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The Inquirer, Philadelphia
November 24, 1901


Captain Wallace's Team Goes Under to the Tune of 18 to 0


Fine Football the Order, But There Is No Effort to Save Countenance or Shins

In on of the greatest gridiron battles that have been seen in Philadelphia for many years, Homestead defeated the Philadelphia eleven at the Philadelphia Ball Park yesterday afternoon by a score of 18 to 0. The game was a struggle of giants, all past masters in the pigskin art, and was one of the cleanest and prettiest football fights of the year. While one of Homestead's score was due to a bad decision by Umpire Young and another was the result of a fumbled punt, which should have been a touchback, the Philadelphia team was fairly outplayed, and except for a brief period in the second half was never able to advance the ball consistently. The Homestead line was like a stone wall, and only occasionally was Philadelphia able to gain around the ends. Homestead played a team of giants, all in perfect condition, and with a system of team play developed to the highest possible perfection. Philadelphia showed a lack of practice, which was not evident against Lafayette, and their physical condition was somewhat similar to that of the University of Pennsylvania team, although the professionals suffered from lack of work rather than over-training.

Two Scores in First Half

Homestead scored twice in the first half. The first touchdown came seven minutes after play began, and was the result of some effective line bucking. The second score was the result of a fluke. Crolius punted behind Philadelphia's goal line, and Washburn made a dive for the ball. He fumbled and Poe fell on it for a touchdown.

The last touchdown came just before the call of time. Crolius kicked from midfield, and the ball rolled behind Philadelphia's goal. It bounded from McCracken's arms, and before a Philadelphia player could get within reach Hall had scored a touchdown.

But Philadelphia claimed, and rightly, that Poe was off-side when the ball was kicked, and the touchdown should not be allowed. Captain Wallace argued with Umpire Young for ten minutes, but the umpire refused to reverse his decision. Poe's foul was easily distinguishable from the side lines, not only in this particular play, but throughout the game. The ex-Princeton end was way off-side in nearly every play, especially when Homestead kicked, but as Umpire Young stood behind the ball instead of even with the line of scrimmage it was almost impossible for him to detect off-side plays. The umpire's negligence was the only unpleasant feature of an otherwise enjoyable game.

Locals Won the Toss

Philadelphia won the toss and chose the north goal with a slightly favorable wind. Crolius kicked off to Smith on the 20-yard line. On the first play McCloskey was sent through Winstein for a gain of two yards, but Roller only made a yard on a guards back play and on the next down kicked to Crolius in midfield.

Homestead then began an assault on the Philadelphia tackles and Hawley Pierce began with a two-yard gain. Fultz, Crolius, Bemus Pierce and Gammons followed with two and three yard plunges, until the ball rested on Philadelphia's 25-yard line, where the Quakers braced and held for downs. But the Homestead line and ends where too strong and Kennedy called for a kick. But the pass was low and Roller fumbled and it was Homestead's ball on Philadelphia's seven-yard line. In two line plunges Crolius went over for the first touchdown after seven minutes of play. Morse kicked an easy goal.

The Kick Was Short

Roller kicked off to Poe on the 15-yard line and the latter ran back ten yards before being downed. Morse failed to gain through the line and Crolius kicked to Devlin on Philadelphia's 45-yard line and Devlin ran fifteen yards before being downed. Again Philadelphia could do nothing against Homestead's defense and Roller kicked to the 15-yard line. Richardson fumbled but Fultz fell on the ball on Homestead's 5-yard line. Crolius immediately punted out of disaster to Lang on Homestead's 40-yard line. The local team gained five yards on an exchange of punts. Roller went between Overfield and Bemus Pierce for five yards, but there was no gain on the next three downs and Roller tried for a field goal from the 30-yard line. The kick was five yards short.

Gammon hit tackle for two yards' gain, but Crolius failed to gain through centre. Fultz went around Stehle's end for four yards and Winstein, on a tackle back formation, bucked the line for a three-yard gain. Gammons plunged through centre for three yards and Crolius made five more in the same place.

Then the tackle-back formation was brought into use again and Fultz, Winstein and Bemus Pierce carried the ball twelve yards nearer the goal through Philadelphia's line. On the next play Hunt attempted to get around Merriam's end, but Lang threw him for a loss of eight yards on the play. On a delayed pass Fultz gained five yards at right end, but with six yards to gain Crolius kicked. The ball went behind the line and Washburn caught it for a touchback. But he was tackled hard by Hunt and dropped the ball. Poe grabbed the pigskin and carried it between the goal posts, claiming a touchdown. Philadelphia claimed that Poe was offside when the ball was kicked, but Umpire Young said he did not see the foul and allowed the score and Morse kicked an easy goal.

