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Lady Yellow Jackets

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Fair gridders indeed!  The Lady Yellow Jackets took the field at halftime of the Frankford's 33 to 7 victory over the Chicago Cardinals, on November 6, 1926. These young women most certainly made quite an impression, and not just on the fans and players.  Click here to read a report on the Lady Yellow Jackets that appeared in the following day's edition of the Philadelphia Public Ledger.

It was all in good fun, of course.  But history remembers these ladies fondly.  It seems that whenever one reads about the history of women's football there is sure to be some mention of these young women and the 1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets!

Links to Additional Information on Women's Football

1926 Lady Yellowjackets: Flappers to Footballers
This excellent article by Danni Leone explores the Lady Yellow Jackets, an exhibition football team composed entirely of women, that was sponsored by the Frankford Yellow Jackets during 1926. It also provides insights into the role of women in sports in general during the 1920's.
.PDF file format, Adobe Reader required.

Football Game By Girls
From Paul Lutcher's Amazing Sports Lists pages, an image of an 1896 article from The Sun, of New York, reporting on a football game between women

Queens of the Gridiron
A tribute to the women and girls who have dared to play tackle football over the years