A little background....

I am a Jesuit, a member of a Roman Catholic religious community of men known as the Society of Jesus.  I was born and raised in the "Deep South" -- Atlanta and New Orleans -- educated by the Christian Brothers, and am indebted to the Benedictine Monks of St. Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, LA, for their parochial and pastoral ministry during my high school years. 

Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL, is my first alma mater: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics there in 1967.  Three years of teaching physics at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas,  followed.  Then four years of theology study in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I earned a Master of Divinity at Regis College/Toronto School of Theology, and a Master of Arts in Theology at the University of St. Michael's College.

The University of Tübingen, Germany was my location for doctoral studies: I was in Germany from 1976 until 1983, and completed a dissertation, under the direction of Professor Walter Kasper, comparing Ernst Troeltsch [1865-1923] and Herman Schell [1850-1906] on the question of the absoluteness of Christianity.  During this period, I was living and working as an Assistant Pastor in a village along the Neckar River:  Kiebingen. This small Swabian town of 1500 residents became my second home!  

Since 1989 I have been on the faculty of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, California, now affiliated with Santa Clara University but still in the shadows of the University of the California at Berkeley.  My field is systematic and historical theology.  Since 2000 I have had the opportunity of spending time and doing some teaching in China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, South Korea and Taiwan, and especially through contact with our students from these countries, many of whom who have become friends, my view of the world has taken a startling turn.