Fultz Runs Thirty Yards

Gammons ran back the kickoff to the 40-yard line and Fultz immediately went around Philadelphia's left end for thirty yards. Philadelphia again braced, held Homestead for downs and Crolius kicked to the Quaker's 30-yard line. Roller went through Winstein for twenty yards and on the next play went around Poe's end for six yards more. Lang tried Hunt's end, but it was not so easy and there was only a two-yard gain. In two rushes Roller and Lang again found Poe's end easy and made seven yards. Philadelphia's offense suddenly slumped and Roller was compelled to kick, the ball going to Homestead on their 12-yard line. Bemus Pierce and Fultz failed to gain through the line and Crolius got in a long kick to Philadelphia's 40-yard line. Philadelphia gained ten yards through the Homestead centre, but were held for downs in midfield, the ball being in Homestead's possession at the call of time.

Bader was substituted for Devlin in the second half and McNulty went on in place of Hawley Pierce. McNulty caught the kick-off and ran the ball back 15-yards before being downed. Homestead only gained 2 yards in three trials and Crolius kicked to midfield. Kennedy fumbled, but Bull was on the ball. Jack Hedges was put in at left end in place of Stehle. Smith only made a yard at tackle, slow interference prevented Lang from gaining on a run around Homestead's left wing. Roller kicked to Richardson, who ran back 10 yards to the 40-yard line.

Phillies Begin the Attack

Crolius hurdled the centre for 5 yards and Gammons made 5 more at the same place on a fake kick. But hedges downed Bemus Pierce for a loss of 3 yards and Crolius kicked to Washburn on Philadelphia's 10-yard line.

It was here that Philadelphia began a fierce attack on the Homestead line, and for a few moments it looked as if Homestead would be swept back of their goal line. Wallace made 6 yards through Winstein. Roller was sent through the same place for 4 more, and McCloskey for an additional 5. Winstein was evidently weakening, and Captain Fultz substituted Perry Hale, the old Yale full-back.

But the Philadelphia attack was still directed at the same place, and Smith and Bader gained 7 yards more before Homestead held for downs. Gammons ran back Roller's kick 25 yards to midfield. Two attempted quarter-back tricks lost Homestead 7 yards and Crolius' good high foot was again called into action, the ball going to Philadelphia on her own 15-yard line.

Roller failed to gain at centre, but Homestead was penalized 10 yards for offside. Poe was boxed in on the next play and Lang shot around end for 15 yards. Once more Homestead braced and got the ball on their 40-yard line. Gammons, Fultz and Crolius advanced the pigskin 20 yards on line plunges, and Fultz got off an unexpected short kick to Philadelphia's 40-yard line. Poe was 10 yards off-side but Umpire Young failed to see the play. On the second down Roller kicked to Homestead's 45-yard line.

Crolius attempted to kick on first down, but Roller broke through, blocked the kick and secured the ball on the 40-yard line. An exchange of kicks gave Homestead the ball on her 15-yard line, and for the next five minutes the backs and tackles tore great holes in the Philadelphia line, going down the field at 5 and 10 yard plunges. Fultz finally carrying the ball top the 10-yard line  by a brilliant 35-yard run around right end. Two more line plunges brought the ball to the 2-yard line, where the Philadelphia team played the best defense of the afternoon and threw Homestead back five yards. Roller kicked out of danger at once. Philadelphia got the ball on a fumble on her 30-yard line, but could not gain. Roller again kicked to midfield. On the first down Fultz kicked, the ball going over the goal line and being fumbled by Smith. Hunt was on the spot and fell on the ball for a touchdown. Morse kicked the goal., and before the ball could be brought into play again time was called.





Stehle, Hedges
McCloskey, Scholl
Bull, McCloskey
Devlin, Bader, Maxwell

Left end
Left tackle
Left guard
Right guard
Right tackle
Right end
Left half-back
Right half-back

H. Pierce, McNulty
B. Pierce
Winstein, Hale

Referee -- Vail, Pennsylvania. Umpire -- Young, Cornell. Timekeeper -- Stearns, Pennsylvania. Touchdowns -- Poe, Hunt, Crolius. Goals from touchdowns -- Morse, 3. Time of halves -- 30 minutes.