disciplinary procedures




Green Card – Warning to player

Yellow Card – Player must serve minimum five-minute suspension

Red Card – Player expelled from the game and must serve minimum one game suspension pending further review by Disciplinary Committee.

Yellow Card in Two Successive Games – Disciplinary Committee shall review player’s conduct.

Yellow Card in Three Successive Games – Player must serve minimum one game suspension pending further review by Disciplinary Committee.


All GFHA members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while representing the GFHA, and when participating in GFHA-affiliated functions.  Conduct deemed offensive or detrimental to the GFHA may be reported by any member of the GFHA to the Executive Committee for review by the Disciplinary Committee.


The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise the Men’s and Women’s Organizers and one other person of the same sex as the individual being reviewed.  The President of the GFHA shall appoint the third person to this committee.  The Disciplinary Committee shall meet within one week of the incident as reported by the umpire or other member of the GFHA.  In making its decision, by majority vote, the Committee shall consult with the umpire(s) and/or member(s) involved in the incident(s).  The Disciplinary Committee shall have the right, as granted by the Executive Committee, to impose additional sanctions, other than those outlined above, against any member whose conduct is under its review.  Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspensions for more games, suspension for the season, suspension from the GFHA, and, in severe cases, expulsion from the GFHA.


Any member who has received an additional sanction from the Disciplinary Committee shall have the right to appeal, either verbally or in writing, the Committee’s decision to the Executive Board of the GFHA.  Such appeal must be communicated to the Secretary of the GFHA no later than 48 hours after the member has received notification of the additional sanction imposed on him/her by the Disciplinary Committee. 


The Secretary shall notify the President immediately and convene a hearing within 48 hours.  If circumstances prevent a hearing within 72 hours, the Secretary must convene the group as soon as possible thereafter, but no later than one week after the receipt of notice of appeal.  The Men’s and Women’s Organizers shall recuse themselves from the hearing committee.  The Executive Board shall receive testimony from both sides of the conflict.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the Executive Board shall render, by majority vote, its decision.  The decision of the Executive Board is final.

These disciplinary procedures were approved at the GFHA Executive Board meeting on Monday, February 25, 2002 with immediate effect.



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