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All Christian ministry is grounded in the sacrament of baptism, and is in the service of the Reign of God:  I was baptized as a child at St. Anthony's Church in Atlanta, Georgia February 18, 1942.  

Thirty-one years later I was ordained to the presbyterate, or priesthood, of the Roman Catholic Church by Bishop Joseph L. Howze in the Jesuit High School Chapel, New Orleans, Louisiana on June 8, 1973.  I was ordained as a member of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuit Order.

Since that time I have been privileged to work in the pastoral ministry in a parish just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; in Campus Ministry, Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana; for seven years at Holy Spirit Parish (Heilig Geist Gemeinde) in Rottenburg-Kiebingen, Germany; at the Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana; and then, in the Berkeley-San Francisco area, at several parishes, most notably at St. Paschal Baylon Parish, Oakland, California, at the Convent of Holy Names High School, but also in other parishes, and even at the Federal Prison near Livermore, California.  In each instance, I have worked with other talented and wonderful ordained and non-ordained Christian ministers.

However, according to the New Testament, there are a variety of ministries, including that of teaching and preaching.  One way in which I serve the ministry of the Word is through my teaching.  Another is through preaching.  Another has been through social justice and peace groups, of which Pax Christi is one. 

My ministry of teaching is elaborated above under the rubric "Academic".  Some of my preaching under the rubric "Homilies."  For social justice and peace work with Pax Christi, I would refer you to the work of Pax Christi International, or Pax Christi USA.  The organization of Pax Christi grew out of the desire of French Christians to find a way to achieve reconciliation with their Christian German brothers and sisters following the Second World War.  It began as a movement of prayer, and was endorsed by Pope Pius XII in 1950.

Novembe 20, 2010