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[many ideas may also apply to various nüvi 200, 300, 500, 600, 700,
800, 2X5, 7X5, 8X5, 1200, 1300, 1400, 2200, 2300, 2400, 3700 series units,
the nüvi 1690, nüLink! 1695 & nüvi 5000
and possibly
other Garmin road GPSs.
A nüvi 650 was originally used for initial testing.
As of 12/12/08 a nüvi 755T is also being used for testing.
As of 01/27/11 a nüvi 3790LMT will be used for major testing
A smaller separate section for 7X5/8X5 devices has been established.
Other articles may be updated, where necessary, to include 7X5/8X5 instructions.]

-- a continuing helpful instructional and comment Blog --
[there are currently 34 pages containing well over 100 help articles in this project]

Presented by: Gary Hayman
[since October, 2007]

[This site has been constructed so that it can be more easly viewed with various resoloution settings, including older computers and computers where the user need a lower resolution (Ex: 800x600) in order to increase the size of the fonts (for easier viewing of tired eyes) -- as well as for better use by smart phones, netbooks and tablets.]


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 Project Information

Since 1997 I have owned 7 GPSs, starting with a Garmin III+, then the Garmin Street Pilot 2610 (which I still own), followed by Magellan Roadmate 2200T, the Garmin nüvi 250W and my current major GPSs, the Garmin nüvi 650 the Garmin nüvi 755T and the the Garmin nüvi 3790LMT. The 3790LMT will be used for major testing as the others are now discontinued models. However, when questions arise I can return to the earlier models for testing.

I have used my GPSs from coast to coast in the US, in Canada (particularly Nova Scotia where I experienced my first extended use of the GPS technology which excited me so much that I became a 'GPS-ophile' forever), and with limited use on board cruise ships in the Caribbean traveling to Mexico, the Cayman Islands, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Roatan, Panama, the Bahamas, Antigua, Tortola, and Guatemala. I also used them briefly in Iceland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Azores, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. I did not drive in Europe so I had no road use. The Barcelona, Spain Street Map was installed and worked famously.

I've used some of the GPSs on board aircraft at window seats and found that to be an interesting experience -- spotting landmarks from the air.

In early October 2007 I began this project of Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas for GPSs using the GPSs that I owned at the time. The initial posting was in the middle of October 2007 but it was soon revised several times due to my acquisition of two new Garmin devices.

Many have already found this WEB site and have written me. I am glad that I can be of help.

I plan to continue updating the WEB site with more articles; both mine and from contributors. This is a work in progress and as I develop or receive additional infomation I include it either as a new article or additions to existing text.

Please note that I do this as a public service for the community, do not ask for compensation nor will I accept any. It is a labor of love involving something in which I am interested.

I do not place any solicited advertisement on this WEB site. There are No charges of any kind; No donations asked or accepted; No commercial ads; No pop-up ads; No button ads; No banner ads; No side ads; No frame ads; No pass-through revenue clicks; No paid endorsements; No sponsored links.

NOTE: The FreeFind search engine I added in October 2009 takes you to their web site to display the results. They do include some sponsor information along with the results. Sorry.

This entire project, its conception, development, execution, and maintenance is a philanthropic public service endeavor on the part of Gary Hayman in support of GPS community, particularly the Garmin nüvi 650, nüvi 755T and nüvi 3790LMT which I currently own and use.

I hope you find some of the material contained here useful to you.

[slight revision January 27, 2011]


 Navigating The Site

Actually there are 4 (plus 1) systems for easily navigating this site.

     The first one you encounter is the
QUICK GO MENU which is located at the TOP AND BOTTOM of each page. The links will take you to the start of the article section on each page. This menu could be considered a mini-site menu. If you know the site page of a particular article or if you just want to go to a specific page and look around, it may be a good choice to use this menu.

     The second is the
MAIN MENU which is found on the entry page of the site. It contains a listing and links to all the articles and other information on each of the site's pages. Just scroll down the menu and choose the article that you want and click the link. You will be taken right to that article. You will notice that there are several sections in this main menu starting with the GENERAL SECTION, then the CUSTOM POI SECTION, the 7/8X5 SECTION pertaining to those special nüvis, and the INFORMATION SECTION where you are at now. Also included is a large red button that will take you to the RECENT ADDITIONS PAGE.

