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East Coast 12 Meter

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It and everything included is in excellent working condition and looks great. It is a typical 12 Meter

measuring 59" in length and 83" in height. It has no numbers or decals on the sail so you can put on

 your own. It had a sister boat that sold for $650 a couple years ago.

What's Included:
1. Dumas EC12 Sailboat (hull, mast, sail, winch, all assembled and working)
2. Battery Charger
3. Boat Stand (see picture)
4. Radio control Kit (Propo Beat2 Multi Tilt Stick System)
If you have any questions or concerns please email me at jimmyd21@gmail.com . Thanks for looking."


Current owner is asking $650.00




Contact information, in Seattle area


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For Sale - SOLD

2 EC-12's For Sale

Both hulls are/were registered with AMYA.      

One is green and has sail # 826.   The other is blue and has sail #827.   

Both hulls are from Ozmun Design with colored gel coat.    The blue hull is # 120 and the green hull is #116.   

Both had the Ozmun swing arm winch . But both have worn out the drive gears.  

Both hulls have complete sails and rigs.    They are both light weight mylar, and in great condition.   There is also a mylar storm sail set complete with rigging.   

Included with the boats are all the associated stuff.    Lots of PE-KA-BE rigging and deck hardware.  

Two older Futaba radios (I suspect the technology has passed these by!) with crystals.  

Both hulls have stands.   The hulls were purchased in the 1988-89 era.   Rod Carr did the ballasting.  

Last time they were actively sailed was 1991.  

They are located just north of Bellingham, Washington.   They are in better than average shape cosmetically.


Contact David VanAmburg for more information.


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You can see the centerpiece hull on the SAIL LOCKER page of Rod Carr's website  http://CarrSails.com

If you have a person who is looking to build up a competitive and good looking EC-12 I have the following bits available.

EC-12 Hull                             $275

Wood Sheathed Foam Deck   $225  SOLD

Cast Keel Ballast                    $115

New A-Suit Sails                    $130

Goldspar Mast(s)                   $  30

Cradle                                    $ 30

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE     $ 805  NOW $580.00

If somebody would pick up the components, I'd let the entire lot go for $400.00.

See Rod's site for more details.

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Information from the current owner:


I got this boat from a friend that could not longer sail it.   I have no source of information for the manufacture or the hull number.


What I have is as follows:


Max 4 four channel Transmitter.

Pro Series Hobbico Accu Cycle charger-conditioner-analyzer

ABC &W System- six channel receiver

RMG Sail Wind - winch servo

Twitcher -servo

Rudder servo

Jib servo

Batteries for the transmitter and receiver

Hull is 58" long and Mast is 72"

I know the boat was made to meet all the requirements of the class. Inside, next to the servo's on the side of the hull is a sticker that is visible. It is in one of the pictures that I am sending. It says AMYA class EC/12 Sail # 1124.

My friend and I only sailed this boat a few times ( about four).

I no longer have the time to use it and would like it to be enjoyed by someone. It is a sweet little boat. There are several extra parts that would go with it, including an extra winch, several manuals for East Coast 12-Meter, a hull (unfinished) that is of a different class( I think), a mast that may go with the other hull, fittings etc.

This boat is located in Hayden Lake, Idaho (close to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho).

I would like to get $450 for the entire lot. I don't want to sell different pieces and parts.

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SOLDFor Sale

EC12 Puritan Hull #010 (8/21/92 ) built by Jesse Touhey Tango. Fast and Ready to sail. Excellent condition. Black hull with walnut deck. Rod Carr lead plug. RMG Smart winch. 2 5-cell 2100mAh batteries. Sails: 3 complete sets with strong wooden box. 1set Gordon Stout Mylar. 1set Rod Carr Trispar and 1set flat panel Dacron with an extra jib. RX included is a 7channel JR700. Plus 2 EC-12 Manuals. 6ft strong wooden box suitable for airline shipping. $1300 OBO. More photos available.

John Petrek 206-780-8480 or email petrekjp@aol.com.

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SOLDI have the following EC-12 hull available. The deck and rudder are both attached, it will need molten lead poured in the keel, but the hatch is large enough to do that easily. The hull is vintage 1973, carries EC-12 Sail #403, and is representative of the original smoothly curved deck sheerline that made the boat so pretty in its original form. Available for pick-up, includes cradle. Asking $275, which includes various old style electronic bits inside which are of historical interest. Rod   RodCarr@carrsails.com


EC-12 Hull  12 US 22 - Bob Harris historic EC-12, Buddy Black built, won Mini-America's Cup, has Robinson Intelli-Winch installed.  No rigs.  White bottom, gunsmoke blue topsides, dark red mahogany deck.  Accepting offers.

Rod   RodCarr@carrsails.com


SOLD  EC-12 Deck - Puritan vacuum bagged deck, epoxy resin surface, foam with embedded wooden backup blocks developed by Tom Jordin -  $150

Rod   RodCarr@carrsails.com



EC-12 Deck - Puritan vacuum bagged deck, dyed Obeche wooden surface, companion to Rod Carr's #2 deck, foam with embedded wooden backup blocks developed by Tom Jordin -  $195

Rod   RodCarr@carrsails.com


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For Sale

New June 6, 2004

Ken Pawlicki

Very fast EC12 for sale, two rigs, RMG, go fasts

253 927 7517