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The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia
November 24, 1924


Defeats Coaldale, 1923 Foot Ball Champion, 3 to 0, in Deciding Game of Region Series


Anthracite League Standing

W. L. T. P.C. W. L. T. P.C.
Pottsville 5 0 1 1.000 Coaldale 1 4 0 .200
Shenandoah 3 2 0 .600 Wilkes B. 0 2 1 .000
Gilberton 1 2 1 .333

POTTSVILLE, PA., Nov. 24 -- Maintaining its unbeaten record, both in exhibition and league contests, the Pottsville Maroons yesterday won the  Anthracite League championship for 1924, incidentally beating, for the second time, the 1923 champion, Coaldale, at Minersville Park.

The score, 3 to 0, does not show the relative strength of the two clubs, for the Maroons made twelve first downs against three for the visitors. Carl Beck, who was badly injured in the first Coaldale game, ran the Coaldale ends for many long gains, one of which placed the ball in position for Pete Henry's field goal in the last quarter.

As in previous games, the Maroons did not make a substitution although using a crippled line-up with Captain Clarence Beck, guard; Julian, end; and Harry Robb, quarterback, out of the game with injuries.

Pottsville has made a unique record, winning eleven games, playing one tie, with Gilberton, and losing nary a contest. The Maroons have scored 274 points against 7 for opponents.

With this record, Manager John G. Striegel has laid claim to the world title and issued defi [sic] to Frankford, claimant to the eastern championship, and Cleveland Bulldogs, National League title holders, to games for the respective honors, to be played at the option of both teams as to time and place.