Machu Picchu, Abra Malaga, and
the Lima Coast

Day 4: 1 July 2006
Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and the Urubamba River

Our birding this morning began on the grounds of the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. The hotel boasts a bird list of 162 species, plus 108 butterfly and 372 orchid species. The orchid collection is said to be the world's largest private collection.

In the forest we were able to find some Speckle-faced Parrots and witnessed two of the parrots "kissing."


Among the more common hummingbirds at the feeders on the hotel grounds were Chestnut-breasted Coronets and Green-and-white Hummingbirds.

Though quite numerous, the coronets were rather striking.

We walked from the hotel downstream along the Urubamba River, following the railroad tracks. The birding was quite enjoyable here, though the continuing clear skies apparently limited the number of feeding flocks we encountered. The birds tend to me more active in overcast and misty conditions.

When birding along the tracks, you have to be aware of the train traffic. Lucretia knew the train schedule and would give the group ample warning about expected trains.


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