Cartographic Projections
libproject C library

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Both this web page and various parts of the software described are under construction.

Purpose and scope of library

The general purpose of this library is to provide C language procedures related to cartographic processes. Procedures for each of the processes will be strictly categorized and although they may share common subfunctions they will not intersect in scope.

Current procedure categories consist of:
  • Cartographic projections---the largest library section consisting of well over 180 entries.
  • Geodesic procedures---procedures for determining the properties of the shortest path on a sphere or ellipsoid.
  • [future]Bivariate approximation---resurrection of original proj's approximation procedure. Seems to be still useful.
  • General support---general support procedures such as [de-]formating geographic coordinates, controlling option lists, selecting ellipsoids, ... .
  • [vague future]Datum conversions---in part will include resurrected material from original proj distribution as well as alternative methods,

In addition to the library will be programs for usage of one or more library elements:
  • lproj---semi-production procedure for performing cartographic projections on tabular data. lproj is currently part of the libproj4 distribution.
  • project---(proposed) is an expanded version of lproj with more user friendly interface. Eventually will replace lproj.
  • geodesic---a user friendly, command driven replacement for program geod of the original proj distribution.

All libproject software will be distributed with configure and associated tools for installation on Linux/Unix class platforms. Shared library will be installed when applicable. Sorry, no Microsoft support available.

Current Distribution
libproj4.3_20081120.tar.bz2 "Mature," thus final, distribution of libproj4.
libproject-1.01.tar.bz2 libproject that includes support, geodesic procedures and cartographic projection procedures.
geodesic-1.0.tar.bz2 Program geodesic. A user friendly access to the geodesic procedures. It requires libproject.
OF90-284.pdf 1990 USGS Open-File Report manual of projection system. Useful reading for description of some attributes of program proj utilization which later became program lproj in the libproj4 distribution.
manual.pdf Current manual for libproj4 which is more complete mathematical description of projections.
Doxygen manual for libproject. Click here for online view.
Description of common projection factors
sproj-1.0.tar.bz2 Basic cartographic projection program. Requires libproject library.

Software significant to development of libproject Kubuntu