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1923 clipping from,
A Documentary Scrapbook of Football in Frankford,
original source publication not identified.


15-Yard Field Goal Beats Frankford in Final Minutes of Play

Yellow-Jackets Lose Last Game and Championship by Field Goal

Eleven thousand Frankford fans witnessed the hardest defeat of the season when the Canton Bulldogs growl stupefied the Yellow Jackets -- so much as to take the sting from them and enable themselves to get a grip which resulted in a field goal in the last period.

This contest, valedictory to professional football here for 1923, riveted the title to the warriors from the stark country. From the beginning of the game, Canton staged a destructible attack which swept the Yellow Jackets from their feet and buried them under a pile of points.

It was "Fat" Henry, the 275-pound All-American tackle for Washington who dropped the black curtain over the Eastern eleven., but only by a field goal. Even the small score of 3-0 left little heart in Frankfordians because this game was the deciding game for both teams and Frankford had failed. He had tried four times to produce this same effect, but to no avail, especially on a muddy, sloppy field.

Frankford was manifestly outplayed by the team from Ohio in every respect. The defeat was only saved from becoming a rout by the heroic defense they offered when within the shade of their own goal-lines. Three times the Westerners ran against a brick wall when ripe for a touchdown, and it was only this hard stand that gave the spectators their thrills during the conflict.

In the first period Canton held an upper hand. After Asplundth and Henry had exchanged punts the Bulldogs began to growl. "Doc" Elliot, A Lafayette man and last year of the Yellow Jackets, and Robb began to pound the line. Then came a spectacular play when Smythe hurled a beautiful pass to Chamberlin, a distance of about 30 yards. He was not brought down until he had planted the ball on Frankford's seven yard line. From then on Frankford played a defensive game, and was saved from worse by "Poss" Miller and his heroic efforts at defensive play. It was here that Henry tried his luck at a field goal, but it dropped off his toe and down the muddy field only to be scooped up by Scott and returned to the opposing 10-yard line.

The second period was played pro and con until Canton once more got mad and started a defensive game, showing Elliot and Griggs behind the footlights.

The Herb Stein came to light and intercepted a dangerous forward pass, but was nailed down with a clear field in front of him. The came one of the spectacular, dramatic moments of the fray. Canton gained possession of the ball and started another of those rip-snorting onslaughts. After two smashes at the line, Griggs hurled aloft a pass to Carroll on Frankford's 15-yard line. The Bulldog was virtually uncovered and started like a meteor for a touchdown, but in the same manner "Poss" Miller put on tremendous speed and hurled through the air, wrapping his arms around Carroll's legs and brought him down.

From then until the field goal it did not seem possible that any ensemble could withstand such a battering as they received. But the home boys managed it as they manage most things they want to. They held supremely, on the very edges of defeat, and it was not until the last three minutes of defeat that Canton worked the pigskin to Frankford's 15-yard line, ready again to score.

Smythe brushed the sawdust away and cleared a very dry spot for Henry. He took the ball straight from center and dropped it to the sodden turf, put his foot under it and with a tremendous kick swung the ball directly above the cross-bar. Up went the arm of Billy Crowell, a signal that Henry had at last accomplished his purpose, defeating the Yellow Jackets. Frankford had lost the coveted national championship. Henry, Smythe and Robb excelled for the visitors, while Pat Smith, "Poss" Miller and "Bull" Lowe starred for Frankford. Line-up: 


R. Stein
H. Stein
H. Miller
P. Miller

Left End
Left Tackle
Left Guard
Right Guard
Right Tackle
Right End
Right Halfback
Left Halfback


Referee -- Wilmer Crowell, Swarthmore.
Umpire -- Charlie McCarthy, Germantown.
Head linesman -- Dick Merritt, Yale.