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The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia
November 17, 1919


Holmesburg Foot Ball Team Triumphed Over Crack Washington Eleven

The widely heralded Rex A. C., of Washington, D. C., came to Philadelphia on Saturday with an untarnished record for four years, and fell before the Holmesburg Club, 7 to 0, in a bitterly fought game.

The Rex Club is composed mainly of former Georgetown and Catholic University stars and has been cleaning up everything that has appeared in Washington.

A few weeks ago Rex triumphed over the Vincome A. A., of this city, by a narrow margin, but was held to a draw with the Ewing A. A., Philadelphia's oldest independent team.

The game with Holmesburg Saturday was a corker, with both teams striving desperately to put across a marker in the first three periods, but the defense of each was impregnable when danger threatened and it looked like a scoreless deadlock.

With time rapidly drawing to a close the Holmesburg team crushed and battered the Rex team back until it was standing on its own ten-yard line and fighting every inch of the way. In three successive line cracks Caskey shot over the goal line. MacKissick kicked the goal as the game ended.