Here is your compiled listing of
Zydeco Mystery Songs
that were furnished during
July-December, 2009
JJ's Zydeco Paydirt: JJ's Zydeco Breakdown
Album: John Deere Zydeco
Track 10
Zydeco Force: Roaches
Album: Zydeco Push
Track 7
Zydecoal: Polk Salad Annie
Album: Seedy
Track 4
Zydeco Jump: Accordion Crime
Album: I Like It
Track 3
Dora & The Zydeco Badboys: Just In Time
Album: Dora's Time
Track 5
Squeezebox Boogaloo: You Stole My Monkey
Album: Take You Everywhere
Track 8
Corey Young: One Chance
Album: Corey Young and the Zydeco Embrace
Track 6
Zydeco Jump: Twistin' The Zydeco
Album: Dig It Up
Track 7
Jeremy & The Zydeco Hot Boyz: Girl Like U
Album: Now, Whacha Gonna Do?
Track 5
MoJo & The Bayou Gypsies: Shake Dat Boo-Tee
Album: Madame Magique
Track 5
Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers: Crawdads In My Bed
Album: Bayou Party Downtown
Track 8
Thomas "Big Hat" Fields: Country Woman
Album: Big Hat Zydeco Mix
Track 5
Acadiana Cajun Zydeco: Zydeco Cadillac
Album: Big Fiddle Around At The Mardi Gras
Track 10
Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels: Margarite
Album: Pump It Up
Track 4
John Delafose & The Eunice Playboys: My Little Dog
Album: Pere et Garcon Zydeco
Track 10
Leo Thomas and His Louisiana Band: I'm The Zydeco Man
Album: Leo Thomas Is A Sunama-Gun
Track 13
Wayne Toups & ZydeCajun: Leap Of Faith
Album: Live 2009
Track 7
Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters: Gonna Gitcha'
Album: Eye Of The Tiger
Track 10
Keith Frank: Lion In The Jungle
Album: Keith Frank The Zydeco Man
Track 6
Li'l Anne and Hot Cayenne: Yellow Moon
Album: Li'l Anne and Hot Cayenne
Track 12
Dwayne Dopsie & the Zydeco Hellraisers: Baby's On The Phone
Album: Now It Begins
Track 7
Bonne Musique Zydeco: Tee Toe Hot Step
Album: Keep On Dancing
Track 2
The Bayou Brothers: Santa Digs Zydeco
Album: Let It Snow
Track 1
Bernie Alan: Ain't Nothing That Santa Can Do
Album: Blue Eyed Zydeco
Track 6

The Zydeco Mystery Song project was created and is managed by Gary Hayman.

Since its inception in November 2008, weekly Zydeco songs (usually on Friday's) have been furnished to many world-wide subscribers to the project. Names of songs, the music, but not the artist's name nor the album name are furnished giving the recipient a chance to figure out who is the artist. The answer is revealed along with a new Zydeco Mystery Song -- the following week; so no one is kept in the dark for too long.

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