Machu Picchu, Abra Malaga, and
the Lima Coast

Day 8: 5 July 2006
East slope of Abra Malaga

On our second day birding Abra Malaga, we heading out very early in order to pass through the construction zone before it was closed to traffic. This put us over on the eastern slope for the entire day. There were plenty of birds and sights to enjoy, including this Red-crested Cotinga.

Across the valley we could see a vast wooded mountain side. Looking carefully, one could see that this hillside was actually inhabited, though quite sparsely.

Here is that house that appears as a speck on the opposite slope.

And here is the agricultural field near the house.

Closer at hand were a number of nice road side flowers.


Lucretia pointed out to me the flower and plant of the passion fruit.

This flower is one that the Sword-billed Hummingbird likes to visit.

A White-throated Hawk that soared in was kind enough to perch, giving everyone ample opportunity to view it through the scopes.

Since we were stuck on the far side of the pass until dusk, we were able to witness the sunset while up high in the mountains.


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