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The Philadelphia Record
December 2, 1901


Prospects Bright for Continuance of the Sport Next Year.

Professional Football for the season of 1901 developed several strong teams, although there were fewer elevens in the field this year than last. As Usual, professional football centered about Pittsburg. Besides the star Homestead team, who are this year the acknowledged champions, there were several minor teams. The most important team was the Lalus A. C., Which played Homestead twice and each time succeeded in scoring.

For the first time in the history of football a professional team invaded Philadelphia. Captain Wallace's team played but six games, but in a short time the new team has gained a wonderful football clientage, and should it continue, and there seems to be every indication that it will, the team should be popular. The other professional football team of note was the Orange A. C. This was the only team to meet any of the big four and their showing was poor. Both Yale and Princeton and also Lafayette defeated the Orange team. The Jersey eleven, however, was far from being as strong as Philadelphia or Homestead. The first team defeating Orange by the score of 17 to 0.

The professional football season closed Saturday with a game at Pittsburg between Homestead and Philadelphia. The score of 6 to 5 shows how well the two teams were matched. In training and team play Homestead doubtless had the better team, but with the same amount of training the local team should give the Pittsburgers a close game.

Plans for another year of professional football are already underway. Homestead and Philadelphia will undoubtedly have teams and there will be another strong team in or near Pittsburg. Homestead put Duquesne out of business this year by leasing their grounds, Exposition Park, and consequently there has not been any local rivalry in the Smokey City this year. Neither Greensburg nor Latrobe, each of which cities were represented by star teams last year, were able to put a team on the field during the season just past. It is likely, however, that Greensburg will be in the field next year. The scores of the two important teams follow:


Altoona, Pittsburg, Oct. 5 45 0
Lalus A. C., Pittsburg, Oct. 12 24 5
Ohio Medics, Pittsburg, Oct. 19 28 0
Baltimore Medicals, Pittsburg, Oct. 26 42 0
State College, Pittsburg, Nov. 2 10 0
Brown University, Pittsburg, Nov. 5 34 0
Lalus A. C., Pittsburg, Nov. 9 17 2
Lafayette College, Pittsburg, Nov. 16 48 0
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Nov. 23 23 0
Washington & Jefferson, Pittsburg, Nov. 28 12 0
Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Nov. 30      6      5


312 12


Conshohocken, Conshohocken, Oct. 19 6 0
Orange A. C., Philadelphia, Oct. 26 17 0
Susquehanna, Philadelphia, Nov. 2 34 0
Lafayette, Philadelphia, Nov. 5 23 0
Homestead, Philadelphia, Nov. 23 0 18
Homestead, Pittsburg, Nov. 30      5      6


85 24