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The Philadelphia Record
December 2, 1925


Chamberlin takes Heroic Measures to Steady Yellowjackets

Indefinite suspension of the captain and a general switching of the Frankford team has been reported by Coach Guy Chamberlin as part of his plan to bolster the Yellowjackets so they will be able to stop Red Grange when Frankford plays the Chicago Bears In a National League game a Shibe Park on Saturday.

Chamberlin got the players together before practice yesterday afternoon and gave them a raking over, culminating his talk with the announcement that Russell Behman, the captain and left tackle, was suspended indefinitely for indifferent playing.

Behman, one of the most capable tackles in the league, was accused of not giving his best during the past few weeks because of some dissension with other players. After laying down the law to the captain, Chamberlin announced that any player on the team might be subjected to similar banishment from organized football if he didn't snap into the work.

Following the verbal onslaught, Chamberlin took the men to the field and for the first time in three weeks donned a uniform and led the players through the scrappiest practice they have held in many months.

Chamberlin has been out of the game for three weeks due to a dislocated shoulder, but has recovered and will be back at the left end post on Saturday. The return of the former Nebraska All-American end to the line-up is bound to bolster the morale of the Jackets.