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Public Ledger, Philadelphia
November 2, 1919


Battleship Eleven Substitutes for Vincome and is Beaten by Score of 32 to 0.

A CROWD estimated at more than 2000 persons was disappointed yesterday when it was announced that the Vincome eleven, scheduled to play its annual game, had canceled the match. Manager Gerker had sent a hurry call to the navy yard, and the eleven from the U.S.S. Michigan, last week defeated for the battleship championship of the yard, was sent out. The sailors played an excellent game, but were defeated by Holmesburg, 32 to 0.

In the initial period Lally kicked to Barth, of Michigan, and Pace was forced to kick to MacKissick. After Lake, the former Lafayette back, had gained 10 yards, Johnny Scott skirted right end for a 55-yard run and touchdown.

In the same period Lake ran 45-yards to the 4-yard line, where he was thrown by Gardner. The seaman braced and held Holmesburg for three downs, but Scott shot forward across the left wing to Dick Diamond, who score the touchdown, Scott kicking the goal.

In the second period, after a punting duel between Scott and Pace, MacKissick ran 25 yards around right end and Bert Yeabsley scored. Holmesburg scored again in the third period.



Diamond left end Lukasavage
Douthart left tackle Healy
Kurtz left guard Peters
Morrison center Loy
McVeigh right guard Barth
Lally right tackle Waters
Kelly right end Christie
MacKissick quarter-back Gardner
Caskey left half-back Kerrigan
Lake right half-back Gardella
Scott full-back Pace
Substitutions -- Holmesburg, Yeagsley [sic] for Lake, Eavis for Lally, Larkin for McVeigh, Gaston for Kelly, Griffith for Kurtz. Touchdowns -- Holmesburg, 5 (Scott, 2; Yeabsley, 2; Diamond). Goals from touchdowns -- holmesburg, 2 (Scott, 2). Referee -- Myers. Umpire -- Campbell. Timekeeper -- Castor. Time of periods -- 12 minutes.