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Public Ledger, Philadelphia
December 7, 1925


Miners Defeat Chicago Cardinals in Post- Season Contest for National League Title.


Chicago, Dec. 7 - THE POTTSVILLE MAROONS yesterday won the National Professional Football championship of the United States here in defeating the Cardinals in a post-season game 21-7.

The victory was clean-cut, and gave the Pennsylvania Miners the right to the national title previously held by Cleveland.

Walter French, who plays an outfield position for Connie Mack during the summer, was the chief source of grief for the Cardinals.  He was here, there and everywhere, gaining yardage, breaking up Cardinal plays, bucking the line, putting over deadly passes, punting and running, displaying skill in every move.

The "big kick" in the battle came in the second quarter.  The first period was spent fiddling around in the snow, both of the teams punting on third downs and feeling out the other fellow's strength. Then the Eastern team got a break and drove right through the Cardinal line for a touchdown.

That break came in the form of a long punt which hopped over Red Dunn's head and rolled to the Cardinal 5-yard line, where a Pottsville man downed the ball.

Driscoll immediately punted out from behind his own goal, and Quarterback Ernst, of Pottsville, took the ball on the 50-yard line and raced back through a broken field to the Cardinal 5-yard mark again.  Then the husky Wentz, former Penn State fullback, crashed at the Chicago line and on his their attempt went over for the first touchdown. Berry kicked the goal. After the next kickoff the Cardinals started up the field with a forward-passing attack, but Herb Stein, of Pottsville, grabbed one of Dunn's heaves and Pottsville had the ball on its own 38-yard line.

On the next play Halfback Flanagan, of Pottsville, was taken off the field with a broken collarbone, and the stage was set for the entry of French, the fast-running ex-Army boy.

French showed he was in the fray immediately.  He took the leather and raced down the field 30 yards before he skidded and was
downed.  A couple of line plays followed, and then French got his wind back and took the ball again for another romp around the Cardinals' right end for 30 yards more and a touchdown.  Three Cardinals tackled French in the course of his run, but he shook all of them off.  Berry again kicked the goal.

The Cardinals sent Smith to an end. McDonald replaced Driscoll and Mahoney replaced Erickson.  Red Dunn took the Pottsville kickoff and started to heave passes.  There were only a few minutes left to the quarter and Dunn hurled pass after pass.  Six passes were completed in succession, with Keehler, McDonlad and Mahoney on the receiving end, and the Cards had their lone touchdown of the game.

The six passes gained a total of 45 yards. Dunn was set to kick the goal for the point after touchdown, but Pottsville was offside and the Cards were awarded the point free.

That ended the action, except for a flash in the final period when Pottsville staged another big drive up the field, with French tearing and ripping his way through the line and around the ends, and then Wentz dove off tackle for 3 yards and the final touchdown of the contest.