     The third system consists of two large buttons at the end of
EACH ARTICLE. The red button will take you to the RECENT ADDITIONS PAGE. The green TOC button will take you to the particular section of the MAIN MENU that contains the article associated with the green button you have just activated. By using the green button, scrolling is a little easier to find articles on that page or nearby pages in which you might be interested.

     The fourth system is via the
RECENT ADDITIONS PAGE which lists, in descending order, articles that are recent, recently revised, added to, etc. Page and Month last acted upon are listed. This is a good place to go to see recent additions and changes and to be directed to the very start of the desired article. For returning readers this is the most used page to check on what's new. There are well over 100 of these 'Recent Additions' red buttons placed throughout the site helping you to reach this page.

Happy Navigation!

The Plus 1

A FreeFind Search Engine via link was added in October 2009 and provides a search option via keywords and an indexing. Its operation is via spider to my site (similar to Google). Once you open up a page it recommends, you will still have to do a page search for the location(s) of the search term.

[Recently, Mr. Alley Oop of Moo, e-mailed me stating that the multiple selections made navigating the Garmin Tricks WEB site very useful and easy, adding "that even he could do it."]


Your Screen Resolution

This WEB site is best viewed with your computer's screen resolution set to 800 x 600 pixels. It may also be easily viewed with a setting of 1024 x 768 (as well as other settings - I currently use a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 on my laptop and the display is excellent. )

The reason for this is that I have found that many readers still use the 800 x 600 setting -- which was the norm several years ago. Also, older eyes find the larger type font easier to read as well as the (almost) full screen text viewing. To accommodate these individuals, I have selected the 800 x 600 setting.

If I used the 1024 x 768 setting these readers not only would find it difficult to read the smaller size type fonts but would also have to scroll line by line, back and forth horizontally, while reading at their 800 x 600 setting. In addition, if they could increase their screen text size,
placements of all graphics would become askew -- and I do use a lot of graphics in the presentation of the site.

So I have selected this compromise so that everyone could find this site useful.


 Corrections and Additions

Please feel free to write me if you have any corrections or additions to the current articles; even if they are of a spelling nature. Also, if you find a link that isn't working or a graphic that doesn't display. You may contact me via e-mail: (E-mail to Gary Hayman) [Please remove the word 'REMOVE' on the To: line (in my e-mail address) before sending.]

Please be so kind as to tell me the page(s) and paragraphs that are effected so that I can find them and make the corrections or additions that your are suggesting.

[revised September 13, 2008]


  Article Contributions

I welcome articles relating to the Garmin nüvi series, particularly the Garmin nüvi 600, 7X5T and 3700 series, for presentation here. Other articles are also welcomed -- but I can't test them with the equipment I own. Just write them in a similar style and send them to me. I will give the author FULL CREDIT when I publish the article. Please include your full name and e-mail address. [If you do not want me to use your e-mail address in the article please let me know and I will honor your request.] If you have photos or graphics that you would like to include, please do so. If not, I will try and find some appropriate photos or graphics to augment your articles.

I am also looking for some clever instructional articles concerning finding, writing, and installing POI files and finding and using other map bases on the Garmin nüvi series.

You may contact me via e-mail: (E-mail to Gary Hayman) [Please remove the word 'REMOVE' on the To: line (in my e-mail address) before sending.]

[revised December 12, 2008]

  Text Only Version

(January 2009)
I'm sorry, but this feature has been disabled. This WEB site grew so large that the task of preparing a Text Only Version each time additions and changes were posted became overwhelming. Also, the reader's printing of a complete text only version was consuming close to 1/3 ream of paper.

May I suggest, if you require a hard copy of a page just send it to your printer (choose non-color and quick print for a faster result), or, if you want text only, highlight the text, copy it, then place it in a Text Editor such as Notebook or your favorite Word Processor and print from there.

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