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The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia
November 24, 1919


Victory Over Strong Coaldale Eleven Due to Terrific Attack of Backfield

Few better exhibitions of club foot ball have been seen in this city than that put up by the Holmesburg team, claimant of the independent championship of this city, when it handed the Coaldale, Pa., eleven a beating on Saturday, 19 to 3.

The Coaldale team won the championship of the coal regions on Armistice Day by defeating the Tamaqua club and came to this city Saturday heralded as one of the strongest independent elevens in Pennsylvania and they looked it in the first period which was scoreless, but in the second period the Holmesburg offensive with "Kidder" Caskey and MacKissick playing a similar role fought its way over Coaldale line twice and added another touchdown in the last period.

Coaldale has a good club with two men standing out as great players. They are "Blue" Bonner, a veritable human battering ram and Gildea, the clever quarterback and drop kicker.

Gildea's drop kick from the 25-yard mark in the second period was the first score of the game but shortly after this the powerful Holmesburg backs began smashing the line and skirting the ends for big gains and soon went ahead of the upstaters and were never again in the rear.

Conner's brilliant running with the ball thrilled the big crowd. Time after time, he smashed the Holmesburg forwards or slid off tackle for big gains and he ran most of the kicks.

Johnny Scott, the former Lafayette star played a dandy game and his interception of two forward passes in the first period prevented trouble.