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Welcome to the Woodlief Research list!
If your ancestry includes a Woodlief (Woodliff, or any of the many variant spellings) anywhere in the world, then you've found the right list. This home page serves to keep our list running smoothly. Our list has a great history, even preceding Rootsweb. Through our collaboration, we've found many connections and made many friends. While not all Woodliefs descend from the same common ancestor, we share a great kinship in our collective search for our history. As always, if you have difficulties or need assistance with list related matters, contact me. Best of luck with your research, and I look forward to reading your list messages.
founder and listowner, Woodlief Research list

List focus:
Every list must have a focus to which all messages should adhere. Here's ours:
• Discussion of Woodlief genealogy worldwide, including all variant spellings: Woodliff, Woodlieffe, etc.
• List members are encouraged to post their research interests and to assist one another with research.

List Rules: (few and simple)
• Stick to the list focus (see above).
• This list currently operates on Rootsweb's servers, so subscribers are advised to adhere to Rootsweb/'s AUP (see link in menu bar).
• Be polite. No "flaming."
• When posting data:
• never post information concerning living persons
• adhere to United States copyright law
• remember all list messages are archived and posted to the internet archive file

The address for posting messages to the list differs from the address used to subscribe/unsubscribe from the list.

To post a message to the list, send your email to:

NOTE: By default, any "reply" to a list message goes to the full list. If you wish to reply privately, you must manually edit the address in your message header, replacing it with the address of the individual.

To join the list, send an email to:

or, for digest mode, to:
placing the word UNSUBSCRIBE in both the subject line and body of the email

To UNsubscribe (leave) the list (including the digest), send an email to:
placing the word UNSUBSCRIBE in both the subject line and body of the email

Have fun! Remember to periodically re-post your research interests to the list, since our list membership changes over time. Best of luck to all with your research!