Machu Picchu, Abra Malaga, and
the Lima Coast

Day 1: 28 June 2006
The Lima Coast

Not quite recovered from the late night arrival in Lima the night before, our group set off to bird the Lima coast. The first stop was the Pantanos de Ville, where among the birds we saw was this Pacific Dove.

The marshes here had a lot of interesting birds, among which were several Great Grebes.

Several species of gulls were present in the marsh proper. One of them was this adult Kelp Gull, watching a Band-tailed Gull that in turn was watching something under the water.

These marshes were also the only site where we observed Gray-headed Gull. Here is one perched up right where our bus first parked at the site.

Although Neotropic Cormorants were everywhere, this one, also right at the parking lot, was the only one I photographed.

Our guide, Jay vanderGaast, informed us that we should be looking for Peruvain Thick-knees as we walked into the south part of the site. We hadn't gone 20 yards before Jay spotted several. They were right in front of us, but were amazingly camoflauged for such large birds.

Before we left Pantanos de Ville, we hopped over to the beach, where Peruvian Pelican, Peruvain Booby, Inca Terns, and other birds were working the surf. On the beach proper were more gulls, including these Band-tailed and Gray Gulls.

The Gray Gulls were among my favorites.

We then headed down the coast, making a brief stop at Puente Lurin. Here we spotted several more birds, including this Long-tailed Mockingbird.

We reached Pucusana and lunched by the harbor side. Nearby were the cliffs where we watched nesting Inca Terns. Here is a pair displaying to one another as their chick wonders who is going to provide the next meal.

It was also here at the cliffs by Pucusana that our group spotted Humboldt Penguins, Red-legged Cormorant, and this Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes.

Birders can't pass up a good garbage dump; the dump at Pucusana is where we ticked Coastal Miner.

Our last stop was at Playa san Pedro, where I took this photo of a Peruvian Meadowlark just moments before we were informed that photography was forbidden here, as the Peruvian military was exercising at the nearby beach.

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