Here is your compiled listing of
Zydeco Mystery Songs
that were furnished during
Nov-Dec 2008 & Jan-Jun, 2009
Loco Zydeco: Boom Boom
Album: Time To Turn The Key
Track 5
Boozoo Chavis: Pallet on the Floor
Album: The Lake Charles Atomic Bomb
Track 6
River Zydeco Band: Zydeco Christmas
Album: Merry Cajun Zydeco Christmas
Track 4
Willis Prudhomme: Have Fun Tonight
Album: Living Legend
Track 1
Beau Jocque: Give Him Cornbread
Album: Beau Jocque Boogie
Track 3
Doc Zydeco: Pass The Dutchie
Album: Dans Mon Idée
Track 2
Step Rideau: The Mess Around
Album: I'm So Glad
Track 8
Zydecomotion: Please Don't Go
Album: Shed Music
Track 10
Dwayne Dopsie: My Baby's On The Phone
Album: Traveling Man
Track 1
Zyderythmics: Zydeco Coat
Album: White Hot Zydeco
Track 14
Li'l Anne and Hot Cayenne: Hangin' It Up
Album: How You Gonna Do That?
Track 14
Zydeco Crayz: Dance de Mardi Gras
Album: Shake Whatcha Got!
Track 16
Motor Dude Zydeco: Coochie Mama Two Step
Album: Party All Night
Track 2
Zydeco T: Do It Joe
Album: you know you want to!
Track 7
Soulwood All Stars: Back In Stride
Album: Hit The Highway
Track 8
Chubby Carier: Father of Fun
Album: Bayou Road
Track 4
Cedryl Ballou: Come Together
Album: Let It Be Zydeco
Track 7
Roy Carrier: Some Real Zydeco
Album: Twist & Shout
Track 18
Chris Ardoin: Sweat
Album: Sweat
Track 5
Gumbo Junkyard: Chicken-Leg Girl
Album: big feets
Track 1
Leon Chavis: Casinos
Album: The Heat Is On
Track 11
Zydeco Joe: Jack Rabbit Zydeco
Album: Black Cat
Track 6
Donna Angelle: I Got A Pepper In My Shoe
Album: Workin' It
Track 11
Chubby Carrier: Who Stole The Hot Sauce
Album: Too Hot To Handle
Track 2
Creole Zydeco Farmers: You Just Can't Keep Still
Album: My Big Foot Woman
Track 5
Rockin' Dopsie: Jr., On A Night Like This
Album: I Got My Mojo Working
Track 8
Jeffery Broussard: My Baby Left Me
Album: Keeping The Tradition Alive!
Track 6

The Zydeco Mystery Song project was created and is managed by Gary Hayman.

Since its inception in November 2008, weekly Zydeco songs (usually on Friday's) have been furnished to many world-wide subscribers to the project. Names of songs, the music, but not the artist's name nor the album name are furnished giving the recipient a chance to figure out who is the artist. The answer is revealed along with a new Zydeco Mystery Song -- the following week; so no one is kept in the dark for too long.

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