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Frankford Yellow Jackets game program,
December 18, 1926.

Jackets Slip Providence Crushing Defeat on Snowy Field, 24-0


Ernie Neversí Eskimos would have been a better attraction last Saturday on the snowy field, but it was a question as to the superiority of the Frankford Yellow Jackets over the Providence Steamrollers even though they were the only team to beat Frankford this season. It was the worst defeat suffered by the Providence eleven in several years. Even the score, 24-0, as one-sided as it was does not show the superiority of the local eleven over the New Englanders., because the Steamrollers did not get one first down , while the Jackets gained 12, and not once did Providence threaten to score.

The Jackets were hitting on all four and as a result the overwhelming defeat gives them a tighter grip on first place. The whole team played with machine-like precision, while the runs of Homan and Chamberlin were the features of the battle.

"Two-Bits" gave the greatest exhibition of running back punts ever seen in the local stadium, his first run of 55 yards placing the pigskin in position to score.

Tex's toe sure was  in A-1 condition, time and time again he drove the Steamrollers back, while his end runs throlled the fans more than once.

Chamberlin put the finishing touches to the overwhelming victory when he intercepted a pass and, behind beautiful interference, reversed his field and raced 38 yards to the 2-yard stripe.

Frankford scored every period. The first touchdown was made by Stockton on a line buck after Homan's run of 50 yards. Ed Weir kicked the goal. Ed scored again when he place-kicked a field goal in the second period from the 30-yard line.

Youngstrum blocked Laird's punt behind the Providence goal line in the third period and fell on the ball for a touchdown. Hammer added the extra point.

The game in Providence on Sunday was called off on account of a snowy field.