Machu Picchu, Abra Malaga, and
the Lima Coast

Day 7: 4 July 2006
Abra Malaga, west and east slopes

Our bus set out on what would be the first of three runs up into Abra Malaga. Our hotel was at about 9000 feet; we would reach the crest somewhere above 14,000 feet. The road needed to switch back and forth numerous times to make the ascent.

One of the rewards of our climb was seeing a Stripe-headed Antpitta. Jay spotted this bird well below us, foraging alongside a tiny stream.

Lupines decorated the road side, and Mt. Veronica was frequently in view. Veronica rises to 18,000 feet.

Red-crested Cotingas turned out to be relatively common along the Abra Malaga road. Here is a juvenile.

Also common were the Mountain Caracaras. I missed the first one that was spotted by the group, It was soaring along the mountain slopes and drifted up one of the valleys before I could locate it. This one here was a little more accommodating as it was content to feed on road kill in a wide pull-off.

Twice this day, invisibly camoflaged birds were spotted by keen eyes. The first time, it was these Gray-breasted Seedsnipes (among a group of five) that were somehow located.

The second time it was an Andean Snipe.

A Streak-throated Canastero provided nice looks, venturing out occasionally from his rock hide-out.

One of the furnariids that I never did see was the Marcapata Spinetail. The nest of this bird, however, was hard to miss.


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