrated 1872.

                       Child # 8 of Weronica Waloch and Thomas Panek: Anna Panek born 1857 Bakowo. She married Jan Grubich on 30 Jan.1876. Witnesses: Franciszek Kubinski and Casimir Henrykowski.  Jan Grubich was born 1846 in Komorrowo

                               Children of Anna Panek and Jan Grubich: 1. Stanislava Grubich  2.Thecla Grubich

 Franciscus Michalek and Antonina Waloch, Children:1.Archoriaius Michalek 5 Jan.1860 in Wirsitz  Godparents: Bonifacy Rewolinski And Maryanna Bartoszek.   2.Maryanna Michalek 25 Oct. 1861 in Wirsitz.  Godparents: Peter Koemp and Tustyna Haust.  3.Francisek Michalek 25 Nov.1862 in /Wirsitz. Godparents: Peter Koempcryn And Turtyna Haust.    4.Kathryn Michalek: 13 Nov.1863 in Wirsitz.  Godparents :Stanislaus Jaworski And Anna Kniota.   5.Waleryn Michalek 12 Feb.1866 in Wirsitz.  Godparents: Jan Waloch and Katharina Jaworski
 Joseph Waloch
and Rosalie Depiek(Depczyk), Children: 1.Anna Waloch: 6 Nov. 1870 in Honowajdy. Godparents: Joseph Depczyk and Katherine Jaworski.   2.Marianne Waloch 30  Nov.1873 in Honowajdy/Wirsitz. Godparents:Vincent Kucharski and Marianne Woda.  Marianne died 25 Mar.1874-age 4 Months- Honowajdy. 3.Francisca Waloch 4 Jan.1875 in Honowajdy. Godparents- Joseph Atepka and Francisca Tiferri. 

Marza Waloch age 36  December 24, 1830- Osiek

Christopher Reinke and Eva Waloch: Children: 1. Eva Reinke  May 1932 2.Christopher Reinke was baptized on March 28, 1835 in Bakowo. Godparents: Jacob Dreym and Dorthea Reinke  3. Rosalie Reinke  abt. 1936 4. Justina Reinke circa 1837  4. Joseph Reinke Circa 1838 5. Anna Reinke 18 July 1841 baptized on the 24th in Bakowo. Godparents: Joannes Regenta, Marianna Rewolinski. Anna died on 27 Dec 1842 in Bakowo  6.Ludovius August Reinke born 19 Aug 1843 in Bakowo and baptized the 24th. Godparents Ludovius Reinke, Wilhelmiana Schlidtingowa. 

    Child #2 of Christopher Reinke and Eva Waloch: Christopher Reink married Anna Benas in Polanowo(Eichfelde) on 29 Sept 1859.

    Child # 6 Ludovicus Reinke married Anna Zielinski in Konigsdorf on Sep 28, 1853

Michael Szkayda and Marianna Waloch married in  Crajcze on 15 Oct 1809 Children:  1.John Szkayda.  John Szkayda married Magdalena Zielinski in Grabowo on 12 Nov 1842.  Magdalena was the daughter of John Zielinski and Catharine Lutkowo. Sponsers: Peter Tesmer and Martha Wydon 2. Catharine Szkayda born 23 Nov 1823 in Crajcze.   Catharine Szkayda  - 27 married  Stanislaus Grzesk -31 on 14 March 1850 in Jeziorki. Stanislaus was the son of Martin Grzesk and Dorothy Kazmerak.  Godparents: Casmir Wnuk and Valentinus Skrzeczy

Adalbert Waloch and Anna Debinska married circa 1815.  Child #1 Adalbert Waloch married Dorthea Warman daughter of Casmir Warman and Catherine Bembenek 24 May 1842 in Freidheim. Sponsers: Adalbert Warman, John Klattkowo

Michael Pluziak and Eva Waloch. Children: 1. Rosalia Pluziak baptized 12 April 1848 in Marienfield, Friedheim. Godparents: Michael Warman and Rosalie Pluziak.  2.Jacob Pluziak born circa 1851 in Friedheim.  3.  Wilhelmina Pluziak born circa 1860 in Friedheim.  4.Paulina born 19 June 1865 in Friedheim.   Wilhelmina Pluziak born circa 1860 in Friedheim.

August Waloch and Caroline Grun. Children 1. Paulina Waloch baptized 21 Feb 1856 in Poburka. 2. Augustus Waloch baptized 3 Sept. 1858. Godparents: Valentinus Jaworski and Christina Grun. 4. Andreas Waloch baptized 9 May 1861 in Poburka. Godparents: Andreas Kleski and Marianna Jawonka. 5. Justine Waloch baptized 20 July 1863 in Poburka. Godparents: Andreas Pietrowski and Marianna Rozptoch.  

Geogius Waloch and Dorthea Warman: Children: 1. Augustus Waloch baptized 24 Aug 1842 in Grabowo. Godparents: Jacob Klatt and Catharine Welniak.

Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski    He married Marianna Kowalski  on 18 Nov 1832 in Kruszka,Wirsitz. Witnesses: Valentin Kazmierski and Mathias Bak.

            Children of Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski : 1.MIchael Waloch born. 25 September 1833. Godparents: Joseph Kowalski, juvenus de Kruszka and Marianna Szperra virga de Czaycze  2. Antonina Waloch born 7 Aug 1836, Czaycze, Wirsitz, Godparents:  Christopher Reinke and Eva maritate Hart  3. Marianna Waloch born abt 1839 in Czaycze, Wirsitz. 4. Francisca Waloch born April 28, 1841, Czaycze, Wirsitz, Poland. Godparents: Franciscus Sikorski, agricola and  Rosalia maritate Szpera. 5. Rosalia Waloch born 3 Jan 1844, Czaycze, Wirsitz, Poland. Godparents: Frances Marlewski and Nepom maritate Hart  6.Anastasia Waloch born 16 Mar 1848, Czaycze, Wirsitz, Poland. Godparents:. Joannes Szpera and Hedvigis Gapa
               Child #1 of Jacob Waloch and Marianna Kowalski : 1.MIchael Waloch born. 25 September 1833.  He married 
Rosalia Szafranek in Pobuka, Wirsitz on18 Nov 1855 Michael Waloch age 23 and Rosalia Szafranek age 20, Parents: Jacob and Marianna Waloch. Adalbert and Anna Szafranek. Sponsers: Michael Osesjek, Josephus Kowalski

                    Children of :Michael Waloch and Rosalia Szafranek:1. Marta Waloch born 1 Oct 1875, Czaycze, Wirsitz, 2 Marianna Waloch born 14 Oct 1858, Czaycze

Simon Waloch married Marianne Gaske. Simon died November 25, 1839 in Slawianowo, Flatow

              Children of Simon Waloch and Marianne Gaske : 1.Marianne Waloch born 6 Sept. 1833 in Slawianowo,Flatow. Godparents: Frank Reyssowski and Eva Kolodrieyeryk.  Marianne died on 5 Nov. 1839   2.John Waloch born  16 June 1835 in Slawianowo, Flatow. Godparents: Frank Poladeowski and Magdalena Cieslak of MAWF.  John died 25 Nov.1839. 3. Brigitta Waloch born 30 Sept. 1837 in Slawianow, Flatow.  Godparents: Paul Gaske and Margarette . 4. Franciscus Waloch born 11 Oct.1839 in Slawianowo, Flatow. Godparents : Thomas Pikulik of Piesne and Marianne Klimek. 

The following information was contributed by Jerry Kucharski:

POTULICE  1) in German Pottlitz.  In 1479 known as Pothulycz.  It is a village in the district of Zlotow.  Post Office, Telegraph and Railway in Lipka.  Catholic parish is in Zakrzewo, ¾ mile away.  Lutheran church is in Jastrzeba.  The village has a Catholic school.  It has an area of 1462.61 morg.  2)  POTULICE royal farms belonging usually to the oldest bother  of each Prussian King.  It has 4601.75 Magdaburg morgs.  The village and manorial farm together numbered in 1868, 100 buildings, 29 homes, 295 inhabitants, of which 75 were Catholic and 220 were Lutheran.  To this estate also belongs 3) Potulice – the brickworks also in 1868 numbering 4 buildings, 1 home,11 inhabitants, of which 5 were Catholic and 6 were Lutheran.  4) Potulice – the forest district with an area of 5415.9 Magdenberg morgs, 6 buildings, 1 home and 13 Lutheran inhabitants.  4) Potulice Nowe (New Potulice) a  colony belonging to Potulice.  In 1868 it had 46 buildings, 20 homes, 262 inhabitants of which 142 were Catholic and 121 were Lutheran.  Potulice was the former seat of the Potulicki Family of the Coat of Arms of Grzymala, who settled here with manors in Zlotow, Sepolno and Wiecbork.  The most heralded of this line are: Piotr Castellan of Przemet, and Governor of Plock, Brzesc        and Kalisz.  He was a Protestant.  In 1577 he was Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the king to the State of Prussia.  His wife was nee Ostrorog, a Catholic.  Their son, Jan was educated in Padua and authored the work entitled “THEOREMATA PHILOSPHIAE NATURALIS (THEORIES OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY). Jan Jakub Potulicki was Mayor of Borzechow and authored in 1701 the work, “HISTORYA REWOLUCJA  KROLESTWA SWEDZKIEGO I DUNSKIEGO” (THE REVOLUTIONARY HISTORY OF SWEDEN AND DENMARK). In the middle of the XVI th century it belonged along with Chodziez to him.  It was then divided into two lines: the Chodziez line and the Zlotow line.  Zofia Potulicka nee Zbaska of the Coat of Arms Nalecz, endowed at the beginning of the XVII th century the Benedictine Monastary in Sierpc.  Maria Teresa Potulicka, whereas, of the Tarlow branch, widow of the Governor of Czernichow, Jozef Potulicki, favored the Protestants.  Joseph died in 1734,,,,.  Aleksander Hilary Potulicki, Mayor of Borzechow died in 1780, Michal Potulicki, his son died in 1806.  Kasper Potulicki was not of age  at his father’s death, therefore, all of the estates were received by his mother, Elzbieta Potulicka, nee Wodzicka.  Later he took over from her the estates of Wiecbork and Zlotow,  giving over to the Royal Bank of Prussia the assets of several estates on a mortgage for a certain amount.  The Potulicki were related to the Grudzinski, Tarlow, Wodzicki, Dzialynski, Szoldrski, Dabski, Przebendowski, and Weyhera Families.(From “Gesch des Kr. Flatow” von Schmitt pp 96-98).  Still at the beginning of the last century, there existed in Potulice a church under the patronage of St. Stanislaus, built of wood having a belfry, vestry and porch.  It was added as a branch of the Zakrzewo Parish.  Inside it had three altars.  For the pastors there was granted a wolka of fields consisting of meadows and gardens.  Religious services were conducted on every second Sunday of each month.  The main indulgence occurred on the Feast of St. Stanislaus.  The next day after the Feast, there was a funeral Mass for the soul of Pawel Dzialynski, with a procession and stations of the Cross.  The annual services for the Feast of Corpus Christi occurred on the Monday during the octave.  In addition to Potulice, the residents of the village of Laki joined these services.  At the beginning of the last century, the church was stripped of protection, and declined.  At the end of 1827, ownership was transferred to the secular and it was taken down.  In the time of Bishop Matha it was one of his goals to rebuild. (from “Utracone Koscioly” (Church Loses) by Fr. Fankidejski p. 299).  Fr. Fr. Note: wolka = 36 acres, morg = 1.2 acres

TLUKOMY – also know as Tlukom and Elsingen.  After 1870 a village and manor in the District of Wyrzysk, about 6 kilometers to the northeast of Wysoka (location of Protestant Parish and post office) and 10 kilometers southwest of Lobzenica on the shores of a lake with an elevation of  102 meter above sea level.  The Catholic Church is in  Blugowo, and the railway station is in Krajenka (Krojanke) about 12 kilometers away.  In 1578 Tlukomy to the Tlukomski Family: Jan had 10 lan, settlement and 4 cottages,  Stanislaw had 4 lan and 2 cottages, and Piotr had 1 lan and 2 cottages.   In 1618 there were in all of Tlukomy 14 lan, 4 cottages and a windmill.  After the end of the last century, Pawel Lakinski of Czajcze inherited Tlukomy.  In recent times it belonged to various Germans.  In the area of Tlukomy were excavated imaged drachma from the Island of Thasos and iron buckles covered with gold foil. (J.N. Sadowski).  After 1830 it was divided into the Wielki (Great) Tlukomy and Male (Little) Tlukomy.   a) Tlukomy Wielki, Gross Elsingen, is a village and manor.  The village has 19 homes, 180 inhabitants (114 Catholic, 66 Protestant) and 222 hectares (179 in fields, 32 in meadow).  The manor house is of brick.  Male Tlukomy together with the adjacent manor has 14 homes, 243 inhabitants (143 Catholics and 100 Protestants) and 910 hectares (640.35 in fields, 97.45 in meadow, 40.95 in pasture, 99.92 in forest, 21.86 unusable, and 10.35 of water).  Clear profit from the land was 12089 marks.  The Neuzelle Fund of Brandenburg owns the brickworks, pair of distilleries and cattle breeding.  b) Tlukomy Male (Little), Klein Elsingen is a manorial farm lying in thew area of the Manor of Tlukomy Wielki (Great).  E. Cal. hectare = 2.47 acres, 1 lan = 7.5 acres

 ZAKRZEWO -  A church village in the District of Zlotow.  On the railway line between Pila and Chojnice.  Having a post office, railway station and Catholic school with 2 classes and an area of 1212l hectares (864 in fields under cultivation, 87 in meadows and 15 in forest).  In 1885 it had 160 dwellings, 195 homesteads, 1031 inhabitants of which 815 were Catholic and 206 were Lutheran and 10 Jews.  In the colony of Zakrzewo (Nowe Zakrzewo) were an additional 44 dwellings, 269 inhabitants.  The village was formerly divided into three parts: in one lived the Poles, in the second, the German Catholics, and in the third, the Lutherans.  The church is built of stone, with the steeple having half-timbered walls.  Started in 1839 and consecrated in 1842.  It is under the patronage of the Prince and dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.  In recent times it was restored and adorned with four stained glass windows.  These windows were the workmanship of the firm, Bednar in Wroclaw.  They  represent St. Mary Magdalene, the Lord Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph.  At the base are found a number of inscriptions, attesting to the 4 benefactors to whom these are attributed.  The church existed under the Confraternity of the Immaculate Virgin Mary from 1851 and the Confraternity of the Solemnity since 1859.  Mission churches are in Glomska and Wisniewka.  Villages in the parish are, Zakrzewo, Potulice, Lakie, Orowo, Lipka, Koenigsdorf, Carlsdorf, Gross Friedricksberg, Klein Friedricksberg, Mittel Friedricksberg, Wersk, Prochy, and Stalluhnermuehle.  Here the parish (deanery of Kaminsko) in 1894 had 3525 souls.  The rectory farm in Zakrzewo has 470 Prussian morg.  To the hospital belong about 210 morg.  The village of Zakrzewo came into existence in 1453.  In the XVII century it belonged to the Zakrzewski Family.  Later to the Krolikowski Family after their visiting Trebica, and  from 1656 it belonged to Andrzej Grudzinski, the Governor of Kalisz (p. 164).  In the Topography by Goldbeck from 1789 it was listed as a noble village of 82 homesteads

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