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I list here syllabi and bibliographies for several courses which I offer on a regular basis.  In the coming academic year 2012 - 2013 I will offer

(a) [Fall 2012]

I was on academic sabbatical during the fall of 2012, and not engaged in teaching.

(b) Spring 2013

I will teach two courses:

ST 5021 Methods and Doctrines II, the second part of a required course on theological method for GTU doctoral students in the area of systematic theology.  It can also be taken by JST STL students in systematics to satisfy their required course in methodology.

ST 2378 Spirit in the Church, which explores the third part of the Nicene Creed, belief in the Holy Spirit, the Church, Sacraments, and eschatology.

This course continues an exploration of the creed begun in ST 2180, Introduction to Theology, but this prior course is NOT a pre-requisite for ST 